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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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21st June 2010
Once again we're back with another fun Duke level for your amusement.Redrock by Markus "Suppressor" Schopf is a singel player adventure made back in 2006. A great thanks to RazorZ for making us aware of this nice map!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 12:30 GMT+8

20th June 2010
Another late but nevertheless interesting upload for you abidingly followers of DNR. CarThief, known for Delivery To Hidden Base, released his second map here at DNR. This is a Duke Plus only map. Head on over to the official thread for From Base to Base 2 for further details and download!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 18:31 GMT+8

16th June 2010
Hail to the fans, baby!

Supertanker, a mapper that should be fairly known, is back from his "retirement". After more than two years in limbo he decided to make his entrance on the Duke scene with a map release. A map that should satisfy any avid Duker with a predilection for industrial/base themed maps. Area27 is hereby recommended!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 16:42 GMT+8

3rd June 2010
No beating around the bush:

Mike Norvak has released a marvelous map today.The map is city styled and suits both vanilla Duke and Duke Plus.Nightshade Army is a map you can't miss!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 16:27 GMT+8

15th May 2010
A really promising ongoing Duke project by RazorZ has provided us with yet another level for download. Even though this is an episodic project the author releases the maps one by one when they are finished. This entry is called Mincer City

A thread with lots of screenshots and discussions about the project is located right here! The links for downloads is in the first post.


A late but nevertheless an interesting map has been uploaded. SalaciusCrumb latest map Have Fun Storming The Castle should offer you lots of good firefights!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 16:56 GMT+8

20th March 2010
Wow! Two updates in the same day.

A new single player map has been bunged to the server. Steambull have just finished a nice map set in a refinery/industrial environment.

Go check out his thread right here!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 18:31 GMT+8

20th March 2010
Greetings, Duke fans.

A re-release for you today. VERMIN CLEARANCE is a full 11-level episode that will keep you busy for a couple of days! This episode was made a few years back so as you've already guessed: It's for classic gameplay.

Visit the thread right here!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 13:20 GMT+8

14th March 2010
Yet another couple of updates brought to you by DNR.

Sanek released a cool minimod late february and we're proud to bring it to you.Head on over to the forum and visit the thread about his release:1999Russia !

And we wont stop there. MRCK decided to release one map from an ongoing episodic project.You can't miss this WIP so jump to his thread about: Meatball Sub Makin !


For those of you that is able to play Duke Nukem with the Polymer there is a wonderful mod made by DanM out on the streets. Visit this thread for a closer look. Don't miss it!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 16:52 GMT+8

12th March 2010
G'day, fellow Dukers. As many of you already know we got an excellent reviewer among us by the nickname Forge. Now, he decided at some point to turn the tables and join the mappers. Thank God for that decision! His second map out is called Duke_23:4. A reference to a part of the Bible. Go read for yourself after you've downloaded this pearl!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 13:35 GMT+8

24th January 2010

Henri K. (alias RazorZ) released his second map Demolition Plant

It's the sequel to Resistance Rocks and the second level of his Rendezvous Episode.

Posted by Numan at 10:15 GMT+8

2nd January 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

In 2004 William Gee released WGRealms, A fantastic 5 level episode for hours of playing time with a lot of adventure and fun. (With 2975 downloads number 2 on the list DNR Top 20 Downloads 31-12-2009)

5 years later, November 2009 the sequel WGR 2 Part 1 Siegebreaker was finished. This time made in collaboration with Daniel Gaskill (Deeperthought) for the coding and voice acting and Cage for the art editing. Emily Gaskill did a wonderful job too with her voice acting as the ship's computer.

This TC was already finished in November but the wait was for a good review. Ofcourse we all have busy lifes so it even does take some time longer. I tried to upload this one several times but it seems the file is too big for this site.

Unfortunately only download links are available now for your entertainment.

WGR2 Siege Breaker (34,7 MB)



Other released maps in 2009 but added to the site today in 2010:

Forge - Duke 3:16

Sanek - Countdown To Christmas

Posted by Numan at 11:39 GMT+8

8th November 2009
Todays entry is for the mappers out there.The best Build/Mapster tutorial ever has been updated. Nukeys The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite now is upgraded to version 5,6.An Online version is also available.

A great thanks to Nukey for his contribution to the mapper society!


William Gees epic DN3D modification WGRealms is now expanded with a brand new episode! Go here for a closer look. A thread about the development is located here.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 06:34 GMT+8

31st October 2009
A long awaited release for the hole friggin' Duke community is available. The Polymer build is finally ready for the masses.

What are you waiting for; Christmas?

A thread about this project is located here .

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 12:18 GMT+8

15th August 2009
It's been such a long time with no updates from yours truly - real life is really now taking a toll with me and I can barely share my twittings with you all around. Still, the other admins have been keeping the site clean and tidy, and I'm sure they must be doing really hard.

But let us move to the real update of the day - even though it's just one map, it's a firehit one. Resistance Rocks, courtesy of Henri K. has been uploaded to the server, and promises to be a great map - a huge recommended one, go grab it now!

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 12:13 GMT+8

6th August 2009
It is summer on the northern hemisphere at the moment. Why not go for a hike in the woods with Wonderful Summer Time? A new map from Sanek.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 20:13 GMT+8

2nd August 2009
Some oldtime members of the Duke Community started this map DukePlus Community Build Project DPCBP several months ago. Now it's finished and it looks promising as a new CBP succes map!

If you dare enjoy this adventure with some new things you haven't seen in a Duke map before!



Review by MRCK. (Aymeric Nocus)

Posted by Numan at 15:58 GMT+8

23rd July 2009
Just a map upload for you today. Peter Kucera used to be present here at DNR with twelve Duke maps. The 13'th is his level called Reichskanzlei. A nice little map set around ....you guessed it: The Reichskanzlei or city hall if you like. It's certainly worth a try!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 19:11 GMT+8

15th July 2009
Sanek released his 5 level episode The Chronic 2 weeks ago.

Available now on DNR with 2 reviews from Tim Lowndes and Merlijn van Oostrum merged together.

Posted by Numan at 20:00 GMT+8

23rd June 2009
A premiere for your amusement this time. Tim Lowndes first map Cavern has been bunged to DNR server.A nice first map it is.Download and check for yourself.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 16:13 GMT+8

20th June 2009
Todays item is a sequel to Afterglow; A New World Rising.

This map has been sleeping on the HD for three years now.Forge and Mikko has pointed out a few bugs that I've fixed. In addition to that; The Scent was made in the middle of an ' unstable ' EDuke32 period where the lighting system was changed back and forth. This led to a bad shaded level.

The lighting/shading is now much more realistic. I've also fixed tons of bugs. Besides that, the map looks better in HRP.If you like at least 1 hour of alien ass-kicking, go try out Afterglow; The Scent!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 08:07 GMT+8

8th June 2009
Our new Forum member Danny Mason (DanM) surprised us today with a great Alien Asskicking Map! Tribute To Action II is a city map with a movie theatre in the centre that gives the player a lot of action and excitement!

Posted by Numan at 16:38 GMT+8

6th June 2009
On invitation we've uploaded FactoryX by Vector (Nick Farrow). This map is from 2006.

We'd also like to pimp a nice demonstration video from the ongoing Polymer project. Yatta has created some three minutes of exciting action.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 10:00 GMT+8

2nd June 2009
Yet another single player adventure for your amusement. Alejandro Glavics Another Timeless Night is now a part of the Repository. This map is from 2006 and it should have been uploaded long time ago. But here it is; Go do some alien ass kicking!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 17:03 GMT+8

2nd June 2009
The first Chronic Level was released in april. Sanek made that one with Zykov Eddy but this time he made part 2 by himself. Check out the sequel Chronic Level 2 here...

Posted by Numan at 17:02 GMT+8

27th May 2009
One of the Veterans of the Duke Community released his new map this week. MRCK already had a long list here and gladly enough for everyone he can't stop mapping.

If you thought that "Duke Nukem Forever" never would be released you were wrong because finally "It's Done!" YES! RIGHT HERE!

Posted by Numan at 04:09 GMT+8

24th May 2009
A new single player map is now available here at DNR. After a couple of years in absence,Supertanker is back with a map called FOS Station.If you like space maps this one will give you half an hour with fun!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 04:29 GMT+8

9th May 2009
The Commander has released a level suitable for Coop mode. Dukes Nightmare is brimmed with aliens. As the author said: "My remake of E1L1, E1L2 and E3L9 combined all into one map with a TON of monsters. This map has purposely been redesigned for the CO-OP lovers that love killing a ton of monsters". Go and have a bloodfest with your buddies.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 06:23 GMT+8

8th May 2009
After the last days depressing news about the closing down of 3D Realms it is a pleasure to encourage the avid Duker with a map pack upload. Robert Carter should be fairly known. His level Beam Me Up Scotty got a good score here at DNR.

Now, he also planned to build an episode. He never got around to complete that one. The first map in this lost episode has been on DNR server for years. But for some reason the last 4 maps never made it to the Repository.

Here they are: Bob2:Moon Subway,Bob3:Earth HQ, Bob4:Long Haul, Bob5. A couple of hours filled with fun!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 18:20 GMT+8

22nd April 2009
Yes Folks! Today I have the news of last week and yesterday!

Almost a week ago Sang released the first two parts of his episode that he worked on for a long time. Get Outpost X here.

And then yesterday Mikko released his newest map Dukecide as a celebration gift to the Duke community. His Duke site MSDN is now 10 years old. The map can only be played the right way with DukePlus

Have Fun and Play!

Posted by Numan at 12:29 GMT+8

11th April 2009
Happy Easter everybody! If you have enough of all the eggs today check out this two new maps here on DNR.

First of all a new one from Zykov Eddy. This time he made it with his fellowman Sanek. This cool city map is part 1 of a new episode: The Chronic Level 1: Bad Night

Second one is the new re-release from our Veteran mapper Puritan/Frode. 15 maps released here on DNR and hopefully it will not be the last. This time he takes you back in time to 1979 with his map inspired by the first Alien movie. Have fun with this exciting adventure map: Nostromo

Posted by Numan at 19:01 GMT+8

5th April 2009
We have two new updates for the veterans out there - first, an update to The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite by Ryan Lennox to match the online version - it can be found on the Level Editing Tutorials section.
Second, and final update, Taivo Maripuu's Babes (2009 Remix), a brand new update from the author's original release. If you've played the original, this one warrants enough a replay - go check them out!

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 09:55 GMT+8

3rd April 2009
We are waiting for a new release of our veteran mapper Frode Waksvik AKA Puritan.

A new version of Nostromo (inspired by the classic movie "Alien") shall be released soon...

When It's Done...

Posted by Numan at 20:36 GMT+8

30th March 2009
This weekend Zykov Eddy wrote his first review about a mega cool winter map from James Stanfield.

Download here, go back in time and play this one called Wonderful Christmas Time now!

Posted by Numan at 06:24 GMT+8

30th March 2009
Almost five years old this one but still rockin'!

Make sure you kick some alien asses again in this cool map from Taivo Maripuu called Dogville

Posted by Numan at 06:09 GMT+8

23rd March 2009
2 incredible new maps uploaded today; The Last Pissed Time by Maxim Chinyakin aka Lezing. And some diehards of the Community made this one 2-Hour CBP in just 2 hours. Get them here and have fun!

Posted by Numan at 17:05 GMT+8

18th March 2009
Loke has released a new map for your amusement. This level supports single , Dm and coop player. The level is called Stadium Redux. Go download and have some fun.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 15:49 GMT+8

15th March 2009
Our Russian Forum member Eddy Zykov has uploaded his newest map Sunshine Complex lately. Available now with a review from Forge on this site.

Posted by Numan at 20:16 GMT+8

14th March 2009
There have been a few uploads in the latest weeks; although not mentioned, there have been clicks around them, such as Alien Fusion Tower and the episode release: FM2X: Orbital Oblivion. Go check them out.

Last, but not least (and the significant factor for this update) is the rather controversial The AMC Pleaser, a great urban level impacted by its original name (not the one presented here).

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 13:23 GMT+8

24th February 2009
A long awaited update today. Bob Averills three excellent Sp maps has been bunged to the server. The first one is Bobsp1. The second in this series is Bobsp2. Of course, the last one is Bobsp3. Note that there is no screenshots or review for these levels yet.


The attached zip file uploaded 19'th february for Bobsp3 was not the correct one. We' have attached the right file by now. Sorry for the mess up!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 17:23 GMT+8

3rd February 2009
It's time for an update, don't you think? Our very own Forge has submitted yet another review of an old Duke Nukem single player map. The level is called Ariel for some reason. The author Greg R should be known for an avid Duker as well. Go download!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 11:38 GMT+8

24th January 2009
A map from back in 1997 has been reviewed by Forge. We're talking about Area51 by James Duncan. The same reviewer have looked into an earlier upload here at DNR with no proper review, because one of the participants is our own Repository Bloke! We're talking about Community Build Project 6 of course. Now, go kick some alien asses!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 08:52 GMT+8

22nd January 2009
A very late upload to be announced today. In 2006 Duke 3D turned 10 years! A bunch of well known mappers gathered together for a three days mapping spree. The result is Duke is Ten, a map collection you can't miss!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 13:02 GMT+8

18th January 2009
The sequel to The Dream has arrived. Piterplus EZ jr. released A.Dream 2 some days ago. A nice level with new art and cons. The level is in the "scary section" so to speak. A 25 minutes of fun. Go and check it out.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 10:31 GMT+8

12th January 2009
Second out this year is a map by Maarten Pinxten. MpRocket is one of his early releases. It's a short map but a nice addition to the Repository. If you got Maartens other maps there's no reason why you shouldn't download this one.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 15:48 GMT+8

10th January 2009
Late but nevertheless a good update. Two maps for your amusement uploaded today. Both Skycity 2 and Skycity 3 made by Ilovefoxes has been reviewed by our never resting Forge. If you haven't played these already we suggest you give them a try.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 13:22 GMT+8

31st December 2008
In behalf from the DNR administration, we wish an extremely happy new year to everyone. We hope 2009 will be another great year, not just for the Duke scene, but for everything else.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 20:38 GMT+8

29th December 2008
The Russian Community Build Project 2 is released. Head on over here and have a try. Seven Builders must be worth a shot.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 15:19 GMT+8

28th December 2008
A late Xmas gift from all of us to all of you today. Aremade1 by Mia Max has been reviewed by Forge. A good map with above average layout and gameplay. It's surely worth 25 minutes of your time, I'd say.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 18:42 GMT+8

28th December 2008
Your long waiting in vain has come to an end. Aymeric Nocus latest release Happy Hangover has been reviewed by Forge. This map is a great contribution to the Duke community brought to you by a well known mapper. There is absolutely no excuse for not downloading this pearl!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 14:19 GMT+8

24th December 2008
No update from me this evening, except for the just-slightly corny Javascript snow effect. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and good holiday, if you're lucky enough to be taking one.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 04:04 GMT+8

20th December 2008
Two new maps for your amusement today. City of despair is a city styled single player map.

If you're into kicking your friends bottom, this little Dm map called Ginnungagap might be a choice.

Loke also have made a new version of an earlier released Dm map Crossroads. Go and have a look.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 17:17 GMT+8

13th December 2008
Another map has been reviewed by Forge, 1_Bitch, an all-round solid Duke level. Go get it.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 21:36 GMT+8

11th December 2008
A great TC episode has been reviewed by Nancsi. Last Reaction and Water Bases is a TC you wont forget. A bat file also makes this TC easy to play.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 14:08 GMT+8

7th December 2008
An another oldie has been uploaded. Maplords MegaCity 2000 from the year 2000 is a quite good level for it's time. Download and judge for yourself.

Stay tuned for many new reviews/maps in the days to come!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 07:29 GMT+8

6th December 2008
Another map has been bunged to the server. A nice oldie Escape From An Unknown Street. Worth checking out!

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 08:55 GMT+8

5th December 2008
Yet another Duke map for your amusement. Fernitos map Area 69 has been bunged to the server. An arctic styled map this one. It's a hard one but nevertheless a good one!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 10:22 GMT+8

4th December 2008
Our never sleeping Zykov Eddy ( Piterplus EZ jr.) has released a new mod. It's in the Weapon CONs area but this mod called FUN MODE also contains other features such as music changer, new health achieving system, water splash effects...etc. This mod is packed in a GRP file.

Posted by Frode waksvik at 18:58 GMT+8

4th December 2008
Some maps have been uploaded with pending review. Now,this isn't an optimal situation. Luckily we have Forge. He has been so kind to look into this issue. A good map, Skycity by Ilovefoxes, now got a proper review. Head on over if you haven't already.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 05:00 GMT+8

2nd December 2008
I've dusted off some old Duke maps and found a level suitable for the Repository. Leohotel might ring a bell for many of you. Now you got a chance to play it. As the title says Duke has to check in at the hotel an sort out undesirable presence!

Note that this map also is suitable for Dukematch.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 13:13 GMT+8

1st December 2008
Another double update! Our resident map-reviewing machine Forge has kindly reviewed the Russian Community Build Project, go have a read-up and check out the map. He has also submitted a review for the hitherto unreviewed Community Build Project 7, released only a year and a half or so ago but nonetheless worthy of a replay.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 06:07 GMT+8

1st December 2008
Zykov Eddy ( Piterplus EZ jr.) is working on a TC at the moment. Aliens TC Demo is available as a zipped file and it comes with a bat file for usage with EDuke32. Go download and have a peep!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 04:04 GMT+8

29th November 2008
Woah! Two news entries in one day.

The Duke community is not dead.People are working on ports,models,codes,maps and so on... And we got people who are using their spare time with reviewing Duke maps. Both oldies and newer releases.

Today you can grab Out in Space from the Repository. This is a decent map from HangNail made summer of '07. Stay tuned for more maps coming soon!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 15:02 GMT+8

29th November 2008
A relatively small, but nonetheless worthy update to the site.

Four utilities have been bunged on the server this day: BUILD Tricks, The Stupid SE 0 Tricks HOW-TO, True 3D Translucent Water Effect and The Unofficial CON supplement. Worthy additions to spice up a little reinvention in design and gameplay.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 10:20 GMT+8

26th November 2008
Yet another good map-review by Forge.

This time he had a closer look at Station Alpha7 from 1997. It isn't a top of the line map exactly, but if you got a spare moment it's worth a try.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 11:55 GMT+8

25th November 2008
In case you happened to have missed its release a couple of days ago, the latest (offline) version of Ryan Lennox's Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite has been uploaded to the site, with considerable changes to bring it up to date with the online version, located here.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 03:50 GMT+8

24th November 2008
A map from back in 1997 has been reviewed by Forge. Thanks man!

Aliens Revenge This contribution is now available from the Repository. Go and check it out!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 03:12 GMT+8

19th November 2008
Zykov Eddy's latest release Arctic Alert! has been uploaded to the server. Note that this map requires EDuke32.Go download and kick some alien a**!

A Thread about this map could be worth a visit.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 13:09 GMT+8

11th November 2008
Ryan Lennox (aka Nukey) has been very hard at work the past couple of days adapting his Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite to an online format, which is now available both here and from the main navigation menu. A one-stop guide for pretty much everything you always wanted to know about BUILD and the game in general, be sure to check there regularly for future updates.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 01:30 GMT+8

8th November 2008
Just one more map added this evening, Dagger's Cavern by Scott Haslam. An oldie but a goodie.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 09:22 GMT+8

6th November 2008
One new map for today: Drafted, by HangNail. It's good stuff, be sure to take a gander. The download timeout problem has also been fixed.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 04:50 GMT+8

2nd November 2008
There appears to be a server configuration problem with PHP scripts timing out after 60 seconds, meaning that any download which would normally take longer than that to finish arrives incomplete. The issue will be resolved soon.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 08:44 GMT+8

30th October 2008
Two new maps have been uploaded to the site, both kindly reviewed by Forge. Desert Base and Icestation Colossus - both top-notch maps, well worth your time. Check 'em out.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 00:56 GMT+8

25th October 2008
You may be pleased to know that we're back and, with any sort of luck, faster and a bit more reliable than before! Apologies for the unexpected down time at the old host and subsequent delay in getting everything back up and running. We hope you'll continue to frequent the site and the forums, and help us use up our increased bandwidth quota.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 04:58 GMT+8

1st September 2008
Clear The Coast, the van Oostrum's latest release has been bunged on the server today - but this releases has a minor catch: it has only the download link and game requirements, a review needs to be ensued in the following days.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 03:44 GMT+8

29th August 2008
Well, that's it for the Roch series. The final map was just reviewed by dedicated collaborator Steven Laliberté. Go check it out in the maps listing.

Also, as you may have noticed, the repository has been sprouting maps with reviews from outside people, all of them nice contributions outside the staff in charge of this place. Worth checking out different comments.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 12:19 GMT+8

25th August 2008
Lately I've been receiving some messages from people with requests of having their maps, mods, utilities, etc. being uploaded to the site - well, I've been hearing your petitions, but I'm actually in university so it's a bit harder for me to actually manage the site.

Well, to the actual news: eight maps have been collected, starting from some days ago have been uploaded to the site - all of them excellent releases which are sure worth to spend time in.

Additionally, DukePlus 1.80b (with an exclusive map, Project Zero, which has been reviewed here as part of the eight maps abovementioned) and the new EDuke32 snapshot are released to the general public. Do not waste your time and get them right now!

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 06:58 GMT+8

22nd August 2008
Just one submitted review from Steven Laliberté, Roch 7 has been added to the repository - the final Roch level review will ensue in the following days.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 11:34 GMT+8

8th August 2008
Steven Laliberté has once again sent in his reviews for both Roch 5 and Roch 6, thus further expanding the Roch collection - stay tuned for the last two remaining maps of the series.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 04:55 GMT+8

8th August 2008
Maybe a day late but is the fact that matters - WGSpace Episode gets released to commemorate William's 27th birthday. Enjoy one of Duke's enduring classics conveniently grouped into a nice GRP file today!

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 01:30 GMT+8

6th August 2008
Five brand new maps have been bunged to the fray. Boy, it was about time a reasonable batch of maps needed to be plug around - the first two: Krachtest and Library, both without an authorative mapper to hey responsible for but still huge fun nonetheless. Great DukeMatch affair for today people.

The three others belong to the Single-Play racket - The Newbeast Research Facility and Nasty Flavour, both maps belonging to long-time Duker Steambull and racking up good scores. And the third, being Roch Island, a collaborative project between four well-known mappers. A great tribute to a revolutionary mapper.

And while you're at it, Daniel "DeeperThough" Gaskill is yet tempting Duke players with the awaited 1.80 release of DukePlus soon to come, bundling it with an exclusive map "Project Zero". Stay tuned - you'll get to hear about its release here.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 12:02 GMT+8

2nd August 2008
Not much of an update today, but a map gets a beauty treatment with a new release - at the request of the original author, 666 Club gets an exclusive update bunged to the server today. Good fun for the Duker today.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 10:39 GMT+8

25th July 2008
A new mod has been bunged to the server. Plagman and DeeperThought has created even more fun for any Duker with - Map Mirroring Mod - in which they has just released. As the creators says : - "This is a modification to Duke 3D which causes all maps loaded to become mirrored in game. It does not alter the map files"-.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 21:19 GMT+8

16th July 2008
A brand new update pack for HRP. (v3.10). Also some minor updates for MAPHACKS. As NightFright is stating : The highlights of the HRP update is the shrinker/expander weapon, ammo included. A good looking space shuttle is a part of this update as well. Follow the link from - High Resolution Pack thread - and upgrade.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 21:32 GMT+8

7th July 2008
Just two maps for today - City Full Of Alien Scum! by Taivo and Mortal Shock by Eye del Cul; bot excellent releases for the seasoned Duker out there. Be sure not to miss them.

As you may have noticed, Richard Gobeille, best known in the community as "TerminX" has been in a recent working spree updating the snapshots of EDuke32. So if you have an outdated version, you should grab the most recent right at his website.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 09:37 GMT+8

2nd July 2008
Blown Fuses has been added to the Repository, and it's a good 'un! Also added recently but not explicitly pointed out is a nice update to DukeMall, Fernocity and some DM releases from William Gee (check the latest maps panel).

Posted by Kim Robinson at 09:52 GMT+8

22nd June 2008
To every avid Duker out there - my sincere apologies for the lack of updates. I've been stressed out of Uni life it has been almost a vague feeble attempt to upload content for the site.

Just to let you know Daniel "DeeperThought" Gaskill's DukePlus mod version 1.7 has just been released, adding a true bunchfest of goodies and improvements to further expand the game's life and power. A goodie which will definately become a true landmark in the Duke community. Check it out!

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 11:16 GMT+8

25th May 2008
More bunchfesting for the avid follower - three new maps have been added to the fray. First, a new map from newcomer David B., Hostel - classic styled action for the kids of today. Additionally, it was about time for William Gee's releases to step up for today, as WGSecretV5 and WGTeams2 are finally available to the general public. Don't miss these fine wise-cracking releases.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 05:35 GMT+8

11th May 2008
Three maps have been whacked up on the server for today. First up is a new level from Fernando Márquez, Terran Moonshaft - great fun and definitely worth checking out. In addition, Steven Laliberté has sent in his reviews for both Roch 4 and Roch Secret 1 - levels which should have been here long ago and now finally are. Expect the remaining Roch levels to be added in time.

Lastly, DeeperThought's Duke Plus v1.60 has been made available. I hear there's a yet newer release of this source mod coming out soon, so stay tuned.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 21:57 GMT+8

30th April 2008
EARTHQUAKE MADNESS a micro-mini-mod. A small mini mod by Dan Gaskill a.k.a DeeperThought has been uploaded to the server. This mod is adding constantly earthquakes to Duke 3D. The mod is located here.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 19:00 GMT+8

29th April 2008
As promised earlier, Ben Roffelsen has sent me updated files of his Aqua series for download. Nothing has changed from the original reviews other than the text template files with new information regarding the maps. You can find them at the usual place.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 20:39 GMT+8

13th April 2008
Just today I've recieved quite a particular mail (even though it should have reached me three days ago) from no other than Ben Roffelsen, the creator of the famous map series "Aqua".

While he did not send me any files, he did post some links to his DailyMotion profile and a good example of how to kick butt in the first Aqua map.

Worth to check out peculiarities from one of the old geniuses of the Duke community. Also, expect some files updates courtesy from him.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 04:10 GMT+8

10th April 2008
Duke Nukem Custom Recording. If you have a great one-liner in store and want it spoken by Mr.Nukem, here is your chance! Jon St. John is offering his voice for you right now. Maybe a new ringtone or voicemail recording? COME GET SOME!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 17:09 GMT+8

2nd April 2008
Greetings fellow Dukers! It's time for me to do some updating around here. Now, there has been some bug reports with the latest ver 3.8 HRP update pack. This is caused by old snapshots of EDuke32 used with this latest HRP release. Always have the latest EDuke32 development snapshot installed. Stay tuned for more enhanced Duke stuff coming.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 20:40 GMT+8

1st April 2008
I certainly know what it means. It means idiots think they can justifiably put gum in parking meter coin slots without getting kicked in the teeth. Wrong. Anyway, 3D Realms have updated their main page with a new DNF screenshot. Go take a look-see.

Update: The HRP Update Pack v3.8 has been released, with new skins, effects and fixes now available. An improved Maphacks has also been made available. Head over to the HRP Update site and get your fix.

TerminX has also released a new snapshot of EDuke32, which can be obtained from here.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 19:12 GMT+8

1st April 2008
To even branch up the downloadable content, and to counter-attack the lack of updates recently, a SP map named Shrunken (86) and a CON modifier named MyCon were bunged up to the server today, both made by Ryan Lennox.

I know it's been quite a slow time for the community but rest assured we're doing our best to keep you update - with anything we can find of.

Oh, and by the way. It's April Fools' Day, and you know what happens. ;)

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 06:32 GMT+8

27th March 2008
Almost a week has gone by since the last update, but not quite - so one might think the amount of berating would be at a minimum... or wouldn't they? No, of course not. I am yet to receive an email rebuking me for being tardy, but then nobody emails specifically asking me to stop updating the site either. So I'll take it as read that the silent majority just want more updates and get on with it.

Right! First up, those terribly popular Roch 2 and Roch 3 maps have had reviews sent in by Steven Laliberté - yes I know you've all played them before, but playing them again surely couldn't hurt. A big thank you to Steven for taking the time to do this and send these in. I've also gone and appended my review to the existing one for Beerzity by request. Very odd that request, but to each their own, in this case Numan's [g]. In any case it gave a good excuse to play the map again.

Also publicly released for the first time is a new Build tutorial by Ryan Lennox (of DukeMall fame). The The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite is, as it sounds, a rather nice reference to pretty much everything Build related, fully illustrated and in HTML format for quick browsing. Quite unsurprisingly it can be found on the Level Editing Tutorials page. Beginner or veteran, be sure to take a look.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 18:56 GMT+8

21st March 2008
Easter Update! That's right, more Duke Nukem goodness for the masses. The first of the well known Roch Series has been added to the site, the review sent in by Steven Laliberté. Why not revisit this gem? The maps by Geoffrey van Dijk for the cancelled Command and Conquer TC has been re-added, this time including all the DM and unfinished maps that haven't been previously released.

Another two maps from Gambini have been bunged on the server, Men in Black and Duke Nukem ex Mortum, terrific attention to detail and fun as always. Go check 'em out.

Lastly, I know the site has been slow lately - this is an ongoing problem as Bur.st recovers from a few recent hiccups. If pages load slowly, I ask that you please be patient.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 15:43 GMT+8

11th March 2008
A new map by Devastator has been released - Demolition. An excellent map, be sure to take a look-see.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 17:46 GMT+8

7th March 2008
The remaining 50 maps from the old site have been restored, taking us over 500 mostly top-notch Duke3D maps and addons. The Repository is slowly getting back up there.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 19:09 GMT+8

6th March 2008
Another 33 maps from the old DNR have been restored, with more on the way. The 34th map added to the archives today is Hydrofusion Substation, an excellent map from Gambini. Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more releases from this author.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 21:12 GMT+8

5th March 2008
The stand-alone Duke3D mod, Zombie Crisis has been added to the Repository, go and check out this goodie if you haven't seen it yet. An oldie from '96 has also been bunged on the server - Ty's Place.

Lastly, I would like to welcome on board a new member to the DNR staff - Frode Waksvik, aka Puritan from Undesirable Elements fame. We should be seeing updates from this fine gent some time soon.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 20:37 GMT+8

17th February 2008
Back by (reasonably) popular demand, the forums. Yes, the old Stomping Grounds are back. You know the drill.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 18:29 GMT+8

8th February 2008
Three more maps for today - another two from the author of Palace Charitas as promised, Divadlo and Hasit, as well as a new map from Piterplus EZ jr, The Dream. All excellent maps and well worth your time.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 16:36 GMT+8

6th February 2008
Just one map for this evening, Palace Charitas - fun, puzzling and quite top notch. Plenty more from this author coming soon - stay tuned.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 21:09 GMT+8

3rd February 2008
The ADG Episode, EDuke32 mods Nuclear Showdown and Duke Plus v1.4 have been added today, as well as a spankin' new map to keep you busy, Rush Back. Check 'em out.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 18:17 GMT+8

1st February 2008
NightFright's Duke3D HRP Update Pack Site was updated today with the latest release of the high resolution pack, mostly glitch fixes but certainly worth downloading. There's a new version of HRP Maphacks to grab while you're there too.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 23:12 GMT+8

28th January 2008
A slight rehash of the navigation menu, along with the old Duke Nukum game info being restored.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 13:16 GMT+8

27th January 2008
Various Duke Nukem 3D pages have been restored, alright two - namely the introductory and weaponry pages. There's been a proper review written for Moonbase Accident as well - be sure to check out this excellent custom episode if you haven't already done so. Also re-added is the mini-episode, Abattoir, along with the review from the old site. Take a look-see.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 18:14 GMT+8

24th January 2008
Extra stuff is being added in dribs and drabs as I find time to do so, the shareware page has been restored this evening.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 22:24 GMT+8

21st January 2008
Just a couple of updates, the most excellent seven level episode Moonbase Accident has been added to the fray - with a review coming soon, and the old Duke 3D enemies page has been restored and given a facelift.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 21:55 GMT+8

17th January 2008
One newly added map for today, DavoX's Buenos Aires Explosive Remake - fun for the whole family.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 18:49 GMT+8

16th January 2008
Just one map added to the archives today, Enlighten The Darkness: Again, scoring 92 and resting quite agreeably in my memory of recently played Duke maps.

Also recently added by Fernando (but not mentioned) is version 1.3 of DeeperThought's DukePlus modification for EDuke32. Take a gander if you've haven't done so already, or if you want to have two copies for some strange reason.

Lastly, a tutorial for creating a delayed spawning effect in Build/Mapster32 is available, and can be grabbed from here. Thanks go to Llyr Wyn Jones for nutting it out and being so kind as to send it in.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 22:21 GMT+8

13th January 2008
Another bundle of vintage maps have been added to the site, plus new additions - such as BobSPX, which after five months of release makes it on the site, and both JFCBPs.

I still have to re-upload the remaining ~85 maps from the old site, so stick around.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 03:54 GMT+8

23rd December 2007
Just dropping by and letting you DNR visitors know I'm finally back available. University turned up to be quite big for me this year, but luckily it is all over.

Over the next few days, I'll get to upload the final (more or less) 100 maps remaining from the old database as well as add a few new inquisitions gathered from some dusty mails recieved during my tenure inside classes.

Also, be sure to check out any Duke-related forums to check out new and developed projects sprouting to keep the modding community as strong as ever.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 05:11 GMT+8

20th December 2007
Reported a day late but better now than not at all, 3D Realms has released a teaser video to Duke Nukem Forever, which I suppose is old news by now. Nevermind. Anyway, I'm stoked, as I'm sure many of you are too. Grab a copy of the high definition minute-and-a-bit long clip from FileShack or something, alternatively take a look-see at the YouTube clip below:

Posted by Kim Robinson at 20:41 GMT+8

27th November 2007
There's been many updates since the last announcement, so this is a sort of more general news entry to summarise recent additions. The downloads section has had many new sections added to it, with of course most of the old content restored to the old pages - updated where necessary to reflect the current 'Duke scene', as it were. More will be added as time permits, and of course if there's anything you feel should be added send it this way. I'm aware of a couple of other EDuke32 mods which haven't yet been added, rest assured they will find their rightful place soon.

Some of you may have noticed that Fernando has been curiously absent from the site - he's been very busy with university and should return to us soon, hopefully with a map or two if we bug him enough.

That's it from me - enjoy.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 19:28 GMT+8

17th November 2007
Repeat visitors to the site will notice a few changes, probably most notably a rehashing of the layout of the pages - somewhat reminiscent of the old site. Like it? Hate it? Drop me a line.

Also added is the brand spanking new utilities page, split up into categories and featuring most of all the old content. Note that I will be adding Dukester X to the multiplayer util section, however Dukester X's server appears to be down at the moment. If anybody has a copy of the latest binaries, please send them this way.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 20:57 GMT+8

11th November 2007
For those poor sods unaware of the fact that a sequel to WGRealms is in production, prepare to become unbesodden; William Gee is fervently working on WGRealms 2 and from what I've seen it's a dazzler. To see a sample of what's in store, click on the cute play button below.

(If nothing displays, click here)

Two minutes and nine seconds of some of the best damn Duke Nukem you'll ever see.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 18:26 GMT+8

7th November 2007
Sincere apologies for the lack of any recent updates folks, things have been tremendously busy. I'm smack bang in the middle of examinations right at the moment, however this time next week will be an altogether different matter. In the meantime, thank you for your continued visits and as always, feedback is most welcome.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 11:59 GMT+8

12th October 2007
It's been a little while since the last update, the icy grip of uni exam preparation tears me away from the comfort of blasting octabrain scum and restoring the site. But there's a couple of goodies in store for today - Discarded Stronghold and The Last Train to Marsville, both top-notch maps and well worth checking out.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 22:48 GMT+8

2nd October 2007
In not breaking with the flow of recent updates, Mikko Sandt's mini-mod, The Brave New World has been restored to the site. Take a look-see if you missed this one before.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 20:50 GMT+8

1st October 2007
WGRealms, a five level custom episode has been restored to the site. Just the first of many more to come. A perfect chance to revisit this gem if you have an evening spare.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 23:03 GMT+8

30th September 2007
A couple of extra additions to the Repository - in celebration of DNR's resident Fernando's birthday, I grp'ed up his New York Rebellion episode and made it easily playable in its entirity. Great fun for the whole family, go take a look-see. Also added as promised is Frode 'Puritan' Waksvik's Undesirable Elements (92), a top-notch play well worth your time.

In order to do the above I had to do a little code-monkeying, and as a side effect there's now full support for JonoF/EDuke32 only maps, as well as addons and TCs to be entered into the Repository database - so expect more of the site's original content to be restored shortly.

Lastly, the Bur.st server experienced some downtime just recently, so of course DNR was offline for a while. Nothing to be too concerned over, we're still here and dedicated to keeping the Duke dream alive. Keep checking back!

Posted by Kim Robinson at 18:01 GMT+8

27th September 2007
Another three maps have been bunged on the server, all by Alan Nanut - a relatively unheard of mapper from the long ago year of 1996. Al's Dukematch City (which probably unsurprisingly is a DM level), Complex and Facility. Take a gander.

Stay tuned for more level additions soon, including one from Frode 'Puritan' Waksvik that should have been put up a long time ago, but which evidently wasn't.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 22:14 GMT+8

24th September 2007
Just one new map added to the Repository today, DukeMall, a DM map scoring 85 and one worth your time - provided you're reasonably clever or don't mind shouting at the screen a bit. Go have a look.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 16:03 GMT+8

21st September 2007
Like Fernando I myself am very much embroiled in the complications of university life; midday starts, lazy afternoons in the tavern and vast swathes of energy spent socialising are just some of the horrendous activities partaken of, that is, when I can pry myself away from spending large sums of money on things I don't particularly need. And for those a little less astute the previous sentence was of course an example of sarcasm, with a slice of cynicism thrown in as well. Moving on [grin]

Unfortunately no new content for today, however I've thrown up this nifty little page to help with your Duke map navigating escapades. There will be more updates to come, certainly as exams draw closer. To echo Fernando, stay tuned.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 22:33 GMT+8

17th September 2007
To be honest, university has been quite a time steal - and it's set to be like that for the rest of the year. but at least many additional maps have been bunged on the server.

I can't promise anything since my studies overcome in priorities, but should not dispair you lot as there are less than 100 maps left for review from the original database. Stay tuned for the final updates as autumn approaches.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 11:52 GMT+8

25th August 2007
At the moment, one map has disappeared from the server and has been unable to be reuploaded.

To download "Viewport" until things get sorted out, click here

This has now been fixed - Kim

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 18:22 GMT+8

14th August 2007
Another 118 maps have been added to the database since the last news update, bringing the current total to 326. All the map search bugs should be ironed out, if any out-of-the-ordinary results occur be sure to let me know.

The new university semester has started in both Fernando's and my part of the world so we're slightly preoccupied with that, rest assured however that updates and site restoration will still occur - just not at break-neck speed. Keep checking back.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 20:01 GMT+8

2nd August 2007
Fernando has been very busy the past few days restoring the old map database - while I'm writing this the map count stands at 208 SP and DM maps, most of which are quite playable indeed. Head on over to the maps section and take a look-see.

There's a couple of minor issues with the search function that I'm aware of (try and spot them) - these will be patched up in due course.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 15:29 GMT+8

28th July 2007
The second batch of maps has been reuploaded to the server. This one consists of 27 maps.

Further batches of maps reuploads will go unannounced on the news, so keep an eye on the downloads page for the remnants of the database.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 05:27 GMT+8

27th July 2007
The first batch of maps have been reuploaded to the server. All original reviews and downloads are kept the same.

Stay tuned for more updates on the site, as well as for the next batch of maps.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 04:45 GMT+8

26th July 2007
As some of you may already know, the site is being brought back to life slowly. But, due to the total nature of the past, except for this, there is no user map to grab.

Luckily, the contents of the old site were kept intact, so during the course of these days, I will slowly re-upload the whole file directory of user maps, while still accepting any possible submissions.

At the offering of Kim, while my bur.st email account is still pending approval, if you feel to submit something to the site, please send them to cristomarquez at udec dot cl.

Posted by Fernando Márquez at 23:29 GMT+8

24th July 2007
An old map, Escape From Alcatraz has been added to the Repository. It was of course at the old site, but was chosen randomly to test out the new systems. They are still very much a work in progress and I expect there to be at least some bugs still present, anything out of the ordinary please let me know - duke3d at bur dot st.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 21:09 GMT+8

20th July 2007
Just a short update so you know there is still work being done, albeit behind the scenes.

It's been a long week and much progress has been made, a lot of the backend database and code has been written and linked up and things are slowly coming together. Bizarre and strange happenings are afoot, as can probably be seen in the Latest Uploads section to the left. This is nothing to worry about - just the remnants of testing.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 23:06 GMT+8

13th July 2007
The Repository has been relaunched with a new interface which as of early July is still being worked on, the bulk of which has not as yet been uploaded to the server.

Posted by Kim Robinson at 14:30 GMT+8

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