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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Tys Place, by Tyler Matthews
Map Name: Tys Place
Author: Tyler Matthews
Released: 19th August 1996
Rating: 70

Review by Kim Robinson on 5th March 2008

A terribly old level dating back to the same year the game was released, Ty's Place is fun, action-filled and prone to a little bit of oversizing at times. However, for a first release this was still a far cry from most of the other rubbish that was available at the time. There's a working subway (with only partial clipping of the light-beams the cars emit), a couple of explosions to witness, bar and streets to roam, as well as some pretty decent shadow work in some areas. Puzzles are pretty much straight-forward, it's just a key hunt with a couple of locked door/find-the-switch deals thrown in.

Sectors over sectors is also made use of quite extensively in this level, however the other side to this coin is that the later-built sections are lacking in detail. Not to matter. Once you get the yellow key to its slot and get to the second street level, design and attention to detail picks up a little. Find a couple more keycards and make your way to the roof-tops for the nuke button.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d
Filesize: 75.44 KB
Level includes: new ART, multiple difficulty settings

Download: Tys Place (297)

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Mapping template:

     Please note!  This map contains custom art, named ty.art.  You must
   rename this to TILES014.ART in order to view it in the game.  If you
   already have a TILES014.ART, rename it first :)                       


Title                   :  Ty's Place
Filename                :  ty.map
Author                  :  Ty Matthews
Email Address           :  ty[at]synet.net
Misc Author Info        :  First posted Duke3d map.  Check out my Duke3d
                           Build editor FAQ/Tutorial page:


                           Next in progress:  The Island

Description             :  Duke had just finished closing up the store.  He
                           headed off to Ty's Place for a few brewskies and
                           a little action; time to unwind from the daily
                           grind.  Little did he know an alien invasion had
                           taken over the city he had come to love.  It's
                           payback time!

Additional Credits To   :  Playtesters/Critics:  John "Kasai" Leonard,
                           Ian Boys, Don Rogers, Todd "Chigger" Matthews,
                           Jeff Andrews, Jeff "Blazer" Schlenker, and Dethman.


*  Play Information  *

Episode and Level #     :  E1L1
Single Player           :  Yes (Designed for solo)
DukeMatch Level         :  Yes
Difficulty Settings     :  Yes (command line, use duke3d -map x.map /s# where
                                # is the difficulty 1-4 and x is your map)
Secrets                 :  9
Monsters                :  74
Par Time                :  I've finished in under 13 minutes, on the hardest
                           level getting all secrets and killing all
                           monsters... but, I know where everything is :)

*  Construction  *

Base                    :  Scratch
Editor(s) used          :  Build and EditArt
Known Bugs              : -Jumping out of Subway front window will squish
                           you.  Probably in real life, too, so it's more
                           realistic .
                          -Light casting in front of subway is actually
                           the engine... you can stand on it and move.  You
                           will get zapped, however :)

*  Where to get this map  *

FTP Sites               :

Web Sites               :  http://www3.synet.net/~ty/maps.htm

BBS Numbers             :

Other                   :


Copyright Notice:

  Ty's Place is Copyright (c) 1996 Tyler Matthews.

  This level may be distributed on any public domain site.  If it is to be
included on a CD or any medium which requires a fee from the consumer,
permission is required from me before doing so.  I more than likely will
allow it, but I want to know who is distributing my level.



  Here is the batch file I created for simple Duke launching.  It asks
you whether you want monsters or not, and if so, what difficulty setting.
Many other things could be added here, but I thought I'd share this little
piece.  To run it, copy the following into your clipboard, create a new
file, paste from clipboard, save the file as a batch file (I call mine
d.bat), then run it by typing:  d map.  Replace map with the level you
want to run.

echo off
echo  1.  No monsters
echo  2.  Monsters
echo  3.  Load Build
echo  4.  Abort
choice /c:1234 "Your choice:  "
if errorlevel 4 goto abort
if errorlevel 3 goto build
if errorlevel 2 goto monst
if errorlevel 1 goto nomonst

choice /c:1234 "Skill level:  "
if errorlevel 4 goto tough
if errorlevel 3 goto hard
if errorlevel 2 goto average
if errorlevel 1 goto easy
duke3d -map %1 /s4
goto end

duke3d -map %1 /s3
goto end

duke3d -map %1 /s2
goto end

duke3d -map %1 /s1
goto end

duke3d /map %1
goto end

rem  The following line calls the batch file again, which I named D.BAT
d %1


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