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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » The Brave New World, by Mikko Sandt
Addon Name: The Brave New World
Author: Mikko Sandt
Released: 1st January 2004
Rating: 93

Review by Kim Robinson on 2nd October 2007

More fun than a soma-induced high of ignorant ecstasy, The Brave New World takes place some ten years after the events of 11/09/01 in a reality which is not altogether too different from our own - save for the cities in space and the ready availability of cross-dimensional transportation. Keeping in mind however that it is set in the future, so we can probably let this go for now.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Brave New World features five levels, four of which are brand new and one which isn't, as well as a couple of new weapons and some nice .con hacks. The levels are integrated with the storyline which permeates each level through viewscreens and briefing rooms, so for once there's a bit of a plot (instead of simply blasting aliens to oblivion - which of course there's nothing wrong with). Level design is, as you'd expect from the seasoned M.Sandt, of high quality - clean, mostly flawless and not lacking in imagination. Gameplay is top-notch - a couple of the key hunts are a little uncreative and tedious, but on the whole boredom isn't anything of an issue. Just remember to conserve your ammo and not to make any evening plans.

At any rate, I'll stop driveling now and you can play it for yourself - be sure to take a look at the readme first.

Gameplay Type: addon
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 1.81 MB
Level includes: new ART, new CON code, new music, new sounds

Download: The Brave New World (886)
Other releases by Mikko Sandt: Dukecide, Earth Base, MSSP8, O Boy

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Mapping template:

"The Brave New World" mini-mod by Mikko Sandt - HTTP://WWW.PLANETDUKE.COM/MSDN/

Title           : The Brave New World

Author          : Mikko Sandt
E-mail          : mikko.sandt[at]gmail.com (keep your eye on MSDN to see if I change

Misc.Author Info: Read 'The Bible'. Or then just check
                  I'm nineteen (born 14th of November 1984) and I'll go to army
within two 
		  weeks - my site will still be updated. I'm from Finland.

Release Date    : 1.1.2004

Other Levels    : A few - MSSP serie (eight levels - Get 'em at
                  MSDM serie (five levels), some crappy oldies, O'Boy (included in
this release
                  as well) and a lot more. Plus one level for UT & one for Q3A. 

Description     : This is a five-level mini-mod. Four of the levels are new - one of
them is
                  "O'Boy" which was released in spring 2003 (the one in this release
is an 
                  updated version with new locations). There are also other minor
changes such
                  as two new weapon models, some new art (some cool stuff), some
sounds, con
                  changes & a snowfall effect. 

		  Some things you should notice - "The New Los Angeles" is full of fans because
                  they're needed so we could breath, The Earth is red because of
Global Warming
                  (to fight against the real Global Warming - join a hippie group! If
you don't 
                  we will all BURN to death!)

		  This TC has only a few locations where you can see crates - in fact the first
                  & the second level have only one crate and both of them has a
meaning so they're
                  not there just for decoration. Third level has one location where
there are crates
                  but I'd say the place is pretty logical for crates. No crates in
level four. 
                  There are maybe two crates in level five - for a logical reason.
I'm saying this
                  because crates tend to be an easy way to decorate levels. It's not
a bad way - 
                  crates work well as fillers and they look pretty good when used
well. However
                  there are better & more professional ways to add details. 

                  Don't waste your ammo. The pistol (MP5/9600) is a bit more powerful
than it used
		  to be (actually it should be as powerful as Chaingun Cannon but just slower)

                  Don't even think about killing those minibosses in "The Fourth

Story           : You'll learn the storyline by playing the game. It's explained in
viewscreens & elsewhere.
                  The idea is basically that you're (Duke) sent to terminate the
leader of Sandt Industries
                  - Mikko Sandt (hey! This guy stole my name!) because your hippie
friends don't like him
                  (mostly because he pollutes the Earth, causes Global Warming and is
using other dimensions 
                  to get new weapons & materia which he then sells to the US world
government to be used in wars). 
                  M.Sandt has hired aliens to work for him as his security forces -
M.Sandt heard about your
                  mission and sent his security forces to your apartment (you have
just heard that M.Sandt
                  is visiting some EDF base which is near your apartment). And so it

Additional Credits To : Fakir - for beta testing and inspiration (this thing wouldn't
exist without
                        his work), Mblackwell for the snowfall effect, James for the
new weapon models
			(& one modified texture), Rusty Nails for some of the new textures (textures
                        George W. Bernard for some textures & sprites (some are from
his TCs - some are done
 			by him for me) & for some game.con code, Final Doom for two midis & some
                        & inspiration (the hellish hallway), "Millennium" tv serie
for some inspiration (for
                        "The 4th Horseman"), FoxNews.com & USaid.gov for
iraq/military textures, Queen of Lullaby
                        for storing some Eiffel 65 pictures at her site
                        - of which one was used in this project, someone for the
'pistol' sound (can't remember
                        where I got it), 'Starlite' by Stranger for some inspiration,
AMC community for help
                        & tips (http://www.planetduke.com/amc/), Gary and Jonah
Bishop for Group File Studio,
                        the author of DukeResArt for the program, Blink 182,
Planetduke, Fileplanet, Kimmo Nikkanen,
                        3DRealms, Counter-Strike for the P90 sound, Ken Silverman,
AMC & DukeWeb & DN3D Repository for 
                        working for our cause, family & friends & YOU! 

                        "To the people I forgot, you weren't on my mind for some
reason and you
			probably don't deserve any thanks anyway." -Eminem 

                        (I'm honestly sorry if I forgot someone's name)

What?            : -Why is the Earth red in levels 3, 4 & 5?: Because of Global
Warming (yeah yeah I know that
                   the effect is uber-realistic)
                   -Why only five levels?: Because I'm not an idiot 
                   -What are those white places in level 5?: You could say they're
border worlds between 
                   different dimensions (in fact those locations were built before
the storyline and the excuse for 
                   their existence was made up about a minute ago)
                   -Why are there dead aliens & 'Doom' marines?: Because Duke wasn't
the first soldier
                   who was sent to a fight by the hippies. As you can see - they all
                   -Why hippiecommies?: So you could ask
                   -What are all those fans in level three?: They give you air - not
very realistic but still

Ripped           : P90 sound from Counter-Strike (http://www.counter-strike.net)
                 : "The Hellish Hallway" in "The Fourth Horseman" is based on a
hallway in the final
                   level of "Final Doom: TNT"
                 : The character worship idea is mine - However the way it's
portrayed over the mod
                   is inspired by George W.Bernard. 'Master' sign and a picture under
it is very similar
                   to the idea which Bernard used in his version of the New LA in his
Last Reaction & Water
                   Bases TC. 

         	 : The idea of "The New Los Angeles" (a city on the Moon) is based on "New
LA" level in
                   "Last Reaction & Water Bases" TC - by George W.Bernard - so thanks
to him. The level 
                   itself is made from scratch. I just had to use that idea - so

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : Replaces Episode 2
Single Player          : YES!
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : NO!
Cooperative 2-8 Player : NO!
Difficulty Settings    : NO! (may be a bit tough)
Plutonium Pak Required : YES!
New Art                : Yes 
New Music              : Yes (ripped from Final Doom - very cool tracks - if you have
turned your music off you don't deserve the right to play this)
New Sound              : Yes (one ripped from Counter-Strike)
New .CON Files         : Yes (renamed - you don't have to overwrite the original
Demos Replaced         : No

* Construction *

Base                   : Scratch - One hallway in 'The Fourth Horseman' is a Final
Doom re-creation,
                         'The New Los Angeles' is based on an idea by George
Level Editor(s) Used   : Build, IrfanView, PSP (demo), DukeRes, DukeRoch, Group File
Studio, Notepad
Construction Time      : Less than a year - About eight months (or twelve with

About 'Construction Time': I thank God (although I don't believe in him since this
                           religion thing is just hippie crap) for Global Warming.
The heat
                           wave last summer was the reason why I started levels 3 &
4. "O'Boy"
                           was originally released as a usermap but soon after that I
                           working on a project called 'ICY' (the second level in
this crappy
                           pack) - I guess I just wanted to do a snow/industrial
level before
                           I die (I love snowy levels and I have always wanted to
make one). 
                           I finished most of the level pretty quick and I was going
to release
                           it as a usermap. I got lazy in the end and so I decided
that I could
                           push the level's release date a bit. So I did (that was
back in April
                           or May) and then came the heatwave which forced me to be
either on the
                           beach or in front of my computer. I finished most of the
levels 3 & 4
                           in less than three weeks - I could have finished them
entirely in five
                           weeks but I got lazy - There was no reason to hurry since
I had finished
                           my high-school back in May (actually I didn't have to go
to school after 
                           February). When I finally found time (the real definition
for time is 
                           'inspiration', 'motivation' or something like that -
'Time' is just a lame excuse -
                           "I don't have time to finish this level right now" -You
expect me or any
                           sane person to believe that?) to add new textures & con
changes I started
                           working again - bug fixing & adding nice little ideas &
more & more 
                           details. I also started a project called 'Kill' which
became the final level
                           of this pack ("The Fourth Horseman"). The release date was
supposed to be
                           24th of December but my Build stopped working the night
before so I pushed
                           the release date - and now it's here only eleven days
before I have to leave to

Known Bugs/Problems    : Snow MIGHT appear in strange locations in the second level.
The second level 
                         also has this one-way-train which has some bugs - the switch
might be hard to
                         push but it works, also the doors open whenever you want -
not when you press 
                         the switch, also the train itself looks crappy - the first
version looked much
                         better but it didn't work. In fact this is the only version
of the train which
                         works - I made about a zillion of these versions before
succeeding. There are
                         no sprites (pick-up) for the new weapons (would eat too much
of space and it's
                         not really important). 

* Where to get this MAP file *

File location          : http://www.planetduke.com/msdn/ 

* Important Information *

Installation           : Unzip BNW.zip to your Duke3D (1.4 or 1.5) directory and run
                         (or just type 'bnw' in your Duke3D directory).


* Suggestions *

"Eat my shorts!"

* Copyright / Permissions / Notes / Disclaimer *

You may not sell this thing. If you wish to place it on your site then please do so
but keep the zip as it is - It has to include everything it has now. I'm not
for any damage this thing might cause to you or to your computer. My political views
mine and I have every right to have those views. If you're a treehugger and you
got offended by the storyline (which was not meant to offend anyone) then go ahead
eat some grass.

And I DEFINITELY am NOT a hippiecommie!

The Ice Age is coming...


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