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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Roch Secret 1, by Pascal Rouaud
Map Name: Roch Secret 1
Author: Pascal Rouaud
Released: 27th May 2000
Rating: 94

Review by Steven Laliberté on 11th May 2008

A month after we all played the astonishing Roch 3, Pascal released this quite different map : Roch Secret 1. Somewhat attracted by the title, you run to the Mapping Template, to discover that Pascal wanted this map to be a secret level in a future ROCH episode he intends to create, and that it was adjusted for both Single Player and DukeMatch modes!

The design and the concept of this map are really different from the others because it consists at first in a kind of “best of” the three previous maps. You’re starting under a starry sky in a bumper-car of Roch 2’s fairground, chasing the monsters in the other one. Next to this first area, then on your way toward the ending car park, you can recognize Roch’s carousel, Roch 3’s big clock, the two excellent cars from Roch 2 and Roch 3, and note the three different animated billboards as well as the three helicopter effects. However, it would be a pity to roughly outline Roch Secret 1’s design as a simple copy of Pascal’s three first maps, because the main part of this map is a stupendous seashore landscape including a well-designed lighthouse, a nice snack bar and a luxurious motel (look at the picture!).

The gameplay once again kicks asses, lead by an excellent fight on the beach against numerous drones and others rough aliens. Take care at first not to expose yourself too much in this large touristy quarter, and carefully notice the different health packs and ammunition locations wisely scattered in the level, so you’ll experience a pleasant travel within the large fairground, the tiny walks and all the private properties you’ll be investigating. Needless to say that all your favourite heavy weapons will be available, on the way to make your destiny the most comfortable and the aliens’ the most doubtful possible. By the way don’t forget to look for the 3 secret places, fortunately easier to find with the glimpses in the monitor of the end or else you would miss one of the scenes from the screenshots!

According to its pleasant atmosphere and its interesting gameplay, this original ROCH map is quite deserving for you to take a trip throughout it, and you’ll have to keep in mind its main role of ROCH secret museum in the growing episode not to be surprised by some facades or walls far from the usual ultra-detailed ROCH style’s.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 96.02 KB
Level includes: multiple difficulty settings

Download: Roch Secret 1 (577)
Other releases by Pascal Rouaud: Roch, Roch 2, Roch 3, Roch 4, Roch 5, Roch 6, Roch 7, Roch 8

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Mapping template:

Title            : Roch Secret 1
                   When I have a good number of Roch maps (6-7), I'll make
                   an entire GRP file with all of them that will be played
                   as an episode. This one (Roch_sc1) will be a secret level
                   accessible from Roch3.

Filename         : Roch_SC1.map
Author           : Pascal ROUAUD
E-mail           : pascalrouaud[at]hotmail.com
                   Please send me any comments about this map
                   If you plan to post it on your web page, tell me you'll do
                   it so I can appreciate...
Web Page         : none
Misc. Author Info: I'm French (so sorry for my English!)
                   Some "wads" for Doom (94-95)

Other Levels     : Roch, Roch2, Roch3.

Description      : Sort of a best of my 3 previous maps (Roch, Roch2 & Roch3).

                   But why did I make this level?
                   When I did Roch2, I was sure (don't ask me why!) it wasn't
                   possible to set the metro effect speed (used for the bumper
                   cars). After releasing Roch2, I tested it though, and found
                   ...that it was possible!
                   I couldn't release then another Roch2 map, so I decided to
                   make a new map with bumper cars again, but with their speed
                   slowed down.
                   The result is:
                   1. they are more realistic (way too fast in Roch2)
                   2. they won't kill you anymore (you can ride them without
                      unclipping mode). They still kill monsters, so let them
                      have a walk around!
                   The cars have a real wheel now, and you are able to go
                   on/under their sloped pillars (they were blocked in Roch2).

                   I added then some other features from my two other maps,
                   some of them are also improved (Roch1's carousel for
                   The map is quite big, but there are 3 teleporters for DM
                   (not visible in single play).

                   3 secret places.

                   If you love this map like I do and would like to know all
                   secrets, e-mail me to get a demo file that shows everything
                   (or to get my previous levels).

Additional Credits To : Ken Silverman, 3D Realms.

Special thanks to my beta-testers:
AirHawke         : Duke Map Central         http://www.dukeworld.com/dmc/
Kevin Cools      : Kevin's Duke maps!       http://www.crosswinds.net/~kevincools
(under construction)
Dukebert         : Dukebert's Map Zone      http://www.homestead.com/dmz/
Juha Laaksonen   : Dukesivut                http://www.dukesivut.cjb.net/
Maarten Pinxten  : Maarten's Gamorama       http://www.crosswinds.net/~gamorama/
Antonio Rodríguez: Página oficial de Real3D http://r3d.cjb.net/
Mikko Sandt      : MSDN                     http://www.planetduke.com/msdn/
Matt Wareham     : Duke Nukem Inc           http://www.dukeworld.com/dukeinc/

I also wish to thank Jeremy Endres (aka Deathtoll) for his demos and previews,
of my levels     : Duke Map Busters     http://www.dukeworld.com/dmb/

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : none
Single Player          : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings    : Yes (3 skills)
Plutonium Pak Required : YES! YOU MUST HAVE IT.
New Art                : No
New Music              : No
New Sound Effects      : No
New .CON Files         : No
Demos Replaced         : No (see above for a "secret demo")


* Construction *

Base                   : Roch, Roch2, Roch3.
Level Editor(s) Used   : BUILD
Construction Time      : 1 month 1/2 (on and off)
Known Bugs/Problems    : Let me know if there are...

* Where to get this MAP file *

File location          : In the zip archive with this file...


*Important Information*

Installation           : Unzip ROCH_SC1.MAP in your Duke3d directory, then
                         type : duke3d map roch_sc1 
                         You may choose your skill : add /s# (#=1 to 4)


* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels, 
concatenations, or otherwise.

You MAY distribute this MAP (Roch_sc1.map), provided you include this text
file (Roch_sc1.txt), with no modifications.  You may distribute this file in
any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this
file intact.


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