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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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MapFAQs and Build Tutorials
Name Version/Size Description
BUILD Tricks
by Patola
Downloads: 1002
66.89 KB
A complete set of weird tricks for use in level-editing without the need for CON editing. Some rather unusual tricks which are great for new ideas.
Build Tricks: Fun With Elevators
by Semicharm
Downloads: 691
61.31 KB
Complete breakdown on how to produce entirely operable multi-levelled elevators, with example maps and detailed documentation. Amazing what you can do nowadays!
Delayed Spawning Effect
by Llyr Wyn Jones
Downloads: 476
1.27 KB
A quite ingenious tutorial depicting the possibility of delaying the effect of the RESPAWN sprite by means of the SE10. Good for setting another type of surprises for unbeknownst and inexperienced players, and quite easy to implement in any map.
Duke Nukem 3D Sound FX List
by Mats Blixt, Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 1858
10.28 KB
A full list of sound effects available in Duke3D, along with their .voc filenames and corresponding Build tag numbers.
List of BUILD Keys
by Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 785
6.82 KB
A guide to the key combinations used in Build, alphabetised and absolutely essential for beginners.
Map Authoring Template
Downloads: 417
0.82 KB
The famous map text template, allowing mappers to comment on their maps and offer other useful info.
Map Editing FAQ (MapFAQ)
by Brett Gmoser, Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 661
157.72 KB
Quite self-explanatory; this is version 1.3 of the map editing FAQ. This and subsequent versions are the first place to look for learning how to use the BUILD editor or its variants.
by Brett Gmoser, Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 339
160.06 KB
by Brett Gmoser, Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 307
167.87 KB
by Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 375
152.02 KB
Completely rewritten MapFAQ by Jonah Bishop. See rhistory.txt for revision history.
by Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 366
152.02 KB
MapFAQ v2.0 in PDF format.
by Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 735
153.39 KB
The final version of the MapFAQ, and probably the most comprehensive guide to the intricacies of Build editing to date. A must-have reference for any serious Builder.
The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite
by Ryan Lennox
Downloads: 348
23.18 MB
A rather complete and invaluable guide to creating levels for that most famous of games, Duke Nukem 3D - all in HTML format with nice illustrative images and a tutorial map to boot. Navigation is easy and the guide provides introductory tutes for those just discovering Build or Mapster32, as well as walkthroughs for those harder-to-pull-off effects.

With a handy reference to program key presses, SE tags, sound lists, palettes, Build tricks, etc. as well as a full breakdown on secret locations (plus screens) for all 4 episodes, you'll be wondering how you ever did without.

File uploaded november 8'th-2009

The Stupid SE 0 Tricks HOW-TO
by Tim Conneen
Downloads: 506
21.90 KB
Previously used in the author's map Confession, a bunch of quite unique effects without the use of CONs. These include horizontal crushers, gaping pits, stretching doors, shifting passages, etc.
Translucent Water Demonstration
by Bob Averill
Downloads: 576
18.86 KB
A guide to producing a see-through water effect in Build.
True 3D Translucent Water Effect
by Devastator
Downloads: 644
6.74 KB
A neat tutorial for implement true translucent water in a level. The replacement for Bob Averill's Translucent Water tutorial.
Unofficial Duke3D Editing FAQ
by Klaus Breuer
Downloads: 493
101.23 KB
An html based editing faq, unzip to a folder and open findex.htm. Very comprehensive.

Other DN3D-related Editing Tutorials
Name Version/Size Description
Editart Key List
by Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 432
2.04 KB
Keys used by EditArt, helpful for those who are particularly patient.
The Duke Nukem 3D Con Editing FAQ
by Joris B. Weimar, Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 616
40.95 KB
Complete documentation for editing the Duke3D .CON files, compiled by your favourite mapping tutorial author.

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