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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Happy Hangover, by Aymeric Nocus (MRCK)
Map Name: Happy Hangover
Author: Aymeric Nocus (MRCK)
Released: 28th December 2008
Rating: 99

Review by Forge on 28th December 2008

Duke is headed downtown for a little R & R only to find those alien bastards have taken over the city and are drinking up all the booze in his favorite bar. That dog don't hunt so it's time to kick some alien ass and eliminate the vermin.

A large map with a great design and layout. Duke starts inside a bus lightly armed and after hopping out the roof hatch he must make his way through the town which has excellent detailing, well placed sprite work, good choices and use of texturing, and shading. The ambiance is further enhanced by the use of extensively detailed unreachable areas which add a sense of depth to the map. After wasting a handful of alien scum the key card hunt commences. While the card is cleverly hidden; some patience and exploring pays off. This also gives Duke a chance to heal up and acquire some ammunition and expand his arsenal. The theme of the map now reveals itself as a key card hunt interspersed with some evenly matched fire fights. There's a good amount of health and ammunition placed in stashes throughout and as Duke navigates the map and his arsenal expands and his weapons get more powerful; the aliens start to become tougher and more numerous. Entering various buildings to find more keys the great atmosphere is continued with very nice texturing, shading, and architecture. The only part that seems out of place is the transition room and external scaffolding right before entering the bar. As Duke enters the bar he finds a stash of rot gut in the storage room. No use letting it go to waste on the alien bastards; 'bottoms up!' Duke is now drunk, and this is pulled off well with the "blurred" vision and "stumbling", but he still must kill the stacks of aliens partying it up in the tap room. After a good knock down fight Duke isn't feeling so well and there's a nice sequence where Duke visits the porcelain god. Now feeling much better, Duke laments that the aliens are still infesting the rest of the town. As he heads outside it's now night time and a lightning storm has blown in. How the hell long was he in the bar? The map continues with more exploring for key cards and some more building and room searching, each with their own unique characteristics. By now Duke is armed to the teeth and loaded down with health and ammunition which makes killing everything left that moves fairly easy. There's several interesting puzzles that Duke needs to solve to get to the end; such as the collapsing ceiling tiles and the partially opening door. Overall an excellent looking map. The fire fights start out difficult and the puzzles fairly easy. As the map progresses towards the end, the fire fights become easier and the puzzles more challenging. A little bit of everything for everyone.

Texturing/Lighting-Shading: 10/10 Sprite Work/Detailing:10/10 Ambiance: 10/10 Architecture/Design: 19/20 Layout: 20/20 Gameplay/Difficulty: 30/30 Overall: 99/100

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: Sp
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 230.61 KB
Level includes: new music

Download: Happy Hangover (1216)
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Mapping template:


Title                   : Happy Hangover
Date Finished           : December 28th, 2008
Filename                : Happy Hangover.map (I swear)
Author                  : Aymeric 'MRCK' Nocus
Email Address           : MRCK41[at]hotmail.com
Web page		: http://mrcksdukemaps.blogspot.com
Misc. Author Info       : 21-year old from France who first started toying around
with Build a while ago (2001 I think ?),
                          released quite a few levels for DN3D a few years back then
pretty much quit mapping for a while,
                          from around 2004 to this year. About six months ago I found
an uncomplete map of mine from november
                          2006 that I had never finished and thought I would, well,
take the time to finish it, since it
                          looked like it had some potential. As a result you get this
brand new level, which will be part of
                          an episode - its sequel is already in the works (and will
probably be even better).

Released maps by me	: Rural Nightmare, Roch Island, Filler, Overtime, the old Anarchy
City series and much more, all
                          available at my site, so would you be so kind to check it
out good sir yes please thank you.

Description             : This map is probably going to feel taken out of context
because it's intended to be the second
                          level of an episode I'm working on, hence the uncommon
starting place and the quite abrupt ending -
                          it's part of a series, and since I haven't released neither
the prequels nor the sequels yet, it's
                          probably going to feel incomplete to you, so sorry for that
(but the map itself is, obviously, 100%
                          finished). Basically here's the background story : it's
saturday night and Duke has had a tough
                          week, so he decides to grant himself a few days of R&R
(would his boss really be in position to
                          complain ? how many times has Duke saved the Earth before,
after all ?), and figures that he might
                          as well go have a couple of chill drinks downtown while
he's at it. Since his car has been recently
                          stolen he hops on the bus but as he arrives downtown it
turns out that the place has been taken
                          over by aliens. But Duke is only slightly pissed because
after all, he sure as hell won't let
                          some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eaters ruin his
well-deserved break, and reckons it would
                          make for a good personal challenge to save the world
again... drunk. Why not, Japanese people can
                          play the Super Mario World theme song on the piano
blindfolded after all, so get the job done.

                          So yeah you know the deal, city map blah blah blah at night
blah blah, with a couple of cool extra
                          features though (I won't spoil !) and a bunch of secret
places and easter eggs (look out for them !
                          final episode pack will include a list of all the easter
eggs and inside jokes in every single map,
                          but go find them yourself in the meantime). Hope you enjoy,
best of wishes really (and it's that
                          time of the year too, don't I rule like, like, for real

Additional Credits to   : Kim Robinson at http://www.dukerepository.com for his early
support back in the days I needed it
                          the most ; Corentin 'MetHunter' and Merlijn 'Mrline' van
Oostrum for the couple of suggestions they
                          gave me (helped to improve the map), the support and the
quick beta-testings ; the rest of the
                          community ; and my main inspirations Pascal Rouaud, Mrline
and Taivo Maripuu. Gorillaz, NOFX and
                          all those bands who provided me with some sweet background
music as I was working on this piece of
                          shit ; my friends, my mom, my cat, my penis YES I SAID IT
                          YES YES


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : #1 user map of god.
Single Player           : Damn straight.
Cooperative 2-8 Player	: No way. There's only one of you. So get the motherfucking
job done, goddamnit.
DukeMatch 2-8 Player    : Nah. Be BOTH a player AND single at the same time - now
THAT's the way real men score.
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented, noone really uses them anyway.
New Sounds              : None. The final episode pack might include a few new sounds
though, I don't know yet.
New Music               : 'Riders on the Storm' by the Doors. Good shit.
New Graphics            : No way, new art is so cheap.
New/changed CONs        : None, or at least none yet, final episode pack will include
new .cons and modified enemies !
Demos Replaced          : None of course, it would be so pointless. WHERE DO YOU


* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch.
Build Time              : 'Only' two MOTHERFUCKING years, on and off though but
still, tough shizzle yo.
Editor(s) used          : JonoF Build mostly.
Known Bugs / Problems   : None that I know of, I've playtested this thing extensively
so if you can still find one, then I
                          don't know, fuck ?
May Not Run With...     : Carl Lewis. All the (old) joking aside you need JonoF or
EDuke32 to play this level since it breaks
                          the old Build limits. If you have a recent machine you're
probably using them anyway so yeah you're
                          set, ready steady GO... Hahah I got you...

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. But they can
scope it under Build to see how the new
effects work. Sanek : fuck you.  
You MAY distribute this map, provided you include this file, with no modifications.
You may distribute this file in any
electronic format or put it online as you please as long as you include this file
I'm not at fault if any of the files included in the ZIP file and / or the ZIP file
itself damage your computer / data in
any way (don't know how that could be, just saying).
You SHOULD send me some feedback, just e-mail me at MRCK41[at]hotmail.com or catch me
online on a Duke-related site.

* Where to get this MAP file *

DN-R : http://www.dukerepository.com
MSDN : http://www.planetduke.com/msdn/
My site (soon enough) : http://mrcksdukemaps.blogspot.com


* Important Information *

Installation           : Oh come on.
Important Notes        : Yes.
                         Damn shit yeah I have one, my awesome joke is ruined now. If
you get stuck, look for hints, and if
                         you're low on health or ammo, explore your surroundings more
carefully and look for the secret

(v-'O'-v) {BYEEEE)										     --[Aymeric Nocus 2008]--

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