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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Clear The Coast, by Merlijn van Oostrum, Maarten van Oostrum
Map Name: Clear The Coast
Author: Merlijn van Oostrum, Maarten van Oostrum
Released: 31st August 2008
Rating: 96

Review by Forge on 1st September 2008

It has been discovered the The Rock Burger is secretly run by the aliens. It's up to Duke to discover where their headquarters is located and take it out.

A large coastal resort themed map. The design with the cliffs, dock area, and hotel overlooking the water front create a superb atmosphere. Real nice work with the layout and design. Meticulous work and an eye for the minor details was taken with the architecture,texturing, detailing and sprite work.

Game play was challenging, and there were some real good firefights. There' a good variety of enemies that are strategically placed and evenly distributed. A good amount of ammunition for the complete arsenal and just the right amount of well placed health keep the game going at an even pace. There weren't any real puzzles to solve, but just searching around for, or fighting for, the keys was enough. A nice wide open map that allowed for a lot of exploration and didn't confine play to just moving in a linear direction.

Duke plus causes one funny event. On the top floor of the hotel, the view screen next to the switch acted like a vending machine and kicked a soda out of the wall.

An excellently designed map and an excellent play.

Texturing/Lighting-Shading: 9/10
Sprite Work/Detailing-Architecture: 9/10
Ambiance: 20/20
Layout: 20/20
Gameplay/Difficulty: 38/40
Overall: 96/100

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32
Filesize: 1.99 MB
Level includes: new music, multiple difficulty settings

Download: Clear The Coast (1206)

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Mapping template:


Name: clear the coast
Map.name: clcoast.map
Authors: Merlijn van Oostrum & Maarten van Oostrum
E-mail: merlijn_redhot[at]hotmail.com
Our past maps: Red series, ABBA, Planet X-64, Hell awaits, OGBB, Roch Island and
loads of CBP's.
	       All available at MSDN or Dn-R.
Our pet: 'Springer', a little, jumpy, black and insanely cute rabbit. We love you

Files included: Clcoast.map
		clear the coast.txt



A rather large, mostly outdoor map, designed for classic duke and taking full
advantage of the new build limits. 
So expect some big outdoor locations and the freedom to roam and stroll around a lot.
It's a little similar to some old maps of ours: red2 and maads, but of course the
design is much more refined.
(there are even a few small nods to those maps if you look carefully enough, like
anyone cares enough to look for
it anyway :P).

Since the map uses the new limits you'll need Eduke to play it!

(NOTE: the map tends to crash sometimes when using JonoF so always use EDUKE!!!
 in case you haven't downloaded Eduke yet: http://wiki.eduke32.com/stuff/ - get the
latest snapshot)


Important information:

Singleplayer: 		yes
deathmatch: 		yes (*)
co-op: 			yes (**)
difficulty settings:    yes! Come get some is a lot more challenging.
new sounds: 		yes
new music: 		no
new cons: 	 	no
record camera's: 	yes
Requires atomic pack: 	yes
Requires ports: 	YES! Like we said: you'll need EDUKE to play this map!

(*) DM takes place at the hotel and it's surroundings, because the entire map would
be way too big for a dm-match.
At the original start there's a big switch, opening a teleporter. This wil take you
to the DM-area. 

(**)About CO-OP: While you're playing, some teleporter(s) will open right at the
start. So in case you die,
              you don't have to walk the entire way again. Just hop into the
teleporter and jump right 
	      back into the action!	
  IMPORTANT:  The first teleporter opens as soon as you walk over the road in front
of the hotel.
	      The second one doesn't open until the very end.	


One fine day Duke gets, yet again, a phonecall from the general. And of course Duke
was just trying to enjoy
a well-earned vacation at that particular moment.
After kicking alien asses for about a zillion times, it's getting on Duke's nerves
and he's asking himself 
why those stupid aliens can't just finally leave earth alone for at least one second.

Oh well. Waiting for new, fresh alien races might take forever. Guess he has to be
satisfied with what
he gets.

About 20 minutes later, Duke greets his general and sits down.
"So, what is it this time, sir?"
"Well", the general replies, "are you familiar with that fastfood-franchise 'The
"The rock? What.."
"I believe you've seen the name during your previous mission?"
"Erm - yes I have sir. There was no way of escaping that name. Besides, those darn
bastards are beating my 
dukeburgers when it comes to sales!"
"Well it turns out that this company is owned and run by those alien bastards."
".. w- what? Why are they running restaurants? That doesn't make sense.."
"Well.. We don't really know yet."
"Heh, maybe they'll try to poison us with shitty hamburgers? Hehe.."
"It's not funny Duke! This is an alarming situation for sure. Think about it. Many
people eat fastfood
every day. Aliens controlling such an important and daily source of human food.. that
can't be good." 
"Hmm yeah.. guess so."
"Right now we're destroying every building that has 'The Rock' written on it. We
can't take any risks when it
comes to those nasty aliens."
"True. So.. where do I fit in?"
"We need you to find their headquarters, and we think we know where to find it."
The general hands out a map to Duke and continues:
"You have to search this coastal area, most importantly the hotel at the top of the
cliff. We suspect that 
it's their headquarters, or maybe the gateway to their headquarters. There's a lot of
alien activity around
that area. Hopefully you'll find out what their exact plans are and put an end to it.

There's a helicopter ready to take you near enough."
"Allright, that should be a piece of cake.. Now let's ro.."
"One more thing duke."
"If you see any "The rock" building that's somehow still intact, don't hesitate and
please destroy it."
"Now THAT is the kind of news I like! Let's ro.."
"Good luck then, Duke!"


Credits to:

-Everyone who keeps making fresh and solid maps & mods for such an old game. :-)
-The beta testers: William Gee, MRCK, Mikko Sandt & Deeper Thought. Thanks a lot
-William Gee again, for testing coop with us.



This map is ours!
Don't use this map or parts of this map without asking our permission.
Be oringinal, create your own stuff!
Always include this txt-file when spreading this map etc.

Basically: don't steal, or we might make fun of you in one of our future maps. You've
been warned ;-)


A last note:

In our opinion this map looks best when it's played with classic duke. But of course
it's entirely up to you wether
you play it with hi-res or not. :-)

Have fun!

..and this joke is really lame and old. ;-)

but that didn't stop us anyway. :(


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