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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Duke3D User Art Files
For those of you who occasionally get bored with the default Duke3D art, here you'll find a bunch of user art files with which to spruce up your maps! We'll try to provide .ART files with quality textures and sprites, somewhat naughty suggestive ones notwithstanding. Enjoy!

Name Version/Size Description
'Dukenude' Art
Downloads: 2536
312.98 KB
Replacement art for the strippers and such in Duke3D, somewhat pleasant and vaguely offensive. Let's face it, this is probably what you're really here for. The download counter reveals all.
Downloads: 628
1.33 MB
There's a few nice textures in this lot, enough to spruce up the dullest of maps. You can always skip on the anime stuff, though [g].
Hexen 2 Art
Downloads: 594
750.14 KB
Almost all of the art from Hexen 2, optimised for Duke3D. Wonderful stuff!
Latex Clad Dancers
Downloads: 668
303.36 KB
Just a minor upgrade for the dancers, now they sport sexy black latex. Say no more!
Liquids Art
Downloads: 532
545.45 KB
A set of liquid tiles, including some rather good animated textures and sprites.
Medieval Art
Downloads: 517
447.20 KB
A very nice set of medieval textures and sprites, ripped from various games. Did I mention they were very nice?
Poster Art
Downloads: 586
1.25 MB
A collection of movie posters, slogans and other miscellaneous tidbits - all in one .art file. Rename to tiles014.art
Quake 2 Art
Downloads: 525
420.52 KB
A nice selection of art from Quake 2, now in Duke. Huzzah!

Weapon/Character Art Replacements
Name Version/Size Description
Drone to Dopefish Replacement Art
Downloads: 377
485.89 KB
Changes the lovable sentry drones into dopefish - great! It also comes with a nifty uninstaller.
Duke3D to Lameduke Art
Downloads: 421
550.27 KB
This patch replaces all of LameDuke's enemies with their counterparts from Duke3D. You must have LameDuke previously installed to make any use of this - you can find it here [insert link to future location].
Happy-Face Men with Rifles Art
Downloads: 369
510.79 KB
Replaces the game's Pigcops with crudely drawn yet hilariously funny smiley-faced men with rifles. Worth checking out for a laugh. For Duke v1.3d -> v1.5.
Lameduke Octabrain Art
Downloads: 375
368.31 KB
See the octabrain in all his former glory! This patch replaces the current no-good-nik with his cousin from LameDuke! For Duke v1.3d -> 1.5.
Pacman Art
Downloads: 334
435.31 KB
Transform the leathery octabrain into a cute little pacman with this patch, easy to implement, just as easy to remove. For versions 1.3d to 1.5.
Predator Skin
Downloads: 523
415.09 KB
Turns you into the Predator from the movie under the same name - on the outside at least. Surprise your friends, amuse your enemies!
Teletubby Art
Downloads: 396
201.14 KB
At last you can blow the living crap out of those evil bastards - time to make some Tubby Toast! Replaces the octabrains with your favourite gender confused misfits.

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