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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Buenos Aires Explosive Remake, by Leonardo Pellegrini (DavoX)
Map Name: Buenos Aires Explosive Remake
Author: Leonardo Pellegrini (DavoX)
Released: 20th February 2006
Rating: 92

Review by Kim Robinson on 17th January 2008

Welcome to Buenos Aires, or at least a particularly explosion prone part of it, this is a rather large city map brimming over with detail, clever architecture and spritework, and of course infested with your favourite alien vermin. Your job? Nuke the place to hell, or the sky, whichever takes your fancy.

The author has done quite a sterling job for his first public release, there's little to fault in terms of design, textures or shading - however there's a couple of puzzles which might get on your wick. Straight off the bat you've got to jump out of a spiralling plane which just happens to also be exploding, and if you manage to get out of that alive (a few restarts will probably be necessary) you'll hit the ground running with a bit of ammo - if you're lucky. (Much) later on there's a nasty underground door puzzle which goes on unnecessarily for quite a bit - sure to be the cause of much head-banging of the non-musical variety for any player not quick on their toes. For the most part however the level is quite straightforward, just remember to explore everywhere feasibly possible and you should progress through the level easily enough.

Monster to ammo ratio is pretty good, you'll have the chance to blow up vast numbers of baddies with one RPG hit on more than one occasion, which is always satisfying. There's also a couple of nice explosive effects rigged up which cause a fair degree of mayhem too. Other mentionable moments include a short and fiery bus trip, stumbling across a rather ominous looking nuclear warhead and calling an air strike.

In all, a solid map - one certainly worth checking out.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32
Filesize: 269.44 KB
Level includes: new music

Download: Buenos Aires Explosive Remake (696)

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Mapping template:


Title		        :  Buenos Aires Explosive Remake 
Filename	        :  BaeReDX.map
Author		        :  DavoX (Leonardo Pellegrini)
Web Page        	:   -

Misc. Author Info:  Started building in early 2000 but stopped in late 2001, this is
my first released map for the community and/or online distributed. 

	Other Levels	:  Buenos aires Explosive 1, Buenos aires explosive 2, Asteroids,
Party!, and some other unfinished maps, most of them for practice.

	Description	:  You were assigned to a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina because it
seems that people is making riots beyond controllable in a very important city.
Surprinsingly riots started to occur a few days after two big corporations, sweeney
sewage and 3dRealms Demolition Co. Joined into one big corporation, duke smells shit
in their plans. According to EDF intelligence people started to mutate into strange
creatures and hence the riots, your mission is Search And Destroy, eliminate any
threat and quarantine the place, thing is...whats the easy way of getting rid of this
problem?, you dont feel like wearing a biohazard suit and start examining bodies, you
better think of a work around ;-).

                  Special thanks to      :   My Gf Mariana for Making one of the
rooms in the map, it was definitely a show of love from her part (the room right
after the shaded garage with columns in sweeney complex, with the button on the desk
and the pigcop)


	Additional Credits: The makers of "Lost Highway" episode for making that great bus
ride, i just added some explosions to it :).
Pascal Rouaud, Maartn & MrLine, Maarten Pixten, Taivo, Bob Averill, Geoffrey, Numan (
;-) ) And many others for giving me inspiration with their Great maps.

	:  Thanks to: 
                                                        The guys at AMC forums for
their great advice.

                                                        And all the other active
members from The Duke Community.

                  Beta testers:                 Moloch, Geoffrey, James, Methunter,


	* Play Information *

	Episode and Level	: User Level
	Single Player		: Yes! 
	DukeMatch 2-8 Player	: No
	Cooperative 2-8 Player 	: No 
	Difficulty Settings	: Yes 
	New Art			: Not this time.
	New Music		: Black Sabbath - Sympton of the universe (Hell it fits this map so
much!! hehehe) 
        High Resolution Pack    : No, its not HRP friendly and ITS IMPOSSIBLE to
finish even the first part with the HRP, you will die many times until you get the
timing and loading 1 minute per try isnt something nice.
	New Sound Effects	: No
        Jonof or Eduke32?       : Yes, map wont play without one of those And its
only compatible with the LATEST eduke32 Snapshot, if you dont use eduke32 the map
wont be finishable without cheat and will have many bugs.
        IMPORTANT NOTE!!!       : Although you can play it with JonoF port, the map
has too many bugs 
 with it, so the only way to finish the map is with eduke32. The map will be
finishable with JonoF in a future release of the port i suppose.            

	* Construction *

	Base			: New level from scratch based on my old map Buenos Aires Explosive 1.
	Level Editors Used		: Mapster32 and BUILD (for the room over room war tank)  
	Art Editors Used		: None
	Construction Time		: One month and 15 days.

                 Known Bugs/Problems	: Sometimes the map crashes and its needed to
load the last savegame. If you see explosion sprites that just stay static in the air
then you need to load the last savegame. Due to the really big open spaces and the
amount of sprites, sprites tend to dissapear suddenly, i cant fix it, deal with it :)
, and that goddam elevator after the puzzle maze sometimes doesnt want to take you to
the upper level, feel free to DNCLIP in that part if the elevator doesnt work. The
elevator should work in the latest eduke32 snapshot and sprites shouldnt dissapear
with it. Other than that i dont remember any other bug. 

                * Where to get this MAP file *
                   File location		:  Mikko Sandt Duke Nukem Site :
http://www.planetduke.com/msdn/ .


	*Important Information*

	Installation		: Place the map in your duke3d directory and run it using Eduke32
(preferably if you want to be able to finish the map) or JonoF port for testing
purposes. Map wont run in normal duke nukem because of the exceeding sector and wall
	Important Notes		:  Oh yeah... time to be harsh... You cant Edit this map, You can't
Distribute it without this Text, You can use the ideas for your map but at least name
this map in your text :) , Also any comments or opinions can be sent to my email

	Copyright			: 3DRealms, Jonof, TerminX , DavoX 2006




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