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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Redrock by Markus Schopf (Suppressor), Rating: 96 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.3d - Released: 20/03/2006
Screenshot From the creator of AlphaCity (also found from the Repository) comes exhilarating, architecturally great map with fresh, comfortable mood all the way to the end of the level. In this map, gameplay location is surprisingly enough, red rocks and your mission is nothing else but blast the way to the nukebutton - alive. While trying to do so, you are going to visit in construction site, destroyed buildings and wide-open outdoor areas that are the one of the best aspects of the level - magnificent lo...

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Download (118.45 KB) - 118 downloads since 21/06/2010

From Base To Base 2 by CarThief, Rating: 84 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32 - Released: 28/05/2010
Screenshot Requires Dukeplus 2.09 or higher

A medium sized hi-tech base styled map. The map is mainly made up of a series of steel gray corridors and steel gray small to steel gray medium sized rooms. It looks as if two armies have been fighting in it for the last fifty years until one day they decided to set aside their differences and start looting all the hardware stores within a five hundred mile radius. After a few years of marauding, they dumped all their acquired crap into every single corner ...

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Download (199.60 KB) - 69 downloads since 20/06/2010

Area27 by Supertanker, Rating: 90 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32 - Released: 14/06/2010
Screenshot Area27, circa 14 June 2010, by Cody "Supertanker" Jackson

A large industrial/base styled map. The author sticks to his mold and creates a large, linear, even flowing level. There are a few places where one may get turned around a bit after climbing about in air ducts, but you'll never wander too far off the beaten path. If you pay attention to the doors and corridors as you pass by them the view screens will point you in the right direction, so getting lost isn't a major an issue. As per p...

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Download (178.07 KB) - 81 downloads since 16/06/2010

Nightshade Army by Mike Norvak, Rating: 94 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32 - Released: 03/06/2010
Screenshot Dukeplus v. 2.09 optional

A rather interesting map in that it can be played either with or without dukeplus. Without dukeplus the map has a nice even flow and the balance between health, weapons/ammo, and aliens is pretty even, but the ending is rather easy and anti-climatic. With dukeplus, the power shifts ever so slightly in favor of the aliens. Duke's arsenal is boosted, but so are the aliens attacks. The differentiating factor is the limited amount of health. When Duke's actions spawn ...

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Download (2.28 MB) - 211 downloads since 03/06/2010

Have Fun Storming The Castle! by SalaciusCrumb, Rating: 93 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32 - Released: 18/04/2010
Screenshot IMPORTANT: This map requires DukePlus

Proof that old Duke mappers don't die, or even fade away. They just go on hiatus until they re-discover that build bug. A short, action packed industrial map where Duke must reach his ride by infiltrating a base and then the landing dock portion of a sky vessel. Well laid out and designed; finding your way around is easy, but getting through the curtains of alien defenders provides a good challenge. The author is a master of "less is better", and prove...

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Download (2.23 MB) - 232 downloads since 15/05/2010

Mincer City by Henri K (RazorZ), Rating: 94 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32 - Released: 14/05/2010
Screenshot The third map by this author centers around a canyon city taken over by aliens, and it's Duke's job to get in there and exterminate them. A more ambitious endeavor than his previous maps, RazorZ expands his repertoire by creating a large open map with expansive constructions and heavy detailing made from extensive sprite work. Combined with plenty of ambient sounds, new art, strong shading, and elaborate sector work, including the detailed background work of the rest of the city burning in the d...

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Download (427.36 KB) - 251 downloads since 15/05/2010

Vermin Clearance II by Frode Waksvik (Puritan), Rating: 84 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.4+ - Released: 16/05/2006
Screenshot A full episode with 10 levels+1 secret level

A collection of the authors old maps strung together to form a hefty sized episode. When originally created, Puritan followed the same mold for the majority of his maps, so where one left off, the other naturally followed and thus the player will find the transition from one map to the next seamless. This is both good and bad. First the good: the maps are wonderfully created. You'll find some excellent architecture, superb layouts, and some pret...

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Download (2.34 MB) - 425 downloads since 26/03/2010

Foul Odour by Tommi Heikkinen (Steambull), Rating: 91 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.3d - Released: 20/06/2010
Screenshot Another map from Finland, Foul Odour, is entertaining romp through water/toxic waste facility. Being Steambullīs third release it is pretty solid, but well above good quality level.

Level is based mostly indoors, but it also has some outdoor areas, especially near the end. Level flows in quite linear way, although there are some puzzles that take time a bit, but they are not that difficult to find out. The main goodie of this level is itīs great texturework and good gameplay that feels jus...

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Download (62.23 KB) - 348 downloads since 20/03/2010

Duke 23:4 by Scott "Forge" L., Rating: 93 - Type: SP - Requires: 1.4+ - Released: 09/03/2010
Screenshot A fairly big, and very immersive canyon-styled map by the author of Duke 3:16, making for his second ever single map release. While the forementioned prequel was already rather outstanding for a debut map, for this one Forge has taken things even further and managed to wrap up not less than a high-quality level, that goes as far as baring some resemblances with Gambini's work in terms of visual realism and eye-candy (the author has his own unique style, though), but also makes for a solid experi...

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Download (259.21 KB) - 366 downloads since 19/03/2010

1999Russia by Sanek, Rating: Pending review/Not rated - Type: SPO - Requires: 1.4+ and JonoF/EDuke32 - Released: 21/02/2010
Screenshot Authors own words:

Duke was in a mystical place.He should get out.

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Download (3.68 MB) - 306 downloads since 14/03/2010

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