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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » DukeMall, by Ryan Lennox
Map Name: DukeMall
Author: Ryan Lennox
Released: 19th June 2007
Rating: 90

Review by Kim Robinson on 26th June 2008

A very nicely done map with support for both SP and DM, and one which I unfortunately haven't had the chance to play in a real Dukematch. DukeMall is a large, extensive level requiring almost complete prior knowledge of the layout of the map - so if you DO want to use the 'big guns' in the mall itself in DM mode, it's probably wise to do a bit of peaceful exploring first ala single player mode. Playing with monsters on is, as the text file suggests, very much required to access the whole level, though as a result there's one particularly nasty bit where running for cover is by far the most intelligent option.

Despite initial appearances, it is possible to unlock every door - and some judicious problem solving will answer the question of just what the hell to do with those pipebombs once you get them (applicable to DM only), unless you just want to use them to set up traps for your opponents. Outside the mall itself (yes you can get there) is a little underdetailed in comparison with inside, but if you're running around dodging RPGs that really ought not matter.

The recently completed single player version of the map is almost like playing a different level, so if you've played it before it may well be worth checking out again. Gone is the pipebomb puzzle, in with the barricades and a newly renovated roof section which the aliens are just dying to get you to see. The beginning of the level also places you outside the mall, whereupon you work your way in, a complete inversion of the original DM version. In terms of design, the mall is now chopped up into sections and it's your job to navigate from one end to the other via the trusty, though convoluted duct system. Sounds painful, but it's been quite well done and isn't too confusing. After you've found your key card you've mostly exhausted the places in the mall to explore, so the map author has conveniently put in a monster trail for you to follow. Further fun and games ensue, till the big finale on the roof.

As previously stated it's a long level; it took me the better part of three quarters of an hour to explore it and eliminate every last scum sucking algae eater. The author has put a lot of hard work into this - enjoy.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 412.02 KB

Download: DukeMall (816)
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Title                   : DukeMall (SP)
Date Completed          : June 19th, 2008
Filename                : DUKEMALL.MAP
Author                  : Ryan Lennox
Email Address           : kid.amn3siac[at]gmail.com
Misc. Author Info       : A few nights ago a belt sander shredded off a chunk of my
index finger.
			  I'm really tired right now.

Other Levels		: Shrunken
Other Stuff        	: MYCON, and The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite

Description             :

The virtual enemies from a local arcade game "Earth Defense Forces" seem to have
found their way out of the game and into the real world! They have taken control of
the mall, and it's your job to take it back. Due to their video-game-based existence,
the enemies are anticipating the arrival of some sort of action hero, thus they've
set up a barricade and defense around the mall. In typical Duke Nukem fashion, you
aren't going to employ any pansy "stealth" tactics to find your way through their
barricade. Oh no. You're going to use your car. Once you find your way inside the
mall, these are your objectives:

1)Travel inside the source of the invasion (the EDF game machine) and eradicate the
bastards. You won't be able to get inside the game without their special key, which
is being protected by a group of troopers somewhere in the mall. Inside the game is a
switch which will unlock elevator access to the roof.

2)Find the elevator, and use it to get to the mall roof. Rumour has it that the
enemies are working on a spacecraft to prepare for their world invasion. Halt the
development of that spacecraft. You will have to drain all of the coolant tanks and
then nuke the reactor.

Additional Credits      : Forge (beta-tester)
			  Brody Lennox (beta-tester)
			  Hunter_Byte for fixing so many of my EDuke32 issues
			  Kim Robinson for hosting my files at DNR
			  Ken Silverman for Build/Polymost
			  Everyone responsible for the Windows ports
			  3DRealms for obvious reasons

* Play Information *

Single Player           : That would be the SP part of the title.
Cooperative 2-8 Player	: Implemented. Haven't tried it.
DukeMatch 2-8 Player    : No. But, DMCLOSED & DMOPENED are available for all your
multiplayer needs (see further below).
Difficulty Settings     : Oh yes. All 4 of them. Are YOU Damn Good?
Atomic Edition Required : Quite.

* Construction *

Base                    : The previous version of DUKEMALL (DMOPENED.MAP)
Build Time              : Almost a month on an inconsistent basis.
Editor(s) used          : A few different snapshots of Mapster32 (20080516, 20080530,
20080602, 20080611)

Title                   : DukeMall (Opened DM variation)
Date Completed          : June 19th, 2008
Filename                : DMOPENED.MAP
Author                  : Ryan Lennox


This is the DM-only "open" variation of DukeMall. This DukeMatch takes place prior to
the invasion. It is possible to unlock every area of this map, SO THERE IS NO NEED TO
CHEAT. You MUST play it with monsters enabled or else it will be impossible to access
the secret playable areas. This is a very large map. It has been designed to be a
sort of 'amorphous' DukeMatch level. Getting tired of fighting each other in the
mall? Temporarily join forces and challenge the EDF game. Then, if you're good at
problem solving, you can unlock the entire map and choose any area to battle.
Title                   : DukeMall (Closed DM variation)
Date Completed          : June 19th, 2008
Filename                : DMCLOSED.MAP
Author                  : Ryan Lennox


This is the DM-only "closed" variation of DukeMall. This DukeMatch takes place during
the invasion. Duke has kindly asked the aliens to step back inside their arcade game
momentarily, until the battle is over. The mall is barricaded and gated shut at
various points around the map. This is basically a mashup of the SP and DMOPENED
variations. The rest of the description is identical to the Opened DM variation
(monsters are REQUIRED to access the secret playable areas).


May Not Run With...     : (less than) < June 2nd/08 EDuke32 snapshot, < Duke Plus
1.7, and erm... old computers?

Known Bugs              :

-(SP ONLY) Just shoot the switches near the end. I have tried my best to make them
work by pressing when opened, and not work by pressing when closed. But due to the
way the engine functions, it just can't be perfect.

-(SP ONLY) I have heard that enemies are sometimes capable of unlocking the janitor
closet door (due to a clipping glitch).

-Small arms projectile (shotsparks) are cut short by random clipping errors outside.
These same clipping errors also affect the third person camera, pipebombs, and laser
tripbombs. Explosive projectiles are unaffected (fortunately), hence the devastator
is the first weapon you'll find. The reason this happens is because the bounding
sector is simply too large.

-The parking lot manhole has a minor and hilarious teleportation glitch affecting
enemies and miscellaneous sprites.

-Holding the crouch button in the vents will cause you to get "stuck" on the floor in
a few certain areas (this is due to buried vent grates that will rise later when the
layout shifts occur).

-You can crouch-clip through the barricade boxes in front of Movie World. This makes
absolutely no difference to gameplay.

Important Notes         :

-This level is not intended for use with the Hi-Res Pack (I have a SiS-sy graphics
card). I recommend playing without it (sprites will be misaligned, shading will be
off, etc).

-The mall roof was originally built at the proper height difference, but had to be
raised significantly due to an elevator transport bug in the game. While I'm on the
subject, the elevator can only be operated from within. Don't try activating it and
then running out the doors before it takes off. Pleading with it won't bring it back.
You should especially avoid this in the DM variations. If you kill yourself while
you're on the roof, you won't be able to bring the elevator back down to the mall,
and the only alternative routes to the roof are outside. Put simply, if you haven't
unlocked the mall entrance doors, and you've lost access to the elevator, you're
screwed. You'll have to restart if you're trying to unlock the doors.

-If you can make it to the spaceship, you're basically home free. The enemies haven't
learned how to deal with their own spinning walls yet. Squish!

-This map is a product of my own imagination. It was not inspired by any other maps,
and I did not steal anything from any other mapper. I give credit to Forge for
suggesting an idea which I have implemented.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Provided I receive my due credit, you are free to do what you like with it.

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