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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Glossary of Terms (largely incomplete)
You may be wondering why there'd be any need for a site glossary on a website such as this, but I've decided not to satisfy whatever curiosity you may have - that would simply spoil the fun. If on the other hand you don't give a rat's bum what I'm on about, you're more than welcome to take a flying leap find something more interesting to do. You are here to waste time, after all.

For those who are interested, the oddly placed hyperlinks strewn seemingly randomly about the site all point to somewhere on this page. It works wonderfully well and is sadly not open to ridicule. So without any further ado, here are some randomly assorted letters!

Note: the following letters have been arranged randomly. Should they appear in correct alphabetical order you must realise that this is a fluke of truly gigantic proportions, with an improbability factor of one in 4.033x10^26. Realise that this is so incredibly improbable that there is actually a greater chance of there being intelligent life somewhere in the Universe.


Advice: See under 'guidance'.

Apogee: /ap-uh-jee/ n. point in a celestial body's orbit when it is furthest from the body around which it is orbiting. Apogee is also the name of the software company that developed Duke 1 & 2, before mysteriously removing all traces of itself and leaving 3D Realms to produce all other Dukish games. Many believe that Apogee became 3D Realms, but this theory has been largely discarded due to lack of interest, funding information. Move on, this entry doesn't exist.

BobSP Inspired [insert]: The general label given to anything which resembles (or loosely follows) the BobSP style, that is; really bloody compact, resource/sector chewing and monstrously detailed. BobSP inspired automobiles for example are only two feet long and weigh three to four tons, depending on whether any BobSP inspired people are inside (such people are generally very short and complex enough to send Freud rolling in his grave). BobSP inspired Duke levels on the other hand take the engine to its limits and the architecture and effects are unnecessarily overcomplicated, and while this may look pretty to some it's not exactly in the spirit of Duke. It also severely restricts the size of levels, or at least it did before the JFDuke/EDuke32 ports increased the limits, but for all BobSP maps made prior to these ports they were generally very short. Bad notes aside, it does look very nice and is a welcome change at times.

Hall of Mirrors: this ghastly phenomenon usually occurs when something has gone awry, either the author of the level you're playing hasn't quite managed to pull off sectors over sectors properly, you've got art files missing or corrupt or you've gone and cheated and are walking about through walls and such. Needless to say, although Duke isn't known for losing his nerve and appears to quite enjoy the use of illicit drugs, seeing the Hall of Mirrors freaks the crap out of him. He wouldn't admit it, though.
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