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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Filler, by Aymeric Nocus (MRCK)
Map Name: Filler
Author: Aymeric Nocus (MRCK)
Released: 10th March 2005
Rating: 92

Review by Kim Robinson on 2nd August 2007

Filler is the latest mapping effort from Aymeric Nocus, it's an enormous city-styled map laden with detail, effects and eye candy - and is possibly his most colourful level yet. Gameplay is fun and fast-paced, there's plenty of enemy and ammo respawns littered about to keep things going, and the key hunts are somewhat adventurous. Some areas are inaccessible until you get some of the more explosive weapons, which is a nice gameplay feature. In short, get it. The replaced music suits the theme well, and while the level may be a little too colourful for some it's fun and certainly worth checking out.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 126.92 KB
Level includes: new music

Download: Filler (490)
Other releases by Aymeric Nocus (MRCK): Anarchy City 1, Anarchy City 1: Atomic Version, Anarchy City 2: Neighbourhood Nightmare, Anarchy City 3: Zero Tolerance, Clérey, Dark Side of the Moon, Downtown Ride, Duke Nukem Forever (Bottles to the Ground), Happy Hangover, Meatball Sub Makin, Mega-CGR, Notre-Dame des Aydes, Overtime, Rural Nightmare, Tours - Rives du Cher

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Mapping template:

Title                   : Filler
Date Finished           : March 9th, 2005
Filename                : Filler.map
Author                  : Aymeric 'MRCK' Nocus
Email Address           : aymeric-nocus[at]tele2.fr
MSN			: MRCK41[at]hotmail.com
Web page		: Coming soon :D (should mean the opposite to anyone out there knowing
			  me well enough to tell ^^)
Misc. Author Info       : 17-years-old skateboarder from France :P Plays the bass and
screams in
			  a crappy fucked punk-hardcore band with no drummer. Proudly owns the
			  shittiest PC ever. Has been playing Duke with the default keyboard
			  settings for centuries (on the 3D Realms / DNF timescale). Spams on
			  AMC, then blames Supa Sang for being a bad butterfly killer. Should
			  get a life, instead of writing it down.

Released maps by me	: Clerey 2.0
			  Notre-Dame des Aydes 2.0
			  Mega-CGR 2.0
			  Dark Side of the Moon
			  Anarchy City
			  Downtown Ride
			  Anarchy City 2
			  Anarchy City 3
			  MRCK's Spiegul map
			  CBP6 (project leader)
			  Rural Nightmare

			  You can grab them all from DN-R but my latest levels have been
		 	  reviewed on MSDN and AMC as well :)

Description             : Very colorful, Roch-inspired city map. Considering the
Dogville event
			  that happened a few months ago, I tried not to directly rip anything
			  from Roch but still, part of the credit goes to Pascal Rouaud. This map
			  has some nice innovations, you'll see :) There's lotsa cars,
			  nicely-designed buildings and plenty of action in a large gameplay
			  area. This map is likely to get a sequel one of those days.

			  The map is quite challenging the first time around (the way I like it),
			  but not frustratingly hard, really (when compared to my Spiegul map for
			  example). Just save often and everything will be OK :) I think Ive
			  balanced the gameplay pretty well this time.

			  The 'filler' name comes from the fact that I didnt put that much
		          effort into this map, I built it just for fun and decided to release
			  it... as filler, since it had been months since I last released
			  something :P And Minor Threat's Filler song just rocks. So I kept the
			  name ^^

			  Enjoy this kickass map :)

Additional Credits to   : Pascal Rouaud, for his amazing, very inspiring work. Ppl
tends to
			  forget he's the one who first started to build 3D-chairs, thin
			  spritework, etc. so I had to acknowledge him for that. Check out
		 	  his Roch map series (assuming you havent yet, and thus are either a
			  n00b, or a fool. Or both - then you're either a n00bish fool or a
			  foolish n00b... or both. Argh goddamnit)
			  Taivo Maripuu, for making some of the best maps out there, which tend
			  to inspire me quite a lot.
			  Merlijn 'Mrline' van Oostrum, for being a great bloke making great
			  maps :P
			  Ryan 'Quakis' Rouse, for finding two totally unnoticeable
			  sprite bugs only to have his name stated here ^^
			  Kim Robinson aka the Repository Bloke - without his support since the
		          beginning, this map would never have seen the light of the day. Check
			  out the Duke3D Repository http://www.bur.st/~duke3d/
			  Brett Gmoser, Jonah Bishop, Steffen Itterheim, Klaus Breuer for their
			  early Build FAQs - they taught me everything.
			  Flogging Molly, for rocking.
			  Everyone I forgot (I think).
			  Oh, and me, because without me none of this would have been possible :P
			  And last but not least - my girlfriend, for being the best.
* File info *

Sectors used 		: 0925 / 1024
Walls used		: 7665 / 8192
Sprites used		: 3017 / 4096
Keycards		: 5
Monsters		: 113
Map filesize    	: 405 Ko
Atomic Edition needed 	: Yes
Innovations		: Yep, there are some here and there. Also I reused that fake door
			  from my Rural Nightmare map, this time in a funny way. You'll see by
			  yourself :P

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Episode Shit, Level Fuck. Cmon, this is an user map.
Single Player           : Hell yes :P
Cooperative 2-8 Player	: Nope :P You're on your own hehe :>
DukeMatch 2-8 Player    : Nope :P
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented - who needs them ?
New Sounds              : None
New Music               : Yep, Fascination Street by The Cure. Downloaded it some
months ago when
			  looking for a suitable MIDI for Rural Nightmare.
New Graphics            : Nope - I dont like that kind of 'extra' stuff. I'd rather
stick with
			  the original Duke stuff and try to use it in new, fresh ways. I find it
			  more fun :)
New/changed CONs        : None :P
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from my ass. But fear not, it doesnt stink that
Build Time              : A month and a day
Editor(s) used          : Makemap
Known Bugs / Problems   : A couple sprite glitches, and some minor stuff here and
there you 
			  hopefully wont even notice. Nothing major, really. Oh yeah and some
			  newbeasts seem to be able to run through some particular walls. Odd.
			  No real effect on gameplay tho. I could have fixed that bug by fucking
			  with the walls but that would have been a little painful :P (pun).
May Not Run With...     : Carl Lewis :P

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. But they can
scope it under
Build to see how the new effects work.  
You MAY distribute this map, provided you include this file, with no modifications.
You may
distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
this file intact.
I'm at no fault if any of the files included in the ZIP file and / or the ZIP file
itself damage
your computer / data in any way. Don't worry I hardly see how that could be :P Just
in case.
You never know.
You MAY send me some feedback ^^ Just mail me at aymeric-nocus[at]tele2.fr and tell me
what you
liked / disliked in this level, etc. It would help me a lot and make my building
skills improve
even more :) Thanx in advance !

* Where to get this MAP file *

DN-R : http://www.bur.st/~duke3d/
MSDN : http://www.planetduke.com/msdn/
AMC  : http://www.planetduke.com/amc
No stupid joke involving a fake link this time, sorry.

* Important Information *

Installation           : 1) Install it.
Important Notes        : Dont waste your pipebombs once you've got them. You'll need
one in
			 the elevator shaft, otherwise you'll get stuck. We'll call this
			 'getting BlitZd' :P

Next maps by me        : Lotsa baby :P Ill remake some of my old maps (AC1-2-3,
Downtown Ride)
			 and then I might start working on Rural Nightmare 2. And Ill prolly
			 make a Filler 2 map one day as well. Hmm. Or maybe I'll never make
			 any of those, and some others instead. Argh. I really dont know. Fuck
		         you :P


Get a life :P

(something I should do as well)








Haha you've got too much time on your hands :P

But less than me because I spend more time typing that shit on my old lagging PC

than you reading the previously mentionned shit.

Aight now go away, go play the map or do something constructive :P You're wasting
your time here.


OK cyah :P


Can't you read ? I said [EoF]

And when I say [EoF]



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