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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » SS Observatory, by Fernando Márquez
Map Name: SS Observatory
Author: Fernando Márquez
Released: 20th February 2005
Rating: 90

Review by Kim Robinson on 2nd August 2007

A solid space station level from Fernando and the first map in his new Orbital Oblivion episode, SS Observatory'll remind you of the levels from Duke3D's Lunar Apocalypse - dark meandering corridors, important looking rooms full of buzzing equipment and of course the obligatory alien presence. The author brings his own creativity to the level as well, for although the docked space-shuttle is more or less identical to the one in E2L1, there's some great lighting, ambience and sector over sector stuff (underwater) to be seen. Gameplay is quite decent as well, you've got to find your way to the top of the space station through a series of button-pushing puzzles on lower decks - not entirely original but great fun nonetheless. Be sure to take a look at this goodie!

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d
Filesize: 43.75 KB
Level includes: new music, multiple difficulty settings

Download: SS Observatory (440)
Other releases by Fernando Márquez: Alien Fusion Tower, Alpha Core, Asteroid Stronghold, ClipArt Gallery, Cycling Perimeter, Damned Space Life, Dark Palm Hotel, FM2X: Orbital Oblivion, GnuStella Network, Intercommunication, Launch Center, Lonely Street, Lunar Crossroads, New York Rebellion, Optical Demounter, Sewer Confines, Skyscrapers, Spinning Rooms, Sweeney Slime Refinery, Sweeney Slime Refinery (Old), Terran Moonshaft, The Lava Reef, User Map, Viewport

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Mapping template:


Title                 : SS OBSERVATORY
Filename              : OBSERVAT.MAP
Author                : Fernando Márquez
E-mail                : cristomarquez[at]udec.cl
Web Page              : None
Misc. Author Info     : 18 years old student, played Duke since 1996
Other Levels          : Sweeney Slime Refinery	- SLIMEREF.MAP
			Dark Palm Hotel		- DARKPALM.MAP
			Lonely Street		- LONSTRET.MAP
			User Map		- USERMAP .MAP
			Sewer Confines		- SEWCONF .MAP
			Launch Center		- LAUNCHCT.MAP
			Damned Space Life	- DSL     .MAP
			The Lava Reef		- LAVAREEF.MAP

Introduction          : Orbital Oblivion; Level 1.
			Once again, these aliens bastards ruin Duke's
			vacation for good! They held captive women
			and made french fries for break time, but this
			is their second attempt to get control of the
			Earth, and within this space observatory as
			their first point of offensive tactics, there
			is no going back.
Description           :	Medium-sized space station with some control
			rooms, a huge observatory on the upper floor
			and two flying sentinels orbiting the


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : E2L1
Single Player          : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings    : Yes
Plutonium Pak Required : No
New Art                : No
New Music              : Yes
New Sound Effects      : No
New .CON Files         : No
Demos Replaced         : No


* Construction *

Base                   : New level from scratch
Level Editor(s) Used   : BUILD
Art Editor(s) Used     : None
Construction Time      : One and a half weeks
Known Bugs/Problems    : None


*Important Information*

Installation           : Copy OBSERVAT.MAP file into your Duke3d root
			 folder. Run SETUP, choose the Map File on
			 the User Maps option and launch as usual.
			 If played as a normal user map, rename
			 SPACEORC.MID to DETHTOLL.MID to play the

Important Notes        : This map may be distributed anywhere as long
			 the ZIP file where it came remains in it's
			 original version. Contact me at the
			 abovementioned e-mail address for more info.
			 Also, this map can be examined in it's
			 fullest and any replication of it in it's
			 entirity or partial is totally authorised,
			 although original copyright is still reserved
			 to my sole self.



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