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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » The Toxicity, by Maarten van Oostrum
Map Name: The Toxicity
Author: Maarten van Oostrum
Released: 4th June 2002
Rating: 96

Review by Kim Robinson on 12th August 2007

What a great map! Aliens have taken over a city and have set up residence, and of course as Duke it's your job to flush the bastards out. Only they've set up a few obstacles to slow you down. Gameplay is furiously good and the puzzles are very nicely put together - the restaurant bit is quite nice. Design is top-notch - just an all round awesome map. Take a look!

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 139.48 KB
Level includes: new music, new sounds, multiple difficulty settings

Download: The Toxicity (615)
Other releases by Maarten van Oostrum: Alien Planet X64-2, Another Big Base Attacked, MaaDM2, MaaDM: Temple of Death, Maads, The Big City

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Mapping template:

				       /	      \
				       |   Toxi city  |

title		: The Toxicity
Filename	: Toxicity.map (that's the simplest way, ins't?)

Author		: Maarten v. Oostrum (No, not "System of a down"!!)

E-mail adress	: g.vanoostrum[at]worldonline.nl or

Misc.Author Info: I'm Dutch, 14 year old, I do love listening to Metal.
		  Brother from Merlijn (from red2, red3 etc.)..And I love to play my own maps! :P 
Release Date	: 4-6-02

Other levels	: Maa2 (The big city), 
		  (you can't find this on site's, ask it me if you want this).
		  Maads (Maarten Desert)
		  and of course older unreleased maps :)
Web page	: www.f*ckyouIdonthaveawebsite.com :)

Future levels	: Maa3 will not come....but what the f*ck does it matter, I'm still
		  It can get a sequel, but i'm not sure since the Duke-dead is coming :( 
		  But I'm hoping to make an episode's from my last maps :)

Description 	: Nice, normal, and Quite huge city map with lots of action and other
shit :)
	          Also, much more sprite-works than in my previous level Maads
		  (for example, I have problems with the Sprite, 4096 srite's 8000 walls
		  and about 900 sectors). BTW:  Jerry mouse is in the city!
		  And he's hiding in one of the trashcans! So look out!! :P

Mission/plot	: See when you're playing :)
* Play information *

Episode and level    : Was it User Map?
Single Player        : Yupie, try it on your own :D
DukeMatch Level      : Yap, only outside :|
Cooperative Match    : Yes it isn't implemented (huh?) 
Difficulty Settings  : Sure, all four skills (more info see "extra info")
Atomic Pack Requied  : Like all me very very good and cool maps hehe (ahum ahum!)
New Art	             : No thanks :P
New Music	     : Yes!! From Nirvana (nice music, thnxs to Mikko Sandt) :P
New CON-Files	     : Nupes, Nopes, Nada
New Sounds	     : Not really, but it's funny to hear :)
Demos Replaced       : f*ck you, of course not. But there are record-cams, 
                       so if you want to make a demo.... No one stops you! :) 	 

* Construction *

Base		     : New level from hell  >)
Level editor(s) used : Worms 2
Art Editor(s) Used   : Wolfenstein :)
Construction time    : Very fucking long. (some times I was out of inspiration) >(
Known bugs/problems  : Sure, the alienz took over this place. And your mission is
		       to whipe out this problem :P	      		       	
* Were to get this MAP file *

File location	     : See "Maads.txt" file		     

* Thanks to *

-Ken Silverman 
-The creators of Half life have inpired me a bit. 
-Merlijn van Oostrum, for giving me tips & tricks 
-You, for Downloading and playing this map.
-Bob Averhill for the ladder idea 
-Pachal Rouaud ofcourse, without his levels this map probably wouldn't exist
-And the rest of the great-mappers (including me!!! :P)

And special thanks to my Beta-testers:		

of course,
Merlijn van Oostrum	:		Not yet (it Won't come).
Kevin Cools		:	        http://www.planetduke.com/kef 
Mikko Sandt		:		http://www.planetduke.com/msdn 
Nico Podevijn		:		http://www.duke-zone.tripod.com
Alejandro glavic	:		http://www.dukezone.homeip.net:8080/amc
Pascal Rouaud		:		(No site).
Sangluss (haegeman)     :        	http://www.home.worldonline.be/~dhaege
Thankz to ya all for wasting time on testing my map! :D

* Extra information *

-newbies should be playing on "piece of cake", I think "Let's rock" is too hard for
-Look out for damn traps and other things.
-"damn I'm good" (or type DNSKILL5) is a setting with full of boss1. try it, its
-Funny tips: try the house-bells of all houses and the mirrors in tha city
             travel with dnclip to places where you can't go without codes (wich I
always do) :)                
-Also included in this map, is duke-talk that wasn't used in the original
 version (I found it via duke-roch) In this map "Gonna get medieval on your asses"
is replaced by "your pissing me off" :|
-Do you like this map?? Well if you enjoy this, PLEASE mail me and tell what you 
 think of the design, detais, gameplay etc. it's very welcome!!.
 It might improve my buiding-skills a bit 

* Important information *

Of course you MAY put this level on your site IF you tell me via e-mail.
and you MAY NOT copy things from my maps,
You MAY NOT spread this MAP under another name and/or without 
this TXT-file..........

how to start this map:
go to setup, smartass!!!!
If you see bugs, or you have any questions about this level? please mail me with the
above this txt file.		

"Eating seeds as a past time activity... The toxicity of our 
city, of our city.."
-System of a down, "toxicity"- :D  


Secret txt: go back up, there's nothing to see here! :)				

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