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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Alien Planet X64-2, by Maarten van Oostrum
Map Name: Alien Planet X64-2
Author: Maarten van Oostrum
Released: 1st May 2003
Rating: 96

Review by Kim Robinson on 12th August 2007

A duke level with a radical departure from the more usual themes, X64-2 is a very well textured, extremely well layed out map based on some alien world. This 'Xen-type' level has rather good gameplay and some great effects - enemies aren't too difficult to overcome and some of the big buggers can be avoided entirely. Plenty of atmosphere, sounds and such make this well worth the download.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 129.60 KB
Level includes: multiple difficulty settings

Download: Alien Planet X64-2 (560)
Other releases by Maarten van Oostrum: Another Big Base Attacked, MaaDM2, MaaDM: Temple of Death, Maads, The Big City, The Toxicity

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Mapping template:


title		: Alien Planet X64-2
Filename	: X64-2.map :-)
Author		: Maarten v. Oostrum
E-mail adress	: oostrum_maarten[at]hotmail.com
Misc.Author Info: (I think you don't wanna know, but ok.) :)
		  I'm Dutch, 15 year old, Metal fan.
		  Brother from Merlijn (or Mrline, whateva) ;-)
Release Date	: 1-5-03

Other levels	: Maa2 (The big city)
		  MaaDM (you can't find this on site's, ask it me if you want this).
		  Maads (Maarten Desert)
		  MaaDM: Temple of Death
		  and of course older unreleased maps :)
Web page	: www.fuckyouimtoolazyforthisshitsoidonthaveone.com (HEH???)

Future levels	: Suprise suprise... :D 
Description 	: This time I made somethin' different then the most duke-levels :)
		  No alien-spaceship..but....an alien-planet! :D I did this cuz it's
		  finally something else then all those "normal" hi-tech levels etc.
		  I hope you like it, cuz it also looks really different (and that's one of
		  the reasons why the constrution time is so long :|)
		  This map also includes some scary things, like the well-known map red3.
		  But still there is quite much action with those alien bastards :P (over 100)
		  (Remember: much ememies would be logical: It's the alien home-planet :P)
		  Well take a look and have some fun :)
Mission/plot	: Plot: after the aliens captured you (end of toxicity)
		  the take you with them to their home-planet to torture you! :D 	
		  *** Read the other txt-file 4 da complete story, thnx :D ***
* Play information *

Episode and level    : Do thinking about it :P
Single Player        : YAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! :D
DukeMatch Level      : Try it (I mean yes :)). But I can understand if the gameplay
sux then :)
Cooperative Match    : No again.
Difficulty Settings  : Of course. DUH! :)
Atomic Pack Requied  : Look: Y-E-S
New Art	             : No thanks :P
New Music	     : Not realy...it's from E2L4 (fusion station) from djoekie
New CON-Files	     : Nah :|
New Sounds	     : Nej
Demos Replaced       : F*ck you I'm not crrazy (record cams are there of course,
		       so if u make a demo... ;))

* Construction *

Base		     : New level from planet Maarten (??)  >)
Level editor(s) used : wasn't it something with "B" ? 
Art Editor(s) Used   : Don't have new art you **BEEP** :P
Construction time    : This time extemly too long :( (almost a year %#&~*^**`![at]%^*)
Known bugs/problems  : The aliens can speak english! But serious, dunno :P 		      
		       Oh and the txt on the end (we're gonna fry your ass) doesn't really
                       belong there...
		       Second, the game may crash sometimes, so plz save often :)
* Were to get this MAP file *

File location	     : Planet earth :P 

* Thanks to *

-Ken Silverman (well duh)
-The creators of Half life and Unreal have inspired me alot. You'll see 
-Merlijn van Oostrum, for giving me tips & tricks, and with his Red3, wich is
inspired me 
-You, for Downloading this map.
-Bob Averhill for the key card effect (however, it's not exactly the same...well,
you'll see :))
-My friends for giving me support :D 
-Me, for creating thiz realy peace of art work :P
-And the rest of the great-mappers and duke-fans out of here (including me!!! :P)

(pfft!! this is a way too long list! :P)

And special thanks to my Beta-testers:		

of course,
Merlijn van Oostrum
Kevin Cools
Mikko Sandt
Alejandro glavic	
William Gee
Sangluss (haegeman) 
Stephano Lessa
Thankz to ya all for wasting time on testing my map! :D 

* Extra information *

!-Look out for damn traps and other things (and this time I MEAN it! :P), or in 
 other words: SAVE OFTEN!!!!!!!!! Cuz the gameplay seems to be quite hard :)
!-It's better to play it in a dark room, cuz this map is somethime pretty dark.
-Coments about this map are welcome, I realy like to know what you think about my
work ;-) 

* Important information *

Of course you MAY put this level on your site IF you tell me via e-mail.
and you MAY NOT copy things from my maps,
You MAY NOT spread this MAP under another name and/or without 
this TXT-file, understand???? Fine.
-AND if I see you using any of my ideas without giving me credits, I'll hunt you
 I'll grab you and I'll tear your fucking eyes ou... 
  ....oh sorry, got carried away :P

Better for you to agree with thiz :)

how to start this map:
Man, you're dumb if you don't know it yet -_-
go to setup, user select... 

*** Oh, and a very important thingey before your play this map: HAVE FUN!! ***

"Death's design blood splattered wall
Face melting one vicious whore
Twisting figures
Drown your mind in pain"

- God send death, Slayer -  


Secret txt: go back up, there's nothing to see here! :) 

Or well, expect this txt :P

                             Hey! Go, and play this shitty map!

Thiz isn't funny anymore......

Now you should really stop, wise guy!


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