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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Another Big Base Attacked, by Maarten van Oostrum
Map Name: Another Big Base Attacked
Author: Maarten van Oostrum
Released: 4th April 2005
Rating: 98

Review by Fernando Márquez on 12th August 2007

This is what we expect from Maarten's latest level, excellent designed level with kick-ass gameplay. Everything in the level is pretty well done and placed, very nice ideas and the marvelous gameplay highlights (as well as some sector effectors) are really outstanding. Apart from the fact that it gets a bit hard sometimes, it is a granted adventure you surely can't miss for nearly thirty minutes. A definite star map; get it now!

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 716.70 KB
Level includes: new music, new sounds, multiple difficulty settings

Download: Another Big Base Attacked (823)
Other releases by Maarten van Oostrum: Alien Planet X64-2, MaaDM2, MaaDM: Temple of Death, Maads, The Big City, The Toxicity

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Mapping template:



This map is made for CLASSIC MODE, NOT for JONOF IN POLYMOST. The map doesn't look 
that well here and there if you do so. Especially with HI-RES textures.
MAYBE I'll make a jonof version, since their was many stuff scraped in this classic 
version (of course you won't miss them :P). But we'll see.


Mama mia, here we go again!!11

title		: Another Big Base Attacked
Filename	: ABBA.map >)
Author		: Maarten v. Oostrum
E-mail adress	: oostrum_maarten[at]hotmail.com
Misc.Author Info: I'm Dutch, 17 year old, loves music (mostly rock/metal and other
 		  I still love to creat levels with this build editor but it seems I'm quite
		  lazy or not in the mood to build these days. At least for this map :)
Release Date	: 4-4-2005
		  this map was delayed for more then one year.

Other levels	: Maa2 (The big city, not so good)
		  MaaDM2 (MAADM was never released).
		  Maads (Maarten Desert)
		  MaaDM: Temple of Death
		  Alien Planet X64-2 (I guess this is my most well-known map).
		  !dm-maa (for dukeweb contest, wasn't really a map tho).
		  And many un-finished and old crap maps which never released :)

		  Maps with other people, where I took a part in:
 		  OGBB (made with William and Merlijn)
		  Supa3 (with Sangluss and Merlijn).
		  CBP2, CBP4 and CBP5 (made with the community :P)
Web page	: AMC, DNR and MSDN is fine, no?

Future levels	: We'll see. I've still lots of cool stuff in my mind to build :P
Description 	: New Hi-tech level for u all! :D Theme is a nice cosey base in snow.
		  It's a sort of sequel on X64-2. A whole story happened (read other
		  txt-file for the story, which makes the feeling of the map much better),
		  and a whole story IS going on when you're playing. Those aliens also block
		  your way as much as possible, so they are trying to kill you (how rude!).
                  You'll find lots of info and help via viewscreen(s), and from
people who are 
		  talking to you(!). Good luck, it won't be easy!
		  Play tha map and have some fun! :)

Files included	: ABBA.map, ABBA.txt, ABBA-story.txt, dethtoll.mid, bookem03.voc,
		  termin01.voc, con03.voc

		  Plz extract *everything*. Those .voc files are a must for the map.  
Mission/plot	: Evil aliens attacked precious base, you have to solve this problem
mwuaha :D	
		  *** Plz, read the other txt file 4 tha whole story of the map :) ***
* Play information *

Episode and level    : It's a sort kind of "sequel" to X64-2 :P Read story.
Single Player        : Yeah!
DukeMatch Level      : Yes (more info below).
Cooperative Match    : Yes. But not tested.
Difficulty Settings  : Yes, all of 'em.
Atomic Pack Requied  : As always, yes. 
Ports required	     : None (again, play this map on CLASSIC MODE!)
New Art	             : No.
New Music	     : Yep. Comes from a song called "tier" by Rammstein. Fits very good.
New CON-Files	     : Nope.
New Sounds	     : Yes! 4 new vocs. It's a must.
Demos Replaced       : No, but there are Record cams :D So record one damnit :P

* Construction *

Base		     : In snow with rocks :P
Level editor(s) used : Makemap (thanks to William for giving it).
Art Editor(s) Used   : It's hard to use an Art Editor if I haven't used any new art!
Construction time    : Shall I dare to say it? Almost two motherfucking years :[at] :'(
Known bugs/problems  : Hopefully none. Just some spritework bugs but thats it :)
		       New vocs might be a bit hard to understand at times, becouse
		       I recorded it with a crappy headset and english ain't my native
		       No serious bugs anyway, so who cares :P
* Were to get this MAP file *

File location	     : Duke told me you can find this level on the Alien PLanet X64-2.
		       If you don't find it there, maybe you should try the world wide web :P

How to start this map: A: In your Duke dir.
		       Q: Yes, but what to do after clicking on my duke dir??
		       A: Start the map of course ;)
		       Q: ....

* Thanks to *

-Merlijn (my bro) for giving lots of tips, tricks and feedback :) Thanks alot! :D
-You, since you downloaded this crap :P
-Me, for creating thiz realy peace of art work :P (EGO ALERT! DZZT! DZZT! DZZT!)
-Alejandro, William and Pascal...these guys made very cool maps which inspired me 4
 design/spriteworks and things like that :) But I didn't rip off.
-Zaxtor for the 3d sprite idea (but I used it in a other way then he did in Alien
West Train).
-The cool duke forums (AMC, DNR etc.)+ the rest of the great-mappers and duke-fans
out of here.
-The cool bands like System Of A Down, Audioslave, Rammstein, Metallica, Red hot
chilli peppers,
 Slipknots last masterpiece CD, called vol. 3, Disturbed etc. I listened to them
while I was

(long list eh? Pffft..I need a break)

And special thanks to my Beta-testers:		

Merlijn van Oostrum
Shrinkduke / Alex Pistol
William Gee
Mikko Sandt

Thanks alot guys! With ur tips the map actually improved a bit more.

* Extra information * (!- = important)

!-WARNING!!!: The map comes with some un expected suprises :) So it's smart to
  play a bit carefull and save often ;-) I'm sure you won't survive it for first time
  saving the game. In fact it's realistic, you can't just jump and walk around
happily like a 
  dancing queen and shoot some alien asses without meeting your Waterloo. :P

!-Following the story (read the viewscreens!), it raises immersion a lot. So read it!
 Also another thing: New .voc files are added, plz *ADD* it in ur duke, cuz it's
 for the map, you'll see (or rather hear) :) 
 And of course, don't forget to read the other txt file with story.

-Yes, you can play coop & DM. DM will take a part by the WSYC-place inside, and
 For the orginal start, is obivous what to do. Recommed to play with 5 people
(included you).
 As for coop, it isn't tested, but I guess it should work fine.

-If you want this map harder just play on come get some: the gameplay is alot more
 gameplay, and it's very fun to play :)
 Oh, and peace of cake is for the tourists/whimps/n00bs/supasangs.

-Comments about this map are welcome, I realy like to know what you think about my

* Important information *

I don't care what you do with the map :) BUT!...
Don't steal anything without giving credits, don't use this map as base for your own
don't spread this map under another name, DON'T release this map with changing the
text file/map.
so let the zip file stay as it is and, don't steal anything without giving credits,
don't use
this map as base for your own map, don't spread this map under another name, DON'T
release this 
map with changing the text file/map. and let the zip file stay as it is and don't
steal anything 
without giving credits, don't use this map as base for your own map, don't spread
this map under 
another name, DON'T release this map with changing the text file/map. And let the zip
file stay 
as it is and ... (balbalbla).

...Still reading this crappy txt file? :P Go play the map man!




                                    Far, far away deeeeeeeppp below pompiedomdamdam

Secet txt: U're bored or something? :P Allright, here you have some funny "smilleys"

Some weird guy:
/ O        o   \
|              |
|      *       |
| .          . |
| ###.....###  |
|  #########   |


   |   |   |
     |   |
   /        \
  /          \
 /    100 kg  \
/              \

    Gnar! SUPA!
     O o


..oh, nevermind, he abandonned this place :(



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