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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Aquatic Hive, by Devastator
Map Name: Aquatic Hive
Author: Devastator
Released: 16th October 2004
Rating: 94

Review by Kim Robinson on 3rd August 2007

The latest map from Devastator, surely the biggest, baddest alien hive you'll ever come across. Your mission is basically to wreak as much havoc as humanly possible in a totally interactive, alien environment - sounds easy, but the local population may well start up petitions. Level design is brilliant, gameplay rocks and it's mostly pretty clear where you have to go. Puzzles are quite logical and there's only a few really annoying combinational locks. My only major gripe was the 'Too many sprites spawned' error which dumps the player back to the desktop all too frequently - though there's a few handy tips in the readme for circumventing this. With three different exits there's plenty of replay value, so get in there and get your arse kicked have fun!

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 143.40 KB
Level includes: new ART, new music, multiple difficulty settings

Download: Aquatic Hive (438)
Other releases by Devastator: Alien 4: Resurrection, Alien Planet, Alien Space Station, Dawn in Arctic, Demolition, How Many Ways Can You Die, How Many Ways Can You Die 2, How Many Ways Can You Die 3, Jade Base, Mind Storm, Space Vessel, Total Infiltration, Transport 2, Two Towers

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Mapping template:


Title                 : Aquatic Hive
Filename              : HydrHive.map
Author                : Devastator
E-mail                : zheka_XX[at]TUT.by
Web Page              : absent  ( "Absent" -- really SHOCKING drink :))
Misc. Author Info     : NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!
Other Levels          : 'famous' Space Vessel, Two Towers, HMWCYD, Maps  from "Total
Infiltration" episode ... totlly about 12+1

Description           : A hive map w/ about 1000 explosions about 400 SE ( i dunno if
it tells something to you ) AND ALL LIMIS SPEND 8-D
Oh shit... yeah.. I DID IT!! YAY! YEAAAAAH!! AND PERHAPS THE BIGGEST (in filesize :)
)MAP! not sure but it's bigger than roch8 and roch8 is biggest map i've seeen before,
if there's bigger, please tell me via e-mail.

copy everyting in duke dir and run .bat file
·sometimes it can kick you out telling that too many sprites spawned and here are
advices to avoid this:
1. DO NOT blow up first hive until you have no blue card, and be sure to save before
it. ( go left when you are arrived to reach hive ) try blowing up some eggs and only
then these exploding barrels.
2. DO NOT blow up the reactor if first hive isn't blown up!
4. for the last case if it seems totally screwed -- you don't have to blow up
anything except reactor and most upper level of Spire (you press button and 2 yellow
barrels appear from the floor, blow up them to fing yellow key later. )

· Map has 3 differrnt exits:
-Kick da Queen
-fight a legion of ocrtabrains and escape on Fish-like alien ship 
-Blow up submarine's reactor, and then escape in portal ( go down in area w/ hanging
newbeasts )

*** builder notes ***
you may skip this part, no valuable info here...

  ... poor fish.. i tried so hard to make able player look throug its eyes, and did
it unbuggy.. but in the end i discovered that i made something wrong and it is
completely buggy outside ( see in build for detail )...
  I tried to kick out 7 computers in starcraft, playing for Zerg and i noticed such
structures like Lair and Spire and told myself " Why they are not in build yet?" and
now they are! spire -- that spining structure outside Lair -- area just before queen
  Perfect Circullar structure looks much more better than made by hands, and it
really is.
  if you place more than 4096 sprites build will probably hang
  same goes for other limits
  look into periscope in the beginning i find this "movie" cool
*** end of builder notes *** 

Additional Credits To : Rewiever giving more life to my map.
also Mikko Sandt for finding out some bugs.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : maybe e4l10
Single Player          : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : oh... i have no sprites left, soory,,
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Haven't i already told ya?
Difficulty Settings    : yes, i have enough tags left to bring them to you :)
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes, of course, or you'll see only half of the map :P
New Art                : Yes, two texts for beginning.
New Music              : and yes and no
New Sound Effects      : no
New .CON Files         : no
Demos Replaced         : N


* Construction *

Base                   : New level from scratch
Level Editor(s) Used   : MAPSTER and Atomic Build
Art Editor(s) Used     : Gl_editart
Construction Time      : Idea of map was in my mind for years, and only in last 2
month i completed structure of map ( in my mind ) andreleased it to world now!! 


*Important Information*
Important Notes        : 
I allow to use new ideas and inventions which are implemented in this map until you
give credit to me, the original author. I don't allow to use things from my maps in
ANY cases.


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