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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Overkill, by James Duncan
Map Name: Overkill
Author: James Duncan
Released: 7th May 1998
Rating: 94

Review by Kim Robinson on 2nd August 2007

A fun, fast-paced level set in a nuclear facility with more action, explosions and monsters than you could poke a comfortably sized stick at. Gameplay is pretty intense, you'll spend a lot of time blowing the crap out of walls and enemy troopers while looking for keys - just keep your bigger guns in reserve til the end. Design, layout - both top notch. Check it out.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 60.86 KB

Download: Overkill (415)
Other releases by James Duncan: Area51, Big Orbit, Condemed, Hostile Waters

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Mapping template:

DN3D dukematch level - OVERKILL version 2.x
Title           :Overkill
Filename        :overkill.map
Author          :James Duncan
Webpage         :http://www.epadeam.demon.co.uk
E-mail          :JimmyD[at]epadeam.demon.co.uk
Base            :New level from scratch
Solo/Co-op      :Wake up, this is dukematch!

About Overkill  :This level has had a number of different forms, originaly
                 designed as a dukematch level on a 486 for Duke3d v1.3D. 
                 The first version was called Meltdown and has the same
                 layout and features as Overkill, since Overkill is a 
                 re-vamped version of meltdown, with the exeption of added
                 tiles from the Plutonium Pak (Duke3d V1.5) and shit loads
                 more explosions to add to the adrenalin rush. 
                 Alot of time went into testing the level to see where 
                 RPG fights mostly occured, enabling me to place loads of 
                 exploding walls to go off when a stray rocket hits.  
                 Another cool thing is that after about 10 mins of play, 
                 the level is full of holes and has gone from looking
                 like a clean sort of place to a war zone... ha ha!

                 The weapon placement is simple, this is one RPG and one 
                 Devestator each located at a distance from the other. There 
                 is a strong hold (armory) containing bombs and rocket ammo, 
                 enter with care, there is only one way in and two ways out,
                 one of which can be easily booby trapped.  I've had games 
                 where the players try despratly to get in and there is always
                 some bastard guarding the door. 

                 There are plenty of sniper points, mainly overlooking an 
                 important location, ie the RPG, which is on the roof, a player
                 going for the RPG can get wiped out by other players in three
                 places overlooking that weapon.  The armory has a number of 
                 potential assassination points, and players entering the 
                 underwater tunnels can get wacked by other players sending 
                 rockets down them.

                 Sounds Good, 
                 blow the crap out of everything! 
                 get blown up!
                 take yer mates down Nukem style!
Also look for   :Meltdown - Like overkill but good for 486s with Duke 1.3d
                 Takedown - The third variation of overkill 
                 DMC_V1   - Duke match centre - huge level based upon
                            a local lesure center, great for more than 2
                            players and destruction of Council Property!
                                   *** Recreation at its best ***
                 Alcatraz - Fight your friends on the batlements of this
                            island prison complex, ooh, thats gota hurt!
                 The_Rock - Solo/Co-op version of Alcatraz, great fun!
                 Bigorbit - Calling all Trekies, based upon a federaton
                            style starship, fight your way through the
                            various areas of this very details level, even
                            if you hate star trek, its a good one.
                 Scumcity - Solo/Co-op in a huge (and I mean huge) scum
                            infested city.
                 Area_51  - Solo/Co-op in the US Governments secrect base,
                            including alien ship and loads of other stuff!


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