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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Double Space, by Unknown Author
Map Name: Double Space
Author: Unknown Author
Released: 17th April 1999
Rating: 85

Review by Fernando Márquez on 7th March 2008

An old level dug out from the old archives and placed in the anonymous section. Double Space is set in a small tech base which is familiarised with the overlapping sector concept found on Tier Drops. Design is basic with noticeable flaws and gameplay is bound to be moderately short, since the map offers only two overlapping sectors but it's still great fun for the evening. Download it now!

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: DM
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d
Filesize: 26.30 KB

Download: Double Space (155)
Other releases by Unknown Author: 8-ball, CityPit, Cosik, E1L10: Mystery Level 2, E1L9: Mystery Level 1, Freehell, HCR, Krachtest, Library, Mansion!, Scum City 2

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Mapping template:


Title                 : Double Space
Filename              : DBLSPACE.map
Author                : Unknown ( Text file written by Samuel )
E-mail                : Who knows....
Web Page              : I've got no idea
Misc. Author Info     : How should I know ?
Other Levels          : I don't know

Description           : A moderately sized dukematch level with the style of Tier
                        It doesn't have the holes but it uses overlapping sectors for
                        of the two environments in the middle of the map. That's
                        it's got two rooms instead of four like the original Tier
                        Each player starts in their own little room and must come out
                        play. Theres only a button from the inside, so staying their
                        make it that you have no part in the fight. There are some
                        to shoot, but there's no nuke button or ending sector. I
guess if 
                        you turn monsters on, it will be a better fight. That was
                        the idea. How about Damn I'm Good for respawns. 

Additional Credits To : Hey, if you have played Red Alert 2, I'm not a guy like

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : User Map
Single Player          : No ( But there are aliens )
DukeMatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Cooperative Player     : No
Difficulty Settings    : Not implemented
Plutonium Pak Required : No
New Art                : No
New Music              : No
New Sound Effects      : No
New .CON Files         : No
Demos Replaced         : No


* Construction *

Base                   : New level from scratch.( I reckon ) Based on Tier Drops.
Level Editor(s) Used   : BUILD
Art Editor(s) Used     : None
Construction Time      : I have no idea
Known Bugs/Problems    : None


*Important Information*

Installation           : You should know.

Important Notes        : I don't know who made this. Like the FREEHELL.map I
                         this is from the Bug Teams Dukepage. I don't know how many
                         positions are in this map, sorry.



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