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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » BobDM2, by Bob Averill
Map Name: BobDM2
Author: Bob Averill
Released: 28th February 2001
Rating: 90

Review by Kim Robinson on 31st July 2007

This appropriately named sequel to BobDM1 takes place in a reasonably small arena with no real hiding spots and plenty of ammo to keep you going. Visually it looks very good and there's a couple of neat (and strategic!) effects thrown in as well. We've seen better from Bob (grin) but it's still a damn good map.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: DM
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d
Filesize: 50.79 KB
Level includes: new music

Download: BobDM2 (243)
Other releases by Bob Averill: BobDM1, Bobsp1: Foreboding, Bobsp2: Paranoia, Bobsp3: Fuel for Vengeance, BobSPX, Halflife Frenzy, Morpheus

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Mapping template:

The LAZER'S BEAM User Map ENHANCED Authoring Template v3.0
Level  :  "BOBDM2: Come out and play"    *****Plutonium/Atomic required********
File Name  :  bobdm2.zip
Included Files  : bobdm2.map, dethtoll.mid, bobdm2.doc
Version Number  :  ....eh??
Difficulty: Play against Wolly? Easy. Play against me? Forget about it! :-)
Date Released  :  3-1-2001
Author  : Bob Averill                                                                
Resume  :  Made Bobsp series for Duke3d, soon to be for DNF as well.
Gaming Service  :  Kali
Gaming Service Screen Name  : Rambozo
E-mail Address  :  bobaverill[at]hotmail.com
Story  :  On the tram ride between Bobsp2 and Bobsp3, Duke Nukem falls asleep (He's
been fighting monsters and repairing nuclear equiptment all night! Cut the big guy
some slack!)  He dreams of a magnificent bachelor pad on a tiny island belonging to a
close friend, "Bob Averill".  He dreams he's borrowed it for the weekend and was
going to meet Lani there, but when he tried to front door of the mansion, it was
locked, and he heard naughty noises from within. Not just ANY noises, but himself,
and Lani! Duke stood, puzzled, for a moment, wondering if maybe the reptoids had
cloned him. 

	"Maybe it's like that six days movie with that shortsandegger guy who thinks he's
me....but how could they have had a chance ot do it when I was kicking ass and
destroying their fleet?"    His pondering is cut short when an RPG projectile
collides with his back, reducing him to a damp red cloud of mist.   In a painful
flash of light, Duke finds himself about twenty feet away, and very much alive. "What
the fucking hell just happened?? Duke asked himself.   He looked where he had been,
and there, standing over the remains of his "old" body, was another Duke, just like
him.  It turned, glared, and said "I don't know if this is some kind of reptoid
trick, but I'm going to kill ALL of you impostor clones!!"     

	"ME a clone??" Duke said, "It's you who are the impostor!"   The copy of himself
looked shocked and angry, hesitating long enough for Duke to pump it full of bullets.
Knowing that if he had reappeared, so would the other Duke, He gathered weapons and
fought it out with the other him.  He died death after death, but gave as good as he
got, reducing his opponent to meat chunks on many occasions.  

	Suddenly, as suddenly as the dream had begun, it ended. Duke woke up in the still
moving Tram, sore from lying on the hard metal floor,  fully remembering his strange
dream.  "It's just like that dream I had in that gothic temple where I kept killing
clones of me....maybe I need a shrink" Duke thought.  "Yes....a lady shrink....with
legs up to her face, and breasts the size of beachballs..." And with those thoughts,
Duke indulged in yet another daydream while the Tram travelled on towards his next
great battle.

* Play Information *

This is, as the name suggests, a deathmatch map, but also quite small.
I'd say it's ideally suited for a maximum of two players. It's loosely based on a
small cabin on Lake vermillion I stay at each Summer.  As with all my maps, it's
really rather detailed, so I wouldn't recommend running it on low end computers if
you value framerate.

Episode and Level #  :  Am I mapping for DooM? Nope? I thought not.
Single Player  :  Hahaha, It's called "BobDM2", you 'tard!
DukeMatch Level  :  Yes, obviously
Team Play  :  What's that?  Some sort of kinky new position?

* Construction *

Base  :  Built upon a map also by myself that I had on the harddrive but never
bothered to finish until now.
Editor(s) used  :  Super happy wacky-midget-powered Donut Surprise Editor EX12.   Or
BUILD, I can't remember which. 
Known Bugs  :  You can see architecture in and out of the water, but not other
players or any other active sprites.  At least this means you can still hide in the
water, while it looks pretty coz it's clear. 

	Please don't rip off my map, or I'll rip off something of yours.  Get my meaning?

* Where to get this MAP file *

WWW sites  :  planetduke, nukeleated, and Dukeinc, among others.


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