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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » The Duke Nukem Aquatic Museum (Fetusboy), by Gabe Sheets
Map Name: The Duke Nukem Aquatic Museum (Fetusboy)
Author: Gabe Sheets
Released: 13th January 1997
Rating: 86

Review by Kim Robinson on 3rd August 2007

An aging map but one that's still thoroughly enjoyable, The Duke Nukem Aquatic Museum takes place in exactly that - a giant leisure complex designed to accommodate various forms of aquatic life. However, for various reasons outlined in the text file the place has become home to a host of aliens, all bent on scaring away visitors. As usual it's your job to flush 'em out. Gameplay is pretty decent, it's not just a straight key run - there's a set of puzzles to solve, lots of areas to explore and spawning baddies to kill. Considering this is Gabe's first map, design and architecture is very well done - detail is pretty standard and oversizing isn't really an issue. All in all a good map, be sure to take a gander.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 107.80 KB

Download: The Duke Nukem Aquatic Museum (Fetusboy) (333)
Other releases by Gabe Sheets: Homeworld

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Mapping template:

Title                 : The Duke Nukem Aquatic Museum (Fetusboy is just a catchy
Author                : Gabe Sheets
E-mail                : sheets[at]mail.utexas.edu
Web Page              : N/A

Description (long version): Well, as we all know, Duke LOVES fish.  So, of course,
after saving the world he donated a huge sum of money to create a museum
named after him and dedicated to marine wildlife.  Soon after its completion,
however, the head marine biologist went mad and concocted a perverse scheme
to engineer the next alien invasion using the museum as its headquarters.
Duke, on one of his routine visits to the museum was flying in his personal
helicopter when he suddenly came under heavy fire from below, and was shot 
down.  Once again, Duke finds himself facing hordes of aliens with just a pistol
and some attitude.  The vangaurd forces of the alien invasion have taken over
Duke's beloved museum.  They've kidnapped some chicks, forced the museum
employees to hang themselves, and tortured all the cute little dolphins (Duke
loves dolphins).  It's up to you to clear the place out before the main attack
force arrives.
            (short version, sort of):The basic idea of this level is that
there are lots of tanks (aquariums) on the first level that you can dive
in to when you get up to the second floor.  From there you can look out
onto the goings-on of the first floor.  The whole thing is complexly
interconnected and the final areas of the map are unlike anything I have
seen in any of the hundreds of maps I've played.  This is my first level,
and I did do some things a bit clumsily, but don't let that affect your
decision to press that big glowing download button!  Have some mercy on me.
I'll do better next time.  Thanks.  Also, due to the overlapping, monsters
will "see" you from areas that you're not actually in.  This means that they 
move around the level unpredictably.  Each time you play this map, it will be
a whole new experience.     

Additional Credits to : Thanks to Brett Gmoser whose faq assisted me in
learning how to do this crazy stuff.  Thanks to 3drealms for creating
the coolest character in video game history and giving me the opportunity
to create new worlds for him to explore.  Thanks to my friend Chris R. for 
play-testing and offering suggestions.  Thanks to everyone who downloads 
this.  Thanks to Elite games and all the other cool Duke3d sites.  Thanks to
anyone who's still reading this.  You're so patient.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #   : N/A
Single Player         : Yes 
DukeMatch Level       : Yes
Co-op                 : Yes
Difficulty Settings   : Not implemented (maybe next time)

* Construction *

Base                  : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used        : I used Legos and Play-doh.  Cool, eh?
Build Time	      : Worked on it day and night for two months (mostly night)	
Known Bugs            : -The first and major bug is that when you play this
level single player, certain sectors cause bad slow-down.  Maybe it won't 
be such a problem for you guys with huge amounts of memory and super-fast 
processers.  I have a P-120 with 24 megs, and it was still problematic.  
I tried to tone it down as much as I could, but there are certain sectors where 
it's still pretty bad.  I imagine that playing it Co-op would be horrendous.
Of course, once you clear out the level, it's not a problem anymore.
			-Sometimes, when you shoot the hanging suit-guys
they don't explode.  Instead, you can keep shooting them for awhile and
whatever is set to spawn from them keeps popping out.  It's weird.
			-Sometimes, you'll be walking along, usually upstairs 
or in the vents, and all of a sudden it will be like one of the slimes is
chewing on your face, but it's not actually there.  All you have to do is 
shoot and it will die like usual.  This is because of the clumsy way I 
overlapped many areas.  Sorry.
			-I've noticed that sometimes monsters will disappear
for no apparent reason.  I don't know, man.  It's weird.
			-This is a bug inherent in the system: monsters can
hurt you through glass.  In the actual game, they bypassed this by making the
glass walls thick enough so that their attacks could not reach you.  Well,
I didn't do that in all cases.
			-The Octabrains will actually squeeze through the glass
in some areas.
			-A couple of the switches will only activate if you
touch them from certain angles.  If you have too much trouble, just shoot
or kick them.
			-Please don't be daunted by the uncommon length of
this "known bugs" section.  It's not that bad. 
* Copyright Information *

-This level is not in any way endorsed by 3dRealms.			
-You may distribute this map only if accompanied by this text file.
-If you want to modify it, go ahead.  But be careful.  It's a bit unstable.

* Where to get this MAP file *

FTP sites: Try elitegames.com

BBS numbers:

Other: !!IMPORTANT NOTE!!: You need to have the Atomic Edition (v1.4 or 1.5)
of Duke Nukem to play this level.  If you play without it, its going to look
VERY strange, or it might not work at all.  
	-Also- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail me with comments and criticisms
after you've played it.  Like I said, this is my first level, so I need it.
Furthermore, I was going to put demo cameras in the map as well, but decided
against it when I encountered all the slow-down problems.  If you want some in 
there despite that, e-mail me and I will post a new one with some well-placed



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