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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Homeworld, by Gabe Sheets
Map Name: Homeworld
Author: Gabe Sheets
Released: 1st June 1997
Rating: 79

Review by Kim Robinson on 2nd August 2007

An old map but it's still a goodie, design is above average and there's some nice (but essentially flawed) three-way elevators featured as well. The textures used do get a little monotonous after a while but the gameplay makes for this a little. Puzzles are difficult, granted, but aren't too frustrating. Altogether a nicely done map, check it out!

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 203.54 KB

Download: Homeworld (287)
Other releases by Gabe Sheets: The Duke Nukem Aquatic Museum (Fetusboy)

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Mapping template:


Title                 : The Homeworld	
Author                : Gabe "To Hell With Framerate" Sheets
E-mail                : sheets[at]mail.utexas.edu
Web Page              : none
Other levels          : Fetusboy.map
			Also look for my work in the upcoming Critical Mass TC for Duke3d 1.3d		
			from Banzai Productions. 

*Note*                : Home1.map is for awesome computers only!		
	  	        Home2.map is for your average Duke-playin'-machine.
			If you're not sure which you own, give Home1.map a try, and if you can 
			move, then you're a bastard because your computer is better than mine. :) 

The Setting	      : Since Duke's last adventure in the Aquatic museum (Fetusboy.map),
he has
			managed to discover the location of an alien military base on their home
			planet. The aliens plan to stage an invasion of earth from here. So,
			since no one else is foolhardy enough, Duke decides to fly there and walk
			right in armed with only a pistol (what's up with this guy anyway?). Of
			course, for some strange reason, the base is chock full of terran weapons
			and ammunition (here's where everyone has to use what I like to call
			"suspension of disbelief". But I don't think you guys'll have any problems
			with that...) So anyway, all you gotta do is get your ass in there, kill
			every last damn alien and hit the self destruct key on the mass teleporter
			in their backyard before too many of those bastards make it to earth. It's
			a huge level, but surprisingly short and crammed with action. Also, the 
			aliens are experimenting with a fiendish plot to kill Duke Nukem and replace
			him with a robotic clone. The prototype of the robot is found somewhere 
			inside this military base...

Description           : I'd like to begin this text file with an apology. My idea for
this level 
			was grand. However, I soon met (once again) with the limits of the BUILD 
			engine. Towards the end of its construction, the map hit the maximum number of 
			walls, and just after, the same occurred for sectors. Luckily, you're 
			allowed to put about 4 thousand sprites in these things, so I didn't have any
			problems there. But I still had to go back and begin erasing sectors and
			simplifying other existing rooms. My concept for this level was to create
			a completely alien landscape with features never seen before. I wanted 
			the structures to be curved and organic. This contributed to my hitting
			the maximum on walls, seeing as circular walls are really just collections
			of many smaller walls. I was forced to leave out a lot of cool stuff.
			Furthermore, since I save lighting for last, I had to scrimp on that
			because I had no more sectors to work with. I also wanted the level to 
			be filled with outside areas that were raining. Well, doing this dropped
			the framerate of the entire level by about 10 fps. This is why I have 
			included 2 versions of the map in the zip file. The one titled home1
			has rain throughout most of it, though I had to cop out on the largest 
			area for the simple reason that when there's rain out there, my framerate
			drops to ZERO! There may be some badass computer out there that can handle
			it, but I didn't want to push it any more than I already had. So, if
			your computer can handle graphics intensive programs pretty well, give
			home1.map a try. If you're like me, though, and your computer ain't too 
			hot, play home2 (I have a P-120, 24 megs, and a really crappy video card). 
			It's not as cool looking without the rain, but it's got the big bonus of 

Additional Credits to : N/A

* Play Information *

Single Player         : Yes
DukeMatch             : No
Co-op                 : No
Difficulty Settings   : Not implemented
Demo Cameras          : Yes, but only in home2.map
* Construction *

Base                  : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used        : BUILD
Date of Completion    : May 29, 1997
Known Bugs            : 1)You're probably going to see some blurring in certain
areas. I apologize 
			for this. There's some funky overlapping in there that I could have
			smoothed over had I had more sectors to work with. As it stands,
			the blurring doesn't really affect gameplay, though it would if
			you played it multi-player (which is one of the reasons why it is
			NOT a multi-player map).	
			2)This isn't really a bug, but it kinda sucks. The elevators in the
			3-story towers only go up, and once up, they do not come back down.
			This is just the way the incremental raise/lower SE works. I decided
			to use it despite this limitation.
			3)On some computers, the animation on a few of the spinning sectors might
			go crazy. I can't explain it, but sometimes it makes it look cooler
			than it otherwise would.
			4)The lift on the outside of the blue tower has a mind of its own...
                        5)If you find any more bugs that are pretty serious, please
let me know.
Copyright Info        : This level is not licensed or supported by 3DREALMS!
			This is my artistic creation. It should not be displayed or transferred
			without this text file accompanying it. If you want to soup up the level
			with your own additions, make sure to give credit where credit is due.
Closing Statements    : If you play this level and hate it, please write me and tell
me why.
			If you love it, please write me and tell me why. If you think I'm a 
			dumbass who doesn't know how to build good levels, please write me and 
			tell me how to. Thank you.



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