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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Project Whatever, by Cedric Haegeman (Sang)
Map Name: Project Whatever
Author: Cedric Haegeman (Sang)
Released: 7th March 2004
Rating: 80

Review by Kim Robinson on 31st July 2007

A fast-paced key run through an alien infested space ship - it doesn't really offer much apart from pitting you against a barrage of the toughest enemies, although that can sometimes be fun in its own right. Level layout is quite basic and texturing is not always up to scratch, although the puzzles are well thought out. A solid twenty minute play, just be sure to tread lightly.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 56.48 KB
Level includes: new music

Download: Project Whatever (340)
Other releases by Cedric Haegeman (Sang): Battlefield 3, Outpost X, Supa, Supa2: Mission Possible

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Mapping template:

Project Whatever

Title: Project Whatever!

Filename: Projectw.map

Files: projectw.map <= the map you are about to play
       projectw.txt <= The readme file of the map you are about to play (you're
reading it now btw!!)
       aboutpw ;P.txt <= TXT File with Story, Objectives, Hints, and how to defeat
the battlelords
       dethtoll.mid <= Your new user map mid! 

Author: Sang(luss) AKA Cedric Haegeman

Email: maxdenukem[at]msn.com -- Call me

Author info: I'm a !12! year old Belgian from the Dutch side of it (Flanders) so
please don't come with mails in French..
I'm quite a Duke-freak, but I'm also interested the other modern games (Far Cry,
Unreal Tournament, Medal of Honor...etc...)
but duke is my favorite oldie!

Release date: 7th March 2004

Other Levels: Supa
              Supa2 (<= REALLY CRAP!!!)
              Supa3 (together with Maarten and Merlijn van Oostrum - authors of X64-2
and Red series - )
              BattleField 2
              CBP3 (made a part in it)
              CBP4 (made a part in it as well!!)

Future Levels:

Oh, there will be future levels allright, but it stays a suprise..unless you're
registered at AMC :P :P :D



A big dirty spaceship invaded by aliens, lots of dead bodies around etc. Takes c.a 20
minutes to play

Additional Credits:

I've made this map all by myself. Just the beta testers.

Stephano Lessa
Maarten van Oostrum (Maartn)
Merlijn van Oostrum (Mrline)
Mikko Sandt (MSandt => son of our lord)
Rob Wijkstra (HighWire)
Geoffrey Van Dijk (FakirBaba)

And the other beta testers, of wich I did not have a reply in time :( wich is to

Kevin Cools (k u f f i)
Alex Pistol (ShrinkDuke)
Alejandro Glavic (Ale)

And ofcourse thanks to Sang (memememe!!)
Play information:

Episode and Level: user map
Single Player: Yes
Dukematch: No
CoOp: No
Difficulty settings: No, you can't pick a lower difficulty to avoid the madness
Atomic Pack required: Yes
New Art: No
New Music: Yes -- Layers.mid, from Critical Mass (the original 3DR Level)
New ConFiles: No
New sounds: yes
New demo: No
New map: Yes :P

Base: press ESC in build, and press 'N', then press 'Y'...there you go!
Level Editors used: 2, Makemap, for if build didn't work. And Build, for if Makemap
didn't work
Construction Time: About 3 months or so
Known Bugs: No Bugs, some shading mistakes and things could have been better but ok.
Where to get is: I suppose its now located in your HD :)
How to start this map: Say Abracadabra and it should work. If not, please mail me.
:lol: :supagreenmister:
Extra Info:

A spaceship invaded by aliens as I said before
Its the first spaceship map with some Red Light District babes and videos in!!!
Legal Shit:
You MAY put this on your site IF you ask me, and give me the URL of it, OR if I asked
you and I already know the URL of your
You MAY NOT spread this map saying you made it.
You MAY NOT edit this map.
You MAY NOT spread this map saying someone else then *you* or *me* made it
IF you use any ideas from my map, you MUST credit me or I'll BAN it :P :P

*Now kneel before me! What? You said no? Soldiers!!!*


---------------------------!F*U*C*K* *Y*O*U*!*------------------


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