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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » The Prison Campus, by Waddah M. I. Abdu
Map Name: The Prison Campus
Author: Waddah M. I. Abdu
Released: 22nd October 1998
Rating: 92

Review by Kim Robinson on 7th March 2008

An old map of great quality, The Prison Campus takes place on exactly that - the self evident aim being to escape and kill whatever stands in your way. It's a huge level with monsters galore, and for once in a level like this there's enough ammo to see you through to the bitter end. Plenty of surprises and great gameplay make this a terrific level!

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 72.50 KB
Level includes: multiple difficulty settings

Download: The Prison Campus (312)

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Mapping template:

				Quake Nukem
                             "THE PRISON CAMPUS"
| GENERAL INFORMATION:                                                  |||
LEVEL TITLE             : The Prison Campus
ORIGINAL FILENAME       : cell####.map
AUTHOR NAME             : Waddah M. I. Abdu
E-MAIL                  : waddahA[at]cwcom.net

EPISODE AND LEVEL       : Episode Q1 (Quake Master), Level e4m1
DESCRIPTION             : This is the first episode of Duke Nukem's Quake
                          Master. Duke Nukem finds himself an alien craft
                          that aparently can take you through Dimensions,
                          and in some weird mix up, the game turns into Quake
                          Nukem. Duke Nukem is captured, and finds himself in
                          the prison campus. He doesn't know if he can find a
                          portal on the other end of the episode, but he's
                          gonna kick ass while he finds out.
                          Go Quake 'em Nukem!

PLAYABILITY             : Designed and tested for single player
CO-OPERATIVE PLAY       : Designed but untested for up to 8 players
DUKE MATCH              : Designed but untested for up to 8 players 
DIFFICULTY              : Variable
SECRET CHAMBERS         : Yes - 3 in total

ZIP FILE                : cell.zip
FILES INCLUDED          : cell####.map
                        : cell.bat
                        : cell.txt
BASE                    : New level from scratch
EDITORS USED            : Build
BUILD TIME              : A few weeks
NEW SOUNDS              : No MID or VOC files are included.
NEW GRAPHICS            : No ART files or any other formats are included.
                        : Some PCX or BMP format pictures of (not needed for
                          the playing of the game) are included.

PROBLEMS                : Duke Nukem's Build editor can't handle more than
                          1024 sectors within the same map, and seems to start
                          having problems as you start reaching 1000 sectors.
                          For this reason, the final scene in the outside of the
                          prison had to be greatly simplified, and even though
                          the level is playable, every machine is likely to
                          experience a silent crash once in a while when playing
                          this map.
KNOWN BUGS              : None - Created to be bug free
UNKNOWN BUGS            : The level has never been tested in multiplay, but
			  I don't see why it shouldn't work.
			: The level has also only ever been tested on two
			  machines : P166MMX, 16Mb RAM and PII-266, 64 Mb RAM.
                          If you experience any problems on other systems,
                          especially other processors and other PC configs
                          please report them to me, and I'll see what
                          I can do. Send me an e-mail with the problem and
                          the specs of the machine you tried it on.
| OTHER LEVELS TO COME BY THE SAME AUTHOR:                              |||
                          Doom Town                             (dmtn)
			  Doom Town II / The City		(city)
                          Geothermal Station			(gsta)
			  Death Base				(base)
                          Earth Allience Station Alpha          (alfa)
                          Earth Allience Station Delta          (dlta)
                          The Mars Base                         (mars)
                          And more 	                        ....
| INSTRUCTIONS:                                                         |||
 To play this and other maps, unzip the zip file contents into
 your DUKE3D Directory (eg. c:\games\duke3d or c:\duke3d). It
 may also be of use to copy the file itself into this directory.

 After the file contents are unzipped, type CELL or CELL.BAT to run this
 level or the following to run any other map:

                    duke3d -map 
                        duke3d -map cell0000

  ** No maps by this author may be changed or any parts copied
		    without permission. **
 ** You may distribute provided that you include all the files
      found in the original zip file with no modifications
		 to any of it's contents
	    or extra features or files added.
You may distribute via internet or more conventional methods,
	   including CDR's or 3.5" Floppies.**

             << THANK YOU FOR PLAYING CELL >>
| PLEASE:                                                         	|||
I have designed this level with Multiplayer games in mind, but I never really
got around to playing one, so I'm not sure if all the right elements have
been implumented. Please give me feedback on how I can improve it - if there
are any serious problems, or if you just want to increase the amount of ammo
available, but please don't change it yourself. Once I have made the approp-
riate modifications, I will send it to be published again, or if you leave
your e-mail address along with your suggestions, I'll e-mail the zip file
to you directly. PS. Watch out for more levels to come.
| THANX':                                                         	|||
If you have enjoyed or hated this level, comments are always welcomed. If
you did enjoy it, please try some of the other levels mentioned, or copy the
zip file that contains the whole series of levels and try them out together.
You may also send in any suggestions for future levels Nukers might enjoy.


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