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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Taygeta, by Ray Tracer, Children
Map Name: Taygeta
Author: Ray Tracer, Children
Released: 5th May 2000
Rating: 96

Review by Kim Robinson on 24th November 2007

The sequel to Maia, Taygeta looks and plays just as well - if not better, although it's still the same old story of infiltrating an alien compound and running amok. Not to worry though, the visuals are stunning, gameplay is terrific and with a replay value higher than Pong who can complain? Enemy numbers are quite substantial so tread softly and carry a big gun. Definitely worth a look!

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 117.53 KB
Level includes: new CON code, new music, multiple difficulty settings

Download: Taygeta (448)
Other releases by Ray Tracer, Children: Maia

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Mapping template:


Title	                : Taygeta
File name               : taygeta.map
Authors                 : Ray Tracer : ray.tracer[at]wanadoo.fr
                          Children   : children01[at]free.fr
Duke Site               : http://www.multimania.com/duke3d
Informations            : This is the second level of a coming Episode that will
			  be finished in about 2 years (in 2002), maybe more ...
                          And it's the sequel to Maia.
Thanks to               : All our beta-testers : Sirpa Sandt, Crapeau, Romo Sapiens
                          Captain Igloo 

Previous Levels from this Episode :
Level 1 : Maia (you can download it at sur http://www.multimania.com/duke3d in the
"Best Maps" then "Best Single Player Maps" section !)


* Level Informations *

Single Player           : Yes
Dukematch               : No
Cooperative             : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (/S1, /S2, /S3, /S4)
New Art		        : No
New Sounds              : No
New Music	        : Yes

* Construction *

Building Time		: About 6 months (well, there's no reason to hurry ;-))
Bugs	                : None that we know of.


* Story : What happened between Maia and Taygeta *

-Trrrchhhhh ...... Colon ... frrrrrrrrr ...... Do you hear me ? Colonel ?
-Yes Duke, I'm receiving you loud and clear ! What's going on ?
-I found a teleporter on Maia ! Here the teleporters are very different from the one
that we
 used to bring me to Maia ! The Aliens just go to a glancing circle, and arrive on
 circle, somewhere else ! To sum up, I saw some VERY strange things on Maia ! For
example I
 saw a blood fountain, and heard some WOMEN screams !!! How is it possible ???
-What ? Are you sure ? It's IMPOSSIBLE !!! Well, it might be possible, but why would
 Aliens attack us NOW, if they have already discovered our planet before ? It doesn't
 ANY sense ; they must know that their technology is much more advanced than ours !
... But...
-Perhaps the Pentagone have discovered these alien beings a long time ago, and lately
 you to wipeout the Aliens and avoid the women abuctings... And maybe the Aliens know
 Pentagone's plan ! It would explain a lot of things......
-Maybe you're right, but I can't imagine the guys of the Pentagone putting their
lives at
 stake in a war versus the Aliens, just in order to save few people... they're not
 you see ? ... Moreover, they know that a war versus the Aliens would be a suicide,
as their
 technology is much more advanced than ours ! And maybe it's only a coincidence, but
 theory doesn't explain the countdown...
-Hi Duke, I'm doctor Wallace... I can tell you that it's not a coincidence ! So far
 never dared to talk about this affair, but... The teleporter that I've built is
based on a
 former colleague's work. A short time after having been fired from the labotory, he
died in
 a strange accident ! Maybe he worked on an alien machine... the latter could have
been taken
 in the wreck of a crashed space ship... if a space ship REALLY crashed near Roswell,
 July 1947...
-So why are you still alive, Wallace ?
-I don't know. Perhaps the Pentagone prefers keeping me under control, as long as I
work in
 the Area 51. Moreover, they needed me to construct the teleporter and attack the
 But now...
-Yes, it's logic... So the Pentagone knew the existence of these Aliens... By the
way, I've
 seen some Aliens dressed with the uniform of the LAPD, and few screens with ENGLISH
words on
 them !!! The Aliens must have taken A LOT of things on Earth... and they were never
caught ?!?
-Well, it's really odd...
-And the Aliens from Maia were aiming at the Earth with a giantic laser cannon...
They could
 have already destroyed the Earth ! So WHY do they wait for 10 hours before
destroying the Sun ?
-Perhaps they think that the Earth isn't the only inhabited planet of our star
system... But
 anyway, they could destroy all the planets of the solar system, step by step.
Another strange
-Colonel, my trip to Maia showed to the Aliens that Humans can be a potential threat.
 they'll destroy the Earth very soon, as a retaliation !!! They won't play with us
any longer !
-If the Earth hasn't been destroyed yet, it means that the Aliens have decided to
 you first... Although the Maia base is now empty, the Aliens still think that they
can kill
 you. So in their eyes, Maia was surely a piece of cake, compared with the other
 Be REALLY careful, Duke !!!
-Thanks for this piece of advice, colonel...
-Where are you now ?
-I'm on another planet. A kind of remake of the Hoth planet, in "The Empire Strikes
-I see ! You must be on a planet of the Taygeta star system ! In this system, the
planets are
 very far from the star, that's why the climat is so cold... But if you can bear this
 atmosphere, it means that you're on one of the closest planets from the star...
-It seems to be rather quiet, isn't it ?
-Yes colonel... I'm in a kind of little forest, on the top of a mountain... There's a
 to the left, and a frozen lake to the right... Wait a minute... What...
-Swizz ! Swizz !
-Duke ? DUUUKKKEEE !!!


Next Level : Merope :-)


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