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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Between Sun and Moon, by Simon Charles
Map Name: Between Sun and Moon
Author: Simon Charles
Released: 7th July 1996
Rating: 85

Review by Kim Robinson on 6th March 2008

A quite nice, although too short level set in some kind of space station - with plenty of nice detail and monsters and ammo and such. Shading and lighting is the focus here, the pulsating lights giving great ambience. Gameplay is solid, although as mentioned before a little short - although there is a nice surprise twist at the end.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 39.83 KB

Download: Between Sun and Moon (241)

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Mapping template:

Titles                  : Heresy (s)
                          The Enemy Within (s)
                          Between sun and Moon (s, dm)
                          Red Sector A (s, dm)
                          Cygnus X-1   (s, dm)
                          Running Man (dm)

File name               : heresy.map

Author                  : Simon Charles
Email Address           : r.charles[at]sympatico.ca
Misc. Author Info       : Girlfriendless student with obviously too much free

Mood setter             : All the duke maps I've made.  Enjoy!

Additional Credits to   : Etienne Boucher for devious ideas and map testing.

Special thanks          : Rush (hail, oh mighty great band!) and 3D Realms.


dethtoll.mid ---- "The Weapon"       by Rush
streets.mid  ---- "Driven"           by Rush
watrwld1.mid ---- "The Enemy Within" by Rush
snake1.mid   ---- "Time and Motion"  by Rush
futurmil.mid ---- "Sympho"           by Henrik Mikkelsen

Play information

Heresy: First map I've ever built.  Second version.  Sectors were replaced,
        others were deleted.  For a first try, I consider it better than
        most people's first attempt at duke building.

Here came my second level which was later permanently dropped from the list
because it sucked too much.  It's called "The Weapon".  If you have its
original version when I stupidly threw it on the net, you have a piece of
history.  Well, actually, you have a piece of crap but still...

The Enemy Within: My third level and undoubtedly my worst.  This map is
                  HUGE!!  It is simply too big.  Still, it's nicely built but
                  it is so large that even I got tired of it.  Bug ridden,
                  filled with uneven textures and wrong lighting.  If you
                  like this one, you're crazy.  And if you can make it
                  to the end without cheating, you're GOOD!  It sucks!

Between Sun and Moon: My first normal level, once I got passed the usual
                      stuff beginners go through (delusions of grandeur and
                      the like...).  Small space station, great textures,
                      nice space views and good shading.  I got very positive
                      feedback from that one.

Red Sector A: One of my favourite.  Medium sized city level set in some kind
              of warehouse.  You'll also blast through the power plant and
              swim in the sewers!  Nice touches of realism combined with
              total carnage!  A winner.

Cygnus X-1: My favourite map.  The final one too, using the same mood as Enemy
            but much better.  Smaller, tighter and faster.  Great building
            and crazy shading effects that aren't normally seen in Duke.
            You usually see that kind of lighting in Quake, which
            by the way, was an inspiration for building the cargo bay.

Running Man: Nice deathmatch level with a small city mood.  Lots of
             space and a few sniper points here and there.  Tip to win: RUN!
             Ideal for 3-4 players.  5 tends to get tight and 6 and above is
             too crowded.

A note about the con file

**New con file**        : The reason the new con file has the same name
                          than Duke's original con file is because I tried to
                          change it and the game wouldn't take it with a
                          different name.  But really, you can overwrite your
                          previous con file without any problems.  All mine
                          does is just replace the boring messages like
                          "pistol ammo" by something funnier.  Of course, you
                          should always backup your original con files but if
                          any problem occurs because of mine, e-mail me and
                          I'll give you the original con file.

Feedback is welcomed.  Like my maps?  Don't like my maps?  Tell me!


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