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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Battle it out in Birmingham, by Martin Bradley
Addon Name: Battle it out in Birmingham
Author: Martin Bradley
Released: 20th April 1999
Rating: 70

Review by Kim Robinson on 12th March 2008

A collection of maps based on various locations around Birmingham, all Duked up with aliens, weapons and key cards and such. Granted, level design is rather a bit poor at times (but then, you could attribute this to the design of the city itself =), but there's always plenty of savage alien blighters to fend off and a wide range of nicely recreated buildings to look at. Shadow work is minimal, detail mostly non-existent, especially in the first couple of levels. And there is a reason why the nuke button for the first level can be found without opening any doors at all - take a look at the text file included to find out. So there's plenty of space to run around and dodge rockets, lasers and whatnot, which makes many of these levels fairly easy - however, running in carelessly and shooting around a bit will soon result in a bit of general deadness. If large, empty levels aren't your thing you may well find this episode disturbing - but don't let that stop you.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

I've taken the liberty to GRP together the maps, along with making the CON file compatible with the Atomic version of Duke3D, as opposed to regular old 1.3d. Just run the appropriate BAT file to get going. The original archive has also been included.

Gameplay Type: addon
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d
Filesize: 536.02 KB
Level includes: new CON code, multiple difficulty settings

Download: Battle it out in Birmingham (473)

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Mapping template:


If this file looks bad just use Wordwrap :-)

 "I`m Duke Nukem, and I`m coming to get the rest of you Alien Bastards!"

Title			: Battle it out in Birmingham		
Files			: Brum.txt
Author			: Martin Bradley
E-mail			: Bradleymaw[at]kes.bham.sch.uk   (I would appreciate 
			hearing your opinion about this episode!)
			Those of you who have actually been to or live in
			Birmingham are especially encouraged to reply. I want
			to know what you think! Many of you may have seen the
			city centre on TV, as is was the place of the G8
			summit, Eurovision song contest and the Davis cup.
Web Page		: 
Misc. Author Info	: If you have any requests for duke levels give me the
			details and I`ll probably make it for you. I love
			making duke levels, mainly because Build is the
			easiest engine to edit that I`ve found.
Other Levels		: None, this is my first upload. 

The Story		: After clearing up most of the USA from those alien
			scum, Duke Travels to Europe to assist in eliminating
			small pockets of resistance in the major cities. His
			first stop is the city of Birmingham, England. After
			a train ride to New Street station, Duke loads his
			pistol and heads for the escalators to the
			Pallasades, a shopping mall above the station. 

Description		: This is NOT Birmingham in Alabama, USA. This is
			Birmingham, or Brum, in good 'ol England. This seven
			level episode lets you explore parts of Birmingham
			City Centre. Yes, this is a replication of a REAL
			city. Ok, so "Duke it out in DC" was meant to be in 
			Washington DC, but only very small bits of it were
			actually accurate replications. I've tried to be as
			accurate as possible for this episode, although
			there are quite a few bits made up (There is no
			Sushi Resturant in the Pallisades, for example).
			Also I used the regular textures for the levels so
			they do not look exactly like the real thing, but I
			don't think this matters too much.	    	  

Episode Notes:		Okay, I agree with David J. Vallance (Best City.map)
			The Net is full of crap Duke3d levels, which look
			terrible and are not thought out properly. This
			episode is of very high quality - although not as
			good as the proper episodes of the game - (except
			perhaps "Lunar Apocalypse") All the levels feature
			realistic shading, sensible graphics and varying
			difficulty. Also, it is a city rather than space
			stations. Let`s face it, urban fighting is far
			better than more bloody space stations, especially
			if the urban levels are themed, as mine are.

			This episode is slightly different to ones you may
			have previously played. Before, the layout was
			"kill a dozen enemies, get a key, do it again and
			again until you reach the exit." I got a little
			bored of this format so I made the levels
			more open. Now you can explore most of the levels
			unrestricted by keys and locked doors. You will no
			doubt find the exits very quickly, so resist the
			temptation to just run straight through all seven
			levels. Firstly this will result in probable 
			death because there is not as much health around as
			in other episodes. Secondly, this will result in
			little or no weapons to face the final Cyberlord in
			the NIA. Thirdly, what the hell is the point in
			downloading this episode if you only play it for
			five minutes? That is why the Par times at the end
			screen are quite long. This represents killing all
			or most of the monsters, and grabbing most of the
			extra goodies on each level.

			Take time and explore all of the levels fully, and
			enjoy your visit to England's second city!       

Strengths:		-All the detail. Just look at the shops, with their
			computers, furniture, the Arcades etc. Not many Duke
			levels have this level of detail. For example, a
			wall made up of computers (Like the control room in
			the NIA) is actually made from several different
			walls, so each screen can be destroyed without all
			the wall being damaged (Try shooting one of the
			televisions and you`ll see what I mean).
			-Loads of things to destroy! (Try not to damage
			everything, that`s MY town your shooting at!)  
			-I`ve tried to get Duke to say as much as possible.
			Also, I`ve used lots of ambient sound to heighten
			the realism. Even the music seems correct for the
			style of the level!
			-Lack of ammo and health. This makes for tactical
			play and shorter Deathmatches, instead of running
			around blasting with loads of ammo, full 200 health
			and all the items. 
			-The looks. Go on, admit it. The levels look pretty
			realistic compared to other bad user maps. There`s
			cool shading, sensible textures; even the buildings
			are not just square blocks, they have vents, slopes,
			different roofs. Also note that very few of them
			have actual ground floor windows (Except the shops
			of course). Real buildings are never
			rectangular blocks with four sides of window
			textures. Most of the buildings in the this episode
			have ledges like in the proper Duke3d episodes.  
			-No messing about spending half and hour retracing
			your steps to find that missing key or hidden switch
			like in many other Duke levels! I really hate doing
			-Lots of secrets and messages, much like the episodes
			in the full game. 

Weaknesses		-Okay, I`ll admit you won`t find groovy effects like
			subways or Earthquakes, mainly because you don`t
			find them in Birmingham! 
			-Most of the levels are too big for 2 player games.
			-On slower machines the detail causes some parts to
			get very choppy.
			-As I am British the spelling may be different if you
			are American e.g. "Centre" not "Center" 
			-The levels are not as cunningly laid out as many I
			have played. No puzzles to solve either. You will
			find all the levels straightforward and very, very
			fun to play, which is all that counts really!

Additional Credits To : -3d Realms of course. And Birmingham`s town planners! 
			-Andy R (Morg) for helping me test the Dukematch
			-David J Vallance for inspiring me to build
			better duke levels. 
			-Yves Bresson (dukecity), I modifed your batch file
			so it would launch my episode. I have no idea how to
			write my own!
			-Dukeworld for supporting Duke3d. I hope Duke3d never
			dies out!
Special thanks 	      : My testers - Jake, "Reckless" Rick, Frew and Viet.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : The whole first episode!
Single Player          : Yes! (this is what it was primarily designed for)
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : Yes, but it is not well tested
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes, but you`ll find it a tad easy
Difficulty Settings    : Not implemented
Plutonium Pak Required : No
New Art                : No
New Music              : No
New Sound Effects      : No
New .CON Files         : Yes, "Brum.con" (contains new messages)
Demos Replaced         : No


* Construction *

Base                   : New levels from scratch
Level Editor(s) Used   : BUILD - I love it!
Art Editor(s) Used     : None
Construction Time      : About 3 months.
Known Bugs/Problems    : Nukedstr.map contains a little niggle with one of  
			 the buildings. All I did to remedy it was put
			 another Sector around the problem. Doesn`t affect
			 gameplay. Also, the alien in the ladies toilets
			 disappears onto the ramp above if you don`t kill him
			 straight away! This is due to the overlapping
* Where to get this MAP file *

File location          : WWW.Dukeworld.com (well, this is where I uploaded it


*Important Information*

Installation           : Just copy all the files to your Duke3d directory. 
			(make a backup of your original user.con file just
			in case). However, many versions of Duke Nukem have
			a different con file eg the PlutoniumPak. Since
			there are loads of different versions of the game I
			have only written a con file for the original
			registered version, as this is the most common. To
			change your user.con file first make a backup. Then
			open it up using notepad and scroll down until you
			reach the first episode. If you can, change the name
			of the first episode to "Battle it out in
			Birmingham". Then change the names and times to that
			of those in Brum.con - don`t forget to change the
			map filenames too (e.g change "E1L1.map" to
			"Pallisad.map"). If you want to change the
			messages to that of Brum.con feel free. Any problems
			just e-mail me.       	

Important Notes        : Please Please Please give me some feedback on this.
			It is vital I know whether a lot of people still play
			Duke3d, otherwise I`ll stop making levels because 
			no-one will play them :-(
			(Oh, and the shotgun "carts" stands for "cartridges") 
			If you want to beat my times then play the level as a
			user level, so you start with 100 health and 48
			rounds in your pistol. Play fair or don`t bother.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Do what you want: Just keep this txt file with the files when distributing 
and if you use my ideas or bits of my maps in yours please give me some credit! 
I would appreciate you e-mailing me first saying what you are going to change, 
and be sure to e-mail me the modified level once done. I would really like to 
find out what modifications people want. Maybe it`ll give me some ideas for 
future levels, you never know...


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