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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Red5: Lonely Mountain Complex, by Merlijn van Oostrum
Map Name: Red5: Lonely Mountain Complex
Author: Merlijn van Oostrum
Released: 14th February 2005
Rating: 98

Review by Kim Robinson on 12th August 2007

Back in the Red - and about time! Streuth - this last instalment in the Merlijn's Red series'll have you on the edge of your seat right the way through. Totally immersive, incredibly atmospheric and sporting fantastic gameplay, Red5: Lonely Mountain Complex picks up where Red4 left off - the ship has fallen down a waterfall, conveniently close to the now alien-controlled EDF HQ. Pretty obviously you've got to get in there and cause havoc, though it's no ordinary run in, shoot-em-up and hit the nuke button affair. Take your time, read the viewscreens and be vigilant where ever new areas open up - the whole facility is alive with aliens, strange sounds and tortured souls. Check this level out now.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 599 KB
Level includes: new music, new sounds, multiple difficulty settings

Download: Red5: Lonely Mountain Complex (832)
Other releases by Merlijn van Oostrum: Hell Awaits, Red2, Red3, Red4: Boat Trippin

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Mapping template:

#### NOTE OF THE AUTHOR: The map RED5 is made for CLASSIC DUKE so it's best to play 
this map on CLASSIC MODE! Some things just don't look as good when doing otherwise. 
I might release a special Jonof version later, but for now: PLAY THIS MAP ON CLASSIC
Thanks. :-) ####

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vanilla cola on the rocks!"


title: 		Red5: Lonely mountain Complex
Filename: 	Red5.map   
Author: 	Merlijn v. Oostrum
E-mail adress:  merlijn_redhot[at]hotmail.com 
Author info: 	I'm 20 and I have almost no time to build these days,
                so get down on your knees and thank the allmighty Lord for this
release. ;-) 
Release date: 	14-2-2005, during thea time

Other levels: 	-Redduke (the long road)
		-E3L1 of Borg Nukem 
		-Hell awaits
		-tunnels and other unreleased crap
		group maps I took part of:
                -Cbp5 (yeah I'm a Cbp junkie) 
		-OGBB (with Gee and Maartn)
		-Supa3 (with Sangluss and Maartn)

Future levels: 	This map is the final red-map :) Only one boss level will
		be made, and that one will only appear in the episode pack.
                Oh and red1 will go trough a very extreme make-over :P 

                Other future projects... who knows :) 

General Description/mission:
The story moves on :)
The aliens have succeeded to let the boat collapse, but you
are still alive and eager to kick some alien ass. In this final map you'll finally
reach The lonely mountain complex, which is the HQ of the aliens. The futher
you go, the more you'll find out. Hurry up, becouse time is running out and it
seems like the aliens are winning!
Read the full story in the other txt-file :)
I also included the pre-red1 story, which gives a bit more background and makes
more clear if you're interested. But it's a long roa.. erm read, you might be
spending more
time reading then playing :P
It explains the mission of duke. Back in the day I made red1 I never
really tought out a good backstory, now there's one ;-)

I would also like to add that this is a quite hard map, so SAVE your game often.

* Files included *


===================11? :P																				                            Nautin' here
   * Play information *

episode and level:	level 5 of the red series, hence the name :-)
Single player:    	yes
Dukematch:        	yes! 
Cooperative match:     	meh
Difficulty settings:	Yes, all 4 skills are added (come get some is HARD!)
Atomic pack required:	Yes!
Ports required:		None (again, play this map on classic mode) 
New art:		No
New music:		yes
New con-files:		No
New sounds:		yeah, 2 new sounds that makes the map more "alive",
                        so don't forget to unzip those too.
Demos replaced:		nope

   * Construction *

Base:			Brand new map
Level editors used:	bob the builder and co
Construction time:	don't ask :P
Known bugs:		None, this isn't a SSTC map :-)

   * Where to get this MAP file *
  You've allready got it!! (a dumb and pointless question deserves a 
  dumb and pointless answer)
   * How to start this map *
  the way that seems best to you

    * Some info and tips *

- Again you can expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes open! Watch out for sudden
  and/or events all the time. Save your game often!
  There are some events you might NOT survive the first time, this map is hard! 
  Well you can't expect to just walk into a heavily guarded alien hq can you? :)	
  Again, SAVE OFTEN!
- Explore your entire environment for goodies, this greatly increases your change of

  survival. Don't rush trough the map like an idiot ;-)
- This map has Dm-support, the arena is set in the outside location in the beginning.

  To add to the fun there's also jetpacks available in this mode, so you can trow
  airstrikes on your poor opponents  :-)
- There's one secret room, finding it is very.. rewarding ;-)
  * Credits to: *

-Happy tree friends, for being hilarious :-D
-Doom3 and HL, playing these games gave me lots of ideas
-Pascal Rouaud (roch series) for making inspiring and great maps (I used stuff such
as 3d-chairs)
-My bro Maarten, for helping me with "introa.voc". 
 And for giving me tips, some ideas and feedback all the time. Thnx a lot! 
-All other authors I stole ideas from muwhahahaha
-William Gee, for allowing me to use and edit a sound of his ww2 map (roam22.voc in
this zip) 
and sending me makemap. U rock U scum ;-)

And of course the cute cuddly beta testers:  
-Mikko Sandt
-Maarten van Oostrum 
-William Gee 

Thanks for giving me feedback! I appreciated it very much :-)
   * Copyright *

You know the routine. Bla bla... you may not use this as base for
your own maps... bla bla bla... always include this txt-file...blablablablabla etc
And if you use any of my ideas and/or stuff, credits would be cool ;) 

Oh and don't even dare to rip the introa.voc sound :P

C'est tout.  Oh yeah, 1 last important note: SAVE OFTEN :-D

U scum.

                                                          Put some saugages around ur


             Go away or els!!! 


OMG WTF I'm stuck LOL!!!11111                                                        
                                                           SPAM! U scum! Spam! U
scum! (how did you find this?)                                                       
                                            Don't U love sausages?

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