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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » BJ Shrine (CBP1), by Community
Map Name: BJ Shrine (CBP1)
Author: Community
Released: 18th April 2001
Rating: 93

Review by Kim Robinson on 31st July 2007

In effect, this is the first Community Build Project to grace our screens - instead of creating each section anew, mappers have taken the best bits of their previous levels and joined them together. Difficulty varies considerably and the level doesn't 'flow' as such, but this is to be expected. Get it anyway!

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 111.46 KB
Level includes: multiple difficulty settings

Download: BJ Shrine (CBP1) (517)
Other releases by Community: 2-Hour CBP, Community Build Project 2, Community Build Project 3, Community Build Project 4, Community Build Project 5, Community Build Project 6, Community Build Project 7, Duke is ten, Duke Plus Community Build Project - DPCBP, JFCBP1, JFCBP2, Russian Community Build Project, Russian Community Build Project 2, Suburban Hive

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Mapping template:


			Blackjack`s Museum Map 

This map, (which was under the working title of BJShrine for it`s 
entire development length) is like no ordinary map. It`s a map 
comprising many different sections of other maps, cut and pasted
together. But while you may think that`s just a cheesy way of quickly
churning out a playable level, BJShrine is a little different. 

It all began back in the summer of 2000. JS`s CBP map was making slow
progress (as usual) and I seem to remember Maarten coming up with the 
idea of a different type of CBP map, where one person makes a dozen 
sectors or so, then mails it on to a friend who adds another dozen,
who mails it on and so forth. A nice idea, but that would take far too
long, realistically.

So I went away and thought about it, and it hit upon me that the idea 
of constructing a map out of bits of other maps was a much better and
altogether more fun. The 1024 sector limit was a major problem though. 
The only practical way around it was give each portion a limit of 50 
sectors - enough for a decent room or whatever. Sure there were 
complaints but hey, what`s the point of having a museum map with only
two or three contributions, eh?

The map started out promisingly. I began it with my Duke Themed Room
from the Fantasy hotel, and Maarten followed up with the section
from the Restless Resort. Then things seemed to slacken off a little. We
encountered problem after problem, despite excellent support at JS Build.
Months passed, and bit by bit we got contributions by the best mappers out 
there as was the intention. 

However, at the 700 sector mark we ran into problems - namely a lack of 
support from more good mappers. I tried to get into contact with the Bug Team,
Stranger and Billy Boy but to no avail. Support was waning, and it was clear 
that we needed action now before the project died a quiet death (in fact I
was worried that the CBP project would go the same way at times... but that`s
another story). So I took it upon myself to paste up some more map portions
before sending the map onto JS for the final section. I even found time to
build an entrance hall, using part of a 3dRealms level. 

So here we are, in the Spring of 2001. The last tweaks have been made and I`m
just about to mail it off to JS for hosting. The fact that you have downloaded
this map and are reading this rather rambling history shows the project has been 
a success. Thank you, everyone!

Writing from Birmingham, UK. 
18th April 2001



Title                 : Blackjack`s Build Museum
Filename              : BJShrine
Author                : Blackjack
E-mail                : Blackjack666[at]hotmail.com
Web Page              : 
Misc. Author Info     : Co-winner of the 2000 Dukeinc map contest, also
			team leader of M:Impossible who released Turfwarz
			a few weeks ago. I`ve done work for Crackdown TC and also	
			the rather excellent AVD TC.

Other Levels          : Hotelvoy.map, Hotelfan.map, Turfwarz.map
			Tons of unreleased stuff.

Description           : Oh, just play the damn thing already!

Additional Credits To : I think 3d Realms have been thanked enough, 
			don`t you? Anyway, onto the REAL thankyou list...

Thankyou	      : - First and Foremost: 
			  JS, thanks for your support, use of the forum
			  at JS Build and also your excellent ending to
			  the level. Cou
			- Maarten, I hope you like the level. I guess the
			  layout must have been a mystery after added your
			  section. Thanks for being patient!
			- Dukebert; like the Pirate Ship. Sorry I had to
			  alter the sky though ;-)
			- C3P0, Nice to see that section from Fruit Loops
			  in there. 
			- Cyborg gets a special mention for adding his section
			  within 24 hours. Now that`s dedication!    
                        - Girl_online, I hope I didn`t upset you too much for
			  removing those illegal corridor sections. 
			- Bob (or should that be Dopefish?!?!)
			  Good choice from BOBSP2. I guess that 50 sector 
			  limit must have left you with quite a limited choice,
			- Chris A, sorry about the parralax sky problem. Hey, it
			  was inevitable. Great map, anyhow.
			- Ahh, Pascal, the man himself. How the hell do you find 
			  those prefect textures to model cars in your levels?!?!?
			- "Turpuli" - great job with S-A. Well worth the wait.
			- Mikko, another top name behind the level. Great bit
			  of explosive action from MSSP6; action was always
			  something lacking from the level.

			- Finally, thank you to Billy Boy, NutWrench, Robert Travis,
			  Greg Hoyer, Stranger and Bliss. If you`re reading this, do
		          get in touch.  


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : User level
Single Player          : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player : No
Difficulty Settings    : Yes - a little random though!
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes
New Art                : No
New Music              : No - but I`d recommend playing Grabbag.mid (the theme tune)
			      you play throught the level
New Sound Effects      : No
New .CON Files         : No
Demos Replaced         : No. I was tempted though!


* Construction *

Base                   : Technically it`s a new level from scratch...
Level Editor(s) Used   : BUILD
Art Editor(s) Used     : None
Construction Time      : 8 months! A record perhaps?
Known Bugs/Problems    : Yeah, a few problems.
			 1 - You`ll notice that the cannon in Dukebert`s
			 pirate ship can be heard throughout the level
			 if you don`t kill it. 
			 So kill it, stupid.

			 2 - The Parrallax sky in Shine.map isn`t perfect, but
			 it`s too late to fix it, so the world is stuck with it!

			 3 - The sheer size of the level means both Build and Duke 
			 sometimes have problems running it... 1024 sectors, 7000 walls
			 and 2000 sprites. That`s big.

			 There`s probably tons of problems with the level but to be 
			 honest I`ve been lumbered with this project for over half a 
			 year, and It`s time you all played it, so expect some 

* Where to get this MAP file *

File location          : Blip! BJShrine has magically appeared on your 
			 computer. But you ought to be able to get it from 


*Important Information*

Installation           : 

Important Notes        : Below is the text file which was sent around the world
			 to other mappers, gradually being filled in as the map
			 grew. It makes for some interesting reading. Enjoy! 



YOU have been selected by a fellow Duke3d mapper to add your contribution to 
Blackjack`s Duke3d Shrine map. All you have to do is choose a portion from 
one of your released maps, and add it to the enclosed level.

Soon, this map will contain the very best portions of maps from the very 
best mappers out there. I have no idea what the finished level will even 
remotely look like, but rest assured the end product will have a little of 
everyone`s style of mapping in there.

However, there are some limitations:
1 - Your portion must contain less than 50 sectors, preferably less. The 
fewer sectors you use, the more mappers we can include, bearing in mind the 
upper limit of 1024 sectors.

2 - The portion should ideally include an entrance and an exit, such as a 
door or corridor so the next mapper can add his or her portion directly to 
the last.

3 - The different map portions should be seperated by a sector with flashing 
lights etc to indicate where one finishes and another begins. Make it as 
obvious as you can.

4 - If you find your portion of the map is at a different height to the 
previous one, don`t alter your contribution, just add a lift or ramp to 
compensate for it.

5 - There is a risk that your map portion will share some of the tag numbers 
with other parts of the map, so once you add your section to the map you 
must playtest the whole thing to make sure all the tags work before sending 
it on.

6 - When you finish your part of the map you must add your name and details 
to the list below, and e-mail me the current version of the map and text 
file so I can check on the progress. I will also open a topic on JS`s BUILD 
site so you can follow the map`s progress too.

7 - Once you recieve the map you have one week to modify it and post it on, 
or another mapper will be selected by the moderator.

8 - After you modify the map, you must add one to the number of the map, 
text file and the zip file, so there`s no confusion - so let`s say you were 
the third mapper, you`d have to rename the map "BJShrine3.map" - or if you 
were the fourth mapper it would be "BJshrine4.map"

Map history:
Fill this out using my initial entry as a template. You must include your 
name, date recieved, and the map from which you chose your portion. You can 
include your e-mail address and ICQ number if you wish. Also, you should 
write a short comment about why you chose the map portion, talk about 
yourself, anything really.


Mapper 1 - Blackjack, started the map on 22/8/00. Map portion is room 13 of 
The Fantasy Hotel. E-mail is blackjack666[at]hotmail.com, ICQ is 76703200. I 
chose this room because it is the most famous of the rooms from the Fantasy 
Hotel, and as it has a Duke Nukem theme is perfect to start the level off.

Mapper 2 - Maarten, started the map on 24/8/00. Map portion is the ending of 
The Restless Resort, but changed. Because of the 50 sector limit, I was 
forced to delete a few details and simplify the mission. E-mail is 
mfpinxten[at]hotmail.com, no ICQ. I chose this part, because many people think 
it is the best room I've ever made, with its special Half-Life feeling. The 
boss in it may seem a little early in the map, but you don't have to shoot 
it! There are better ways...

Mapper 3 - Dukebert, started 16 Sept. 2000.    e-mail: 
Added the pirate ship from my DM map: YoHoHo. (It's always been my 
It's a huge area, but it's only 50 sectors. (More or less:)
I had to make big cuts to get it down to size. In the original map, you can 
go inside the ship!
I threw in a couple of weapons and a few aliens to keep it interesting!

Mapper 4 - C3PO, started 24 Sept. 2000  E-mail : magnar_j[at]hotmail.com  ICQ 
UIN : 18834212
Added the C4-detonation effect from Fruit Loops, since it seems that people 
enjoyed it.
A thousand curses to the God of Unimplemented Features ! I had to cut _alot_ 
of sectors to make the sector limit.

Mapper 5 - Cyborg, started 2nd Oct 2000 E-mail : cyborg_jim[at]yahoo.com ICQ 
UIN : 41413751 AOL IM: TheCyborgJim
Took a bit of modifying but I've managed to fit my crashed craft from my 
first level of my episode 'Incubation' - but it's in slightly better nick 
because adding the insides of the ship would have pushed me over the 50 
sector limit (45 sectors in all - 266 sectors now... someone else pushed the 
envelope a bit there). Christ this thing's been going for two months and 
only 5 people. Well my bit was started Oct 2nd and ended Oct 3rd just past 

Mapper 6 - Kat (aka:GirlOnline), started 21 October, 2000 E-Mail : 
ICQ UIN : 30535008
I put in the beginning of Docking Doom (DD.map).  Thought it best describes 
my map.  How I thought of the name was a funny story, it all started when... 
I know you don't want to hear it.  Easy to add in, added a little room with a 
jet pack to get back up.  I added over the sector limit I think, but it 
doesn't matter much, lots of sectors left.  Sorry it took so long for me to 
open it, had to find time.  Im working on a map im calling for now Project: 
Metroid, will change it after im finished with the map.  Going to retire 
this duke3d editing, it was fun, but this game isn't going to change from 
its 2.5d standards. Peace out! (make sure you rename the map and text file 
to your number!! ie-im mapper 6, the map and text file is BJShrine6)

Mapper 7 - Bob Averill, Started October 19, 2000. E-mail: 
ICQ UIN : 57980658
I put in the radar room from Bobsp2. It's tons of sectors, but so is every 
other part of my maps. :)

Mapper 8 - Chris Allcock, received & finished 18th December, 2000.
E-mail: chris.allcock[at]btinternet.com
Yahoo! ID: Mantrid47
I chose my plexiglass tunnel from ChrisDM6, because... well, frankly, 
because it took me bloody ages to make initially and I didn't have any 
lotags to worry about. ^_^
* Not sure where the start point was originally, but when I got the map Duke 
was parked outside of Cyborg's ship. This meant you couldn't access 
Dukebert, Maarten, BlackJack or C3P0's areas,
so I moved the start point back into C3P0s area and it's now a lot easier to 
get at everything.
* Changed the starscape to the city sky to get rid of the annoying "Multiple 
parallaxed skies" bug.
* Added signs and lights indicating the end of my tunnel.
* Changed the tag on the lift, just to be on the safe side.
* Added my tunnel onto the "hub" by the jetpack and left the other end open 
for a new mapper.

Mapper 9 - Pascal Rouaud, Started January 8, 2001. E-mail: 
Added a portion of my own compilation "Roch_sc1", which includes the 
sportcar from Roch2, and the sliding ad (plus some lights) from Roch3.
I used 54 sectors (oops, sorry, I swear it won't happen again!). Though, 
I've removed many things of this area, unparallaxed the sky, and changed 
minibosses to easier enemies...
Hi-tags used in my part: 32766 & 32767.
(Dukebert, your ship is noisy... Wanted to be heard in the whole map? :)

Mapper 10 - Juha "Turpuli" Laaksonen, received 19/1/2001, started & finished 
20/1/2001.  E-mail: jss.laaksonen[at]pp.inet.fi  ICQ UIN: 84618315
I chose this room from S-A, because it had 46 sectors :P.  It's not even the 
best part of S-A...  The best parts had over 100 sectors...
No changes done to the structure, only added some enemies and weapons.

Mapper 11 - Mikko Sandt, Received 20.1.2001 & finished 24.1.2001. E-mail: 
mikko.sandt[at]surfeu.fi  ICQ: 74485464 (but I rarely use it)
I picked the outside area from 'MSSP6' which leads to the sewer system. I 
filled it with dozens of enemies 'cause I think that
this map has too less action (some parts hasn't got enemies at all). 
Consider it as carnage arena or something like that. Anyway
both design and gameplay kick ass! Get more: www.planetduke.com/msdn/, 
www.dukeworld.com/duketournament/, www.dukeworld.com/mssp/.
I used only 49 sectors!!! And here's a tip for future users: When you arrive 
in Dukebert's part shoot the cannon or else you'll get
your head sick:) Anyway stay tuned to hear more about my future projects (at 
least one more map will come - I promise)!!!

**** At this point it was clear that the map progress was going veeerryyy 
slowly. Blackjack stepped in to make some minor modifications and add some 
parts from "Cranium" by Billy Boy and "City of Screams" by Nutwrench. 
Despite attempting to mail the map out AGAIN to mappers like Stranger and 
The Bug Team, no reply was heard. As a result I finished the map on the 
behalf of the Duke Community. Maps include "Betatwo" by Robert Travis (a 
classic), "GJHoyer" by Greg Hoyer (another older map, way ahead of it`s 
time), "Pain" by Stranger and "Shine" by Bliss. With just over 100 sectors 
to go, the map needed a grand entrance hall. Allen H Blum`s street from 
Hollywood Holocaust, the true classic Duke level fitted the bill. Finally, 
the map was mailed to JS for the long awaited final section.

~~ JS ~~
Mapper 12 - JS of JS' Duke3D Build Site. Received March 31, 2001.
I remember when Blackjack first suggested this project in my Build forum
months ago. Finally, it is finished. There's a lot of great maps
in this museum. Some of these map portions are fairly new and some are quite
old. I do not know the dates these maps were released in their entirety but 
I do know that my portion is from the first map I made called "Blastm" that I
released to Dukeworld
back in Feb-March of 1998. That's right, three years ago. I have nothing more recent
that has been released being that my most recent Duke3D work has been tied up in a
of projects. However, ya never know. Perhaps these maps will be released some day.
Anyway, without further delay, enjoy the trip through the BJ Shrine Build Museum.
It took a while but it's finally completed.
JS. http://www.dukeworld.com/jsbuild/


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