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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


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Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Here you'll find a whole bunch of utilities for Duke Nukem 3D, which will either enhance gameplay or allow the game to be run with certain user-defined paramaters. If you want to tinker with the game or you're just plain curious, you've come to the right place.

Think this page is missing something? Know of a newer version of something already here? Let us know.

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» Art Utilities
» Con Utilities - grab the latest versions of GCHE and CONstruct
» Game Launchers - including the almighty DukeRoch
» Level Editors, Map Viewers - Mapster, newbuild...
» Level/Episode/Group File Manipulation - GRPViewer, Group File Studio...
» Multiplayer Stuff - downloads for Dukonnector, iC, etc.

Art Utilities
Name Version/Size Description
Animation File Maker
by Christian Mengler
Downloads: 596
13.10 KB
Allows you to convert .pcx files into animation files (.anm) for use in Duke3D - and vice versa.
by Chris Jones
Downloads: 417
11.36 KB
Outputs 'difference files' so you needn't include an entire .art file when you create a level with new graphics. Save a bundle on your .zip size. As always, be sure to read the documentation.
by Samiel
Downloads: 586
19.98 KB
ArtView takes either a group file or an art file and tries to read the tiles within the file.
by Marijn Kentie
Downloads: 787
60.87 KB
An .ART file editor for Windows. It includes core EditART tile editing functionality, and some enhanced and new functions. No graphic editing facilities, though. Check out the homepage here for latest developments.
Build Customization Suite
by Jonathon Fowler
Downloads: 541
14.74 KB
Able to extract and update: Build game palette; as well as Duke3D Water, NightVision, Episode 1 animation, 3DR Logo and Title screen palettes.
OpenGL Editart
by James Ferry
Downloads: 858
151.54 KB
Windows based program for importing/exporting images for Duke3D .art files.

CON Utilities
Name Version/Size Description
CONstruct (binaries)
by Jonathan Conway
Downloads: 603
996.53 KB
Another CON editor, with intuitive GUI, browsable code tree, easy control over the generation of primitives, colour-coded objects, in-built Duke3D game launcher and more.
CONstruct (source)
by Jonathan Conway
Downloads: 352
1.10 MB
Source files for the above-mentioned binaries.
by Charlie Wiederhold
Downloads: 588
110.42 KB
A very useful utility for editing your .con files, including many features as well as the ability to restore your settings should you mess them up irreparably. Great!
Game.CON Hacker Editor (GCHE)
by Devastator
Downloads: 568
842.08 KB
A CON file editor, designed for novices of .con editing with the intent of making the process easier and more efficient. Includes VB6 runtime library.

Game Launchers
Name Version/Size Description
3 Dimensions
by ChuckieG
Downloads: 646
1.84 MB
An alternate Duke3D loading program, with many play options and support for single and multiplayer games. How handy!
Downloads: 338
1.20 MB
Not exactly a launcher in the conventional sense, or even primarily Duke related but absolutely essential if you want to get Duke Nukem 1 & 2 up and running on your high-end machine. This is the x86 Windows installer, see the DOSBox Homepage for other platforms.
by Jennifer Lynn
Downloads: 428
128.49 KB
A reasonably powerful Duke3D loader for Win95+, organise your .art and .map files effectively. It's got nothing over DukeRoch though.
by Pascal Rouaud
Downloads: 890
155.25 KB
An excellent Duke3D launcher with many options and features, with extra language support, and support for main window reconfiguration.
by Jacob Dienske
Downloads: 419
186.20 KB
Simple program which manages and displays information about your .map files.

Level Editors/Viewers
Name Version/Size Description
GL Build
by Matt Hildred
Downloads: 476
109.65 KB
Open and edit Duke maps using OpenGL - quite interesting really but nothing like the real thing [g]. The program uses a different key set to the default Build ones, so be sure to read the archived text file. It appears the program is no longer supported.
Downloads: 455
314.65 KB
An alternative to Build and Mapster, no guarantees it'll work on your system - try it out if you're curious.
by Richard Gobeille (TerminX)
Downloads: 587
314.37 KB
A modified version of Build with more features; allows better level fine-tuning and has a whole new colour scheme. This is here for archival purposes only, chances are you'll be looking for Mapster32, which is included in the EDuke32 source port.
by James Ferry
Downloads: 495
167.04 KB
Yet another Build editor, thanks to Devastator for sending this one in. May or may not work, depending on how hard you try.

Level/GRP File Manipulation
Name Version/Size Description
Cycle: The Builder's Assistant
by Tim Thorpe
Downloads: 380
3.46 KB
Speeds up the development process of user level creation - takes the map file in the command line and cycles it through build.exe and then duke3d.exe
Duke Nukem 3D - Decompiler/Compiler
by Daniel Mecklenburg Jr
Downloads: 657
515.73 KB
Allows you to pull the resources out of the DUKE3D.GRP file and store them as individual files so they can be edited and then recompiled later. Includes source code.
by John Mooney
Downloads: 384
31.27 KB
Nifty little program that allows you to substitute custom maps for the official ones - this way many user maps can be played in succession. Backup user.con!
by Charlie Wiederhold
Downloads: 716
33.12 KB
Create your own episodes using this nifty utility, allows for easier distribution of map packs. Make sure you read the documentation included.
Group File Studio
by Gary and Jonah Bishop
Downloads: 839
292.54 KB
Group File Studio allows you to view, add and extract individual files in your .grp files, making it far easier to customise Duke3D.
by Roma Loom
Downloads: 74
535.64 KB
Possibly the best (certainly the most promising) GRP file manipulator out there, with a long list of great features. Extract, delete, add and view files in the GRP file - including browsing individual art tiles. Worth a look!

Multiplayer Utilities
Name Version/Size Description
CPU Duke Match
by Night Flight
Downloads: 402
159.98 KB
Play against the computer with bots, doesn't work with the Atomic version however (I believe). Certainly not with JonoF's port, at least. Worth checking out if you're a 1.3d-er.
Dukester X
by Fazsoftware
Downloads: 577
2.31 MB
Play online or over a network using either JonoF's or Rancidmeat's Duke ports. Works quite nicely!
Dukester X
by Fazsoftware
Downloads: 904
2.23 MB
The latest release of Dukester X, this one compatible with the Rancidmeat, JonoF, EDuke32 and xDuke ports. This is a preview version only and as such not all features are available. Check back here for the full release when it's done.
by aaBlueDragon
Downloads: 656
333.75 KB
The latest version of Dukonnector, a highly functional online multiplayer client. Visit the homepage for latest news, updates and support for this utility.
iC - Internet Commit
Downloads: 341
423.01 KB
Allows for Internet dukematching between opponents online (currently not maintained).
by Robbie Branting
Downloads: 320
2.51 KB
Small cheater which enables you to see through the eyes of a dukematch opponent.
by Blacklotus
Downloads: 675
16.43 KB
Want to get a LAN game going nice and quickly? NetDuke achieves just this. Requires knowledge of ports (the non-alcoholic, networky variety) and EDuke32.

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