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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukum » Introduction - Silly Pictures - Tips 'n Cheats - Download
Information below is taken directly from the in-game help system, therefore we are not responsible for anything you might do to yourself, others or various farmyard animals because of it. Share and enjoy.

Keyboard Commands:
Left Arrow - Move left
Right Arrow - Move right
Ctrl - Jump upward
Alt - Fire Nuclear Pistol
Up Arrow - Action key
This enables Duke to:
1. Activate elevators, teleporters, etc.
2. Read notes or monitors.
3. Open doors.
4. Insert access cards, keys, etc.

Note: When Duke has the grappling hooks the UP arrow will swing him above a ledge if there is room.

Duke Nukem needs food and soft drinks to keep him healthy! Grab all the food and drinks you can find (sometimes hidden in boxes). Duke is armed with a CIA prototype Nuclear Pistol, which has proved to be extremely useful in field tests. Let's hope it works in an actual mission!

Dr. Proton has built several nuclear reactors to provide power for all of his Techbots and traps. Duke should consider destroying these reactors a high priority. It's possible that Duke will find many useful objects. For example, keys can open doors, boots can help Duke jump higher, and extra pistols will increase Duke's firepower.

Duke has unlimited lives to complete his mission, but every time Duke dies he will have to restart the current level from the beginning. Duke should consume drinks and food to keep his health high.

Each level Duke completes will bring him closer to finding Dr. Proton. But Dr. Proton will watch Duke's every move with an advanced security system. Destoying every video camera on a level will earn you a secret bonus. There are several other secret bonuses you might discover. You can only save and restore Duke's progress in the small hallways between levels.

Duke Nukum Credits:
Programmed by: Todd Replogle
Graphics by: Jim Norwood, Allen H. Blum III and George Broussard
Produced by: Scott Miller

Cheat Code:
Hold down Backspace and PageDown to gain all four keys and full pistol power.

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