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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » The Starlite Project, by Stranger
Map Name: The Starlite Project
Author: Stranger
Released: 10th May 1997
Rating: 89

Review by Kim Robinson on 6th March 2008

A fun level to play more than anything, Starlite takes you to a top secret research facility which is surprisingly devoid of anything to stop you from simply walking in. Lighting effects are extremely well done, shading is used extensively and adds great atmosphere. Layout and gameplay are quite good, it's not your average bloodbath.

Screenshot Screenshot

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.4+
Filesize: 89.06 KB

Download: The Starlite Project (278)
Other releases by Stranger: Agony, Daemonus, Pain, Powerstation 64, Ruin

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Mapping template:

Title                   : The Starlite Project (Version 0.98)
Filename                : STARLITE.MAP
Author                  : Stranger
Email address		: None at this time (get in touch with Tomrox10
					     on AOL if you want to
					     contact me)

Description             : STARLITE includes some of the most incredibly
                          measured, planned, and built lighting effects
                          ever seen in a duke nukem 3d level. I have measured
                          every shadow perfectly, made excellent used of
                          cyclers as much as I could. Also, this level
                          is extremely lifelike as there are lots of
                          ambient sounds to simulate various things. Single
			  player has a sense of purpose, mission objectives
                          enhance gameplay (this level ain't just a "shoot
                          em up and grab the keys" type level). Deathmatch
			  is enhanced with numerous dm-only passages,
			  teleports, staircases, and platforms... On top
			  of all of this, there's an event at the end of
			  single-player that will make your jaw drop...
                          Everything in this level has been accounted for.
                          Truly a masterpiece.
Additional credits to   : Bitoku and Tomrox10 for playtesting
                          Brian C. for the idea about the crosshair
                          Bitoku for extraneous suggestions

* Play information *

Episode and level#      : Default
                          (suggested music to switch to: Warehaus.mid
                          NOTE: THIS MAP WILL ONLY WORK WITH
                                DUKE NUKEM 3D ATOMIC EDITION.

                          RECOMMENDATION: 486 users might want to skip
                                          this map, it might go too slow.

Single player           : Yes
Dukematch level		: Yes
Co-op play              : Yes
Difficulty settings	: Not implemented

* Construction *

Base			: New level from scratch
Editor used             : Build for Duke3d v1.4             
Known bugs              : 1. Sky texture in ground zone is screwed.
                          Its a massive bug with no known cause, ANY TEXTURE
                          set parallaxing will screw up except for the
                          'bigorbit' space texture, which wouldn't fit the
                          ground zone's motif. Its ugly, i know...
                          2. Security monitors in the security chamber must
                          be viewed from directly in front of them or it
                          wont work. Also, the switch to de-activate
                          security seal 2 cannot be hit normally, you must
                          shoot it.
DO NOT use this as a base to build your own levels.DO NOT modify it in
any way. Comments are welcome, but save any bug reports until the
final version is released. You may distribute this map, as long as this
text file and STARLITE.CON are included.


To use this .con file: Make a back-up of your user.con file (copy it to
                       disk, for example) and then delete user.con from
                       your duke3d directory. Then copy starlite.con to
                       duke3d again and rename it as user.con.
This con file only edits the parameter 'DEFAULT VISIBILITY' - It adjusts
this value from 512 to 8. This gives you unlimited view, thus ending the
annoying 'Black out' effect at long range. This does not give you a gamma
correction effect and it does not significantly alter deathmatch.
Don't be afraid to use this because it will not conflict with default
con files over modem/network.

----- STORY -----

        You are Max Lazarus, the best, most well trained EDF fighter in
the history of Earth. Through your entire life of fighting terrorists,
mutants, and criminals, you've never ever been in a situation like this.

        There you sit, half-submerged in the murky sewage water. Your hands
tremble from your run-in with an alien just a few moments ago. Your hands
clutch your pistol as if letting go would mean death.
        The walls of this sewage treatment inlet are riddled with cracks
and craters. Half of the entire building is blocked off now, by a pile
of rubble caused by a high-powered bomb (placed by you). That should keep
those aliens trapped, for now.
        The body of the alien sits about ten feet away, its three eyes now
lifeless. It's tentacles dangle halfway into the water, floating. You
shudder and look away...
        "How did I get into this mess?" You ponder, thinking back to the
transmission you recieved yesterday on your pocket-comm:

        "Max Lazarus, chief of Starlite Complex security, correct?" Said
Commander Stratus, head of the EDF. The sky overhead casts a dull red glare
onto the pocket-comm screen. You frown and think to yourself: "Everything's
red now, from the plasma storms... Boy did the pentagon screw up on that
        "You guess correctly," You replied, "What is this all about?"
        "We have a grave situation here, Max. You are our best fighter and
we can't afford to lose you at this time. Have you ever been inside the
Starlite Project room?"
        "No. That area is off limits to me."
        "We'll let the secret out right now, Max. That room contains a fully
stabilizied Portal. One that leads directly to the Starlite Orbital platform."
        Your eyes widened.
        "All we're asking you to do right now is flee, Max. Get away from
the Starlite Complex right away. The aliens have come much sooner than-"
        "Wait a second. A portal? Aliens? What the hell is going on up
there, Stratus?"
        Stratus sighed.
        "We had to hide this from the public, Max. What would the result be
if we told everybody that aliens are heading towards Earth?"
        "Let me get this straight, here... Aliens... I thought the rigellians
were wiped out by Duke Nukem."
        "They were. These aren't the rigellians. We don't know who they are.
And it doesn't look like they're going to come for a 'friendly visit'. We
recieved a transmission from the aliens two days ago, declaring their
intentions. We believe they're going to use the Portal to get to Earth,
bypassing almost all of our orbital defenses..."
        "A portal?" You ask.
        "Stolen alien technology." He replies, sounding guilty.
        You stay silent.
        "You must flee. If you're inside the Complex when the aliens start
coming, you'll most likely be killed. If you stay underground until their
attack has settled, you can make a counter-strike and possibly win back
Starlite for good."
        "How long do I have?"
        "Not very long. A couple of hours, at best. Take as much equipment as
you can and hide."
        "All right. But what are you gonna do? Sit on your lazy executive
ass and survey the situation? We need troops down here, now! One man can't
survive this!"
        "If they detect a dropship approaching, they will certainly
prepare for our arrival. That way, we wouldn't have the drop on them. Take
as many troops as you can with you and hide. Please. We need the edge on
this one. The Starlite Platform is greatly outgunned to their warship but
if you can catch them off guard, you can probably destroy their entire
ship with the onboard weaponry."
        "What kind of-"
        Suddenly, the signal went blank.

	'Stratus, that coward. I hope he goes to hell,' you think to
        At first you didn't believe him. Now you know he was telling the
truth. After the message went through, you ran to the sewage treatment inlet
and waited. A mere hour later you were attacked by.. these things..
	What are these aliens? They look like hyper-evolved brains gone
	Take as many troops as you can. What a laugh. There are only five
security guards on duty at the Starlite Complex. Only one of which you
could persuade. Perhaps some others are still alive, and you can tackle
this mission co-operatively.
        Your pal and comrade, Jerry, is dead. His rocket launcher is around
the corner, maybe it's still loaded?
        You accidentally locked yourself in this building, I guess you're
gonna have to blast your way out. Hope to god that that rpg is loaded.
        You know that these aliens are everywhere. Summoning the most of
your courage, you stand up and load a fresh clip into your pistol. 
        "May god save my wife and kids..."



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