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In 1996, The Base was released by Georg Buol.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 84, Size: 104.46 KB

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Duke Nukem Repository » Downloads » Maps & Addons » Bobsp2: Paranoia, by Bob Averill
Map Name: Bobsp2: Paranoia
Author: Bob Averill
Released: 29th February 2000
Rating: 91

Review by Forge on 19th February 2009

The second map in the series, Duke is still trapped on the island with the nuclear reactor that's in imminent meltdown mode. He must realign a satellite dish to receive incoming signals and open the core's water vent. A small map with a simple layout and a nice solid design. Bob continues to set the standards with excellent shading and texturing. He steps up the standards a notch in this one; there's even more detailing and great architecture work than the previous episode. To add to the ambiance he continues with the special effects and additional unreachable areas to create depth. Game play changes up in this one a bit. The puzzles are still creative, but there's fewer to be solved than before. Some strategically placed aliens compensate for that and add a little more action to the experience. Just the right amount of health and ammunition placed in key locations and an adequate, well balanced arsenal keeps the fire fights even and shows that it isn't only about how to build, but how to design and layout to create proper game play as well.

Gameplay Type: SP
Requires: Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d
Filesize: 108.16 KB
Level includes: new music

Download: Bobsp2: Paranoia (288)
Other releases by Bob Averill: BobDM1, BobDM2, Bobsp1: Foreboding, Bobsp3: Fuel for Vengeance, BobSPX, Halflife Frenzy, Morpheus

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Mapping template:

Title                 : Bobsp2: Paranoia
Filename              : bobsp2.map
Author                : Bob Averill
E-mail                : bobaverill[at]hotmail.com
Web Page              : 
Misc. Author Info     : Maker of the popular Bobsp1.map and Halflife.map
Other Levels          : As seen above, Bobsp1.map and Halflife.map and a few others

Description           : (Continued from Bobsp1)
                        Wiping the last drop of rain from your forehead,
                        you think "All I wanted was to get in out of 
                        the rain, and now I'm in one helluva fine mess;
                        The Reactor and it's subsytsems are all shot 
                        to hell, and I'm the only one who can fix them 
                        in time. Me, me, me. Why do these things always
                        happen to me? Bad luck runs in the family I 
                        guess. My kingdom for a rabbit's foot, heh."
                        Not surprisingly, the state of this area's 
                        systems is even crappier than the last. It's
                        as if the place hadn't seen any maintinence 
                        since.....well.....ever.  Don't Industrialists 
                        know enough to clean up after themselves? 
                        You'd think a nuclear threat to costal cities
                        wouldn't go unnoticed, but then demolition is
                        expensive, and some people will cut any corners
                        to save a buck.  Most importantly, who's been 
                        scavenging peices from the systems? Don't they
                        know what will happen? Or, is that their 
                        intention, to cause meltdown? Definitely got 
                        to get to the bottom of this. Whoever's behind
                        this has alotta pain comin' to him, that's for
                        sure.   I'll patch things up and try to hold 
                        together this ticking timebomb of a complex
                        as long as I can, I hope it's long enough to 
                        find who did this and kick their ass. Oh yeah,
                        and long enough for technicians to get here 
                        and prevent us all from going up in a mushroom 
                        cloud, that'd be nice, but first things first;
                        It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum! And 
                        I'm all outta gum.....


Additional Credits To : Ledjon, for finding bugs for me to fix,
                        and to my inspiration, Ikka Keranen.
                       Oh, and to Rammstein, for supplying the 
                       background music. :-)


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : This ain't DooM, buddy.
Single Player          : Why yes.
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : No. 
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Not implemented.
Difficulty Settings    : Why? I didn't make any.
New Art                : Nope, never.
New Music              : Yep, to set the mood.
New Sound Effects      : Nope. New Music is plenty.


* Construction *

Base                   : New level from scratch, Like all my maps.
Level Editor(s) Used   : BUILD
Art Editor(s) Used     : None
Construction Time      : I don't know, but I'm sure I wasted plenty
                         of time making this great map.
Known Bugs/Problems    : none

* Where to get this MAP file *

File location          : DMC, DMZ, MSDN, and any other Duke map sites.


*Important Information*

Installation           : just put the map and the MIDI file in
                         your Duke3D directory.

Important Notes        : I appreciate all the positive feedback on 
                         my levels, Nothing feels better than to hear
                         a fellow duker rave about one of my maps. :-)



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